Essence Mega Last Base Coat Review

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I recently picked up a few nail care products as I had issues with my nails with frequent application of nail polishes. Today’s review is all about Essence Mega Last Base Coat. Read on to know more.

Essence Mega Last Base Coat Review

Price and Quantity: $2.50 for 8 ml
Product Description:
Mega manicure! The base coat improves the durability of nail polish for a longer-lasting color manicure. It also protects the natural nail from discoloration.

My Experience with Essence Mega Last Base Coat:

The base coat comes in a transparent nail polish like glass bottle with a white cap. The product doesn’t have any seal but I have no complaints since it is inexpensive. There is the name of ‘Mega Grip’ mentioned on it on the cap. The screw cap is tight enough and there is hardly any leakage.

Essence Mega Last Base Coat Back

The product is travel-friendly and the small package makes it easy to carry anywhere. There is some information on the back of the bottle regarding the use, but it is pretty basic. The base coat is transparent and gel-like in texture and has a runny consistency. The base coat is comparatively thicker than the others.

It has a strong acetone-based scent, which I despise. The brush is quite good and helps in the even application but it kind of flares out over usage. It is satisfactory for what I pay. One of the main reasons I picked this one up is because I have these Kiko Milano Nail Polishes that hardly last 2 days and I wanted to try if this base coat would work.

Essence Mega Last Base Coat Rev

I also learnt that using the trick of ‘Base Coat-One Coat-Base coat-Next Coat-Top Coat’ works and I did try it to check on the benefits. The base coat provides a smooth base for the nail polish, it clears any ridges to make the nail smooth. Since it is a bit thicker, it puts a layer on the nail. It does work great for discolorations and prevents any staining.

Coming to the main part, the concept of long lasting manicure turned out to be a dud for this one. My Kiko nail polishes lasted only half a day extra and the normal polishes lasted around 6 days which would have lasted almost the same without any base coat too. It definitely doesn’t lengthen the wear of nail polishes.

Essence Mega Last Base Coat Applicator

It also causes chipping; more the number of layers on the nail, the faster is the chipping and you need to restrict this only for one coat nail polishes. Due to chipping and its grip on nails, it also causes peeling on the nails, which is bad. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who is looking for long wear base coat. There are many base coats available today from the same company that offer better results and this is not one of them. So, summing up:

Pros of Essence Mega Last Base Coat:

Prevents nail from discoloration/staining.
Creates a smooth base for nail polishes.

Cons of Essence Mega Last Base Coat:

Doesn’t lengthen the wear of nail polishes.
Causes chipping.
Causes peeling of nails.

IMBB Rating: 2/5
Would I recommend or repurchase Essence Mega Last Base Coat?

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