Essence Lipliner Honey Berry Review

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IMBB has not only introduced me to the wonderful world of makeup, it has also kind of educated my son also about makeup 🙂 A couple of days back, I was just trying out the above mentioned lip liner. My son suddenly looks at my lips and says, “Lipstick” 🙂 . He couldn’t pronounce the word clearly, but I could still make it out. I was so happy and found this incident amusing 🙂 . Moving on to the review now, this one is on a lip liner by Essence in the shade Honey Berry. This shade has been recently launched and I am really happy that I bought this one. Read on to know more. 🙂

Essence Lip Liner Honey Berry


Essence Lip Liner Honey Berry

Description: (taken from the website)

The cool lipliner colours ensure clear contours and beautiful shapely lips. A practical effect: The lipliner is smudge-proof and especially long-lasting.


Essence Lip Liner Honey Berry


INR 129

My Experience with Essence Lipliner Honey Berry:

I just have one lip liner other than this one and this is my first lip liner from the brand, Essence. Coming to the packaging, this lip liner comes in a pencil form with the body of the pencil coloured in the same shade as the lip liner. This makes it easy to identify the shade without removing the cap. It comes with a silver cap and the cap fits well, without falling off. The name of the shade is written towards the bottom. Overall, the packaging is cute and sturdy.

Essence Lip Liner Honey Berry

Coming to the fragrance, this lip liner actually has no fragrance, except for the woody fragrance of the pencil. However, this smell disappears once you finish applying the lip liner.

The colour is a gorgeous purplish pink lip liner. I really love the colour and like to wear it on its own too. It instantly brightens up the face. The pigmentation is really good and one swipe is enough to give you enough colour. It covers the lips completely and goes completely opaque.

Essence Lip Liner Honey Berry

Essence Lip Liner Honey Berry

It helps to define your lips well and is smooth to apply. I have tried wearing it as a lip colour and as a lip liner. As a lip colour, it lasted on my lips for about 3 hours. It was lunch time after that and so, I couldn’t wear it longer and see. However, even after 3 hours, it looked fresh and would have easily stayed on my lips for an hour or two. It does not last a heavy meal. Nonetheless, it leaves behind a stain. As a lip liner, it is really good and makes my Lotus Ecostay Lipstick (Coffee Berry) look brighter. I know that it doesn’t match with the lipstick, but, I wanted the lipstick to look a bit sober and mellowed down. Hence, I tried this combination and I liked what I got. However, I think I had not applied enough lipstick and hence, it did not last a heavy meal. Usually, when I apply the lipstick by itself, it leaves behind a stain even after a heavy meal.

This lip liner would go well with purple, deep fuchsia lipsticks. There is a bit of product wastage due to sharpening. However, I don’t mind, as I prefer precise application.

Essence Lip Liner Honey Berry

The lip liner on its own:

Essence Lip Liner Honey Berry

The lip liner beneath my Lotus Herbals Purestay Coffee Berry Lipstick:

Essence Lip Liner Honey Berry

Now, let us look at the pros and cons:

Pros of Essence Lipliner Honey Berry:

  • Beautiful shade.
  • Nice packaging.
  • Easy and precise application.
  • Good staying power.
  • Cruelty free brand.
  • Affordable.

Cons of Essence Lipliner Honey Berry:

  • Product wastage might be an issue for some.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

Would I recommend Essence Lipliner Honey Berry?

Yes, definitely. I really liked it as a lip colour and at this price, I will definitely repurchase it. I would recommend it to all of you who are looking out for an affordable and good quality lip liner in this shade.

See you soon, dearies 🙂 . Bye.

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essence honey berryHoney berry is a beautiful deep-berry plum color. I was completely hooked on to this color the whole winters. I use it alone usually with a balm underneath, which gives it a semi-matte finish. In the swatches, it is looking pinker, but it is a tad darker inclining toward fuchsia-berry. The pigmentation is great, which is really important for me as I have slightly pigmented lips. Also, I use it as full lip color and not just a lipliner and I must say that the color payoff is unbelievable. The color is buildable without any streakiness. The color lasts really long on the lips. After 3-4 hours, you can find a pretty pink stain on your lips. Also, I have heard that this a close match for MAC Rebel!

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  1. Its looking cute on you Vidya! I haven’t tried any products from “essence” yet.. i would love to but can any one here can help me out as to where is a store located in delhi… specifically south delhi..? Thanks in advance! 🙂

  2. Thanks so much, Shreemoyee 🙂 You are in luck. They have a store in South Delhi. This is the address:

    Mr, GK1, M Block Market,
    Above Gloria Jeans.

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