Essence Maximum Definition Volume Mascara Review

Essence Maximum Definition Volume Mascara

Essence is a pretty new brand to me, having become accessible to me just last year, so it’s still a bit of a novelty. I was surprised by the wide array of products they have… I had used up my last mascara at the time I was shopping Essence, so I got their Maximum Definition Volume Mascara.

Essence Maximum DefinitionVolume Mascara

Product claim: No lash can escape this mascara: the innovative and flexible synthetic fiber brush reaches even the tiniest lashes in the corner of your eye, lengthening them from the root to the tip. For beautifully shaped lashes. Opthalmologically tested.

Price: 4-5 USD

My take on Essence Maximum Definition Volume Mascara:

It was fun choosing among Essence’s mascara offerings, but I got this one because besides claiming to be volumizing, it claims to provide definition as well. I took that to mean that my lashes would look more separated/defined and volumized at the same time? I dunno. Haha. But I wanted to try it out for fun.

The packaging of it is fairly simple, a tube in a metallic, orange-red color. Its applicator is plastic with short bristles. The applicator is straight, somewhat slim, and is tapered. It’s easy to use and I like the slimness of it, as well as the tapered tip, because that makes it easier to apply the product on the lashes at the inner and outer corners of my eyes.

Essence MaximumDefinition Volume Mascara

The formula of the Essence Maximum Definition Volume Mascara is a little creamy and not runny or thin, so it’s surprising that despite the texture being a bit thick, it doesn’t end up looking too heavy on my lashes even after three coats. I love that. I don’t like spidery/clumpy lashes—those always look so obvious and harsh, so I appreciate this mascara. It’s great for everyday wear.

This mascara does make my lashes look somewhat thicker, but the individual lashes still look defined and the overall effect looks quite natural. When it dries it doesn’t feel too stiff, which is great, because I find mascaras that have a ‘crunchy’ feel to them, once dry, rather uncomfortable. This doesn’t feel heavy on my eyelashes and doesn’t irritate my eyes.

Essence Maximum Definition VolumeMascara

It doesn’t seem to weigh down my curl very much either, after using an eyelash curler. The color of it is a charcoal black, which I am satisfied with.

It’s not a waterproof mascara, so when I sweat or get watery-eyed and unconsciously rub a part of my eye, it can smear a little bit. It does flake toward the end of the day, but minimally. I get good wear from this mascara, about several hours. It is not difficult to remove. I am able to take it off using cleansing water (like Bioderma’s) and don’t have to use eye makeup remover unless I used more coats than usual.

Essence Maximum Definition Volume Mascara

Pros of Essence Maximum Definition Volume Mascara:

• It’s not clumpy.
• Looks natural at 2-3 coats.
• It doesn’t feel stiff or heavy on the eyes.
• Doesn’t irritate my eyes.
• The applicator is slim and easy to use.
• The shade is black enough for me.
• Wears long.
• Easy to remove.
• Minimal flaking.
• Very affordable!

EssenceMaximum Definition Volume Mascara

Cons of Essence Maximum Definition Volume Mascara:

• Not waterproof, so it can smear.

Overall: It’s good, for such an inexpensive mascara. If you’re looking for mascara for everyday wear—one that looks natural and is comfortable to wear—or if you like your mascara volumizing, but not heavy or clumpy, try this.

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  1. Sumera, which Essence mascaras were you disappointed with? This is my first Essence mascara…first Essence product actually.

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