Essence Mono Eye Shadow John Lemon Review

Essence Mono Eye shadow: John Lemon

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

Today I will be writing about another  mono eye shadow that I bought from Essence. The color that I will be reviewing today is called John Lemon and as the name suggests, it is a shade of yellow. Sometimes when I shop for shadows, I go mad and buy whatever color I like without thinking much about whether I have it already or not, or whether I will be able to use it or not and the same happened with this particular one. I already have 2 yellow colored eye products, an eye pencil from NYX and a yellow colored jumbo pencil from NYX as well and now I brought a yellow colored shadow. I am not someone who applies bold colors regularly otherwise.

Product quantity: 2.5 gm

Price: Rs. 199

Packaging: Essence mono shadows come in a sturdy round transparent packaging with a beautiful pattern embossed on the shadow. The transparent cap makes is easier to select the required color and makes it more likely to be used.


Product Description:

Mono Eye shadows with a high pigmentation guarantee a colorful start to the season. Whether shimmering, matte, metallic, or even holographic, the essence shades create unique effects on your eyes and give your final look an extra special touch

My take on Essence Mono Eye Shadow John Lemon

I was in search of a yellow shadow since many months due to which I bought the other 2 yellow eye products that I mentioned earlier and when I bought this, I was happy to see an actual yellow shadow. I was even happier after swatching the color, as this is not a bright yellow, but is actually more of a gold looking yellow and when applied on the lids, it looks even better than an actual gold shadow. The color is from their shimmer effect range, but surprisingly the shimmer particles in this are so minute that they are almost not visible until observed very keenly. But these minute sized particles are working wonders in giving the shadow a pearly finish. I assumed this shadow to be chalky, but this is not at all chalky. The color is very easy to blend and blends effortlessly with any color. Pigmentation of the color is also good, single swipe is sufficient to give a nice sheen to the eyes, but the shadow can be layered to get a brighter color. The color does not crease on my lids and it doesn’t even cause much fallout (as I expected after trying the other color).
The only problem I had with this particular color was the staying power. The color stays well for 1-2 hours but after that it starts fading and within the next 1 hour it loses its charm. The staying power can be increased a bit by the help of a primer, but it’s still not as I wanted it to be.

Pros of Essence Mono Eye Shadow John Lemon

• Beautiful color for parties
• Can even be used as an inner corner highlight
• Affordable
• Easy to blend
• Smooth and soft texture
• Good and buildable pigmentation
• Shimmer particles are so minute that they only impart a sheen to the lids and are almost invisible
• No creasing
• Less fallout as compared to ‘Get Ready’


Cons of Essence Mono Eye Shadow John Lemon

• Not so good staying power, fades after 2 hours and looses it charm
• Contains parabens

Would I buy Essence Mono Eyeshadow – John lemon again?

Although the color does have many positive points and only a few cons, yet as the color doesn’t stay well, it doesn’t work well for me and so I won’t buy this color again.

Do I recommend Essence Mono Eye Shadow John Lemon ?

If you like yellow but do not want to spend much, you can try this. But if you have oily lids, then this might not be the best option.


IMBB Rating: 3/5

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7 thoughts on “Essence Mono Eye Shadow John Lemon Review

  1. I have some trios from essence, yet to review u know but I think for the price essence eyeshadows are nice na
    this one is a pretty golden yellow

    1. completely agree neha…..these shadows have amazing quality for this price…..honestly i didn’t expect much from these but i got much more than what i expected……

    1. honestly even i haven’t seen something like this before and i am happy that i thought of buying this… you said, its a perfect shade for bridal eye makeup….but i wish that it had good staying power too 🙁

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