Essence Nail Art Duo Stylist Review

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Today’s review is about Essence Nail Art Duo Stylist. As a teenager I always sported long nails, well shaped and always painted, never had chipped nails. But now with work and kids, I hardly find time to paint and drying them is a night mare for me. Nowadays there are so many creative items for nails, the inventions are unlimited I would say. Here is one such product which always motivated me to paint my nails and do some art on my nails. Since I’m new to it, I’m still exploring various designs I can create with it.

Essence Nail Art Duo Stylist full view

Product description:
the 2in1 must-have in terms of nail art: the DUO stylist! everything is possible with the two tips: the thin end makes it really easy to apply tiny rhinestones on your nails, stick on nail decorations or create french nail tips. with the larger, thicker tip, you can dot, dot, dot! various dotting-techniques are just waiting to be tried out!


1.95€ for 1 piece

Metal ends with plastic body

Essence Nail Art Duo Stylist back

My Experience with Essence Nail Art Duo Stylist:

Essence Nail Art Duo Stylist comes in a reusable plastic packaging. The outer packaging is like an envelope and can be reused to store the stylist. The envelop cover is transparent and the Duo stylist is clearly visible. The Duo stylist comes in peachy color with metal ends. The body of the stylist is made of transparent plastic. The peachy color is very pleasant and catchy.There are 2 ends to the stylist, and the ends are made of metal.

Essence Nail Art Duo Stylist front

The tips are balled. One is small and the other one is little bigger. The tips are very smooth and are very well made,they are of very high quality.The product as a whole, looks very delicate, but it is sturdy. I have used it a few times, dropped it accidentally but it is still doing good.

Essence Nail Art Duo Stylist 4

The smaller tip is for sticking rhinestones on nails. I am not a big fan of rhinestones and hence have not used for this purpose. Instead I use both ends for dotting different sizes. Both the ends are really useful and work wonderful when dotting. The only problem is that sometimes when dotting, you can end up having a depression in the center. But I would say it is got to do with experience and not the tool.

Essence Nail Art Duo Stylist 5

Let’s come to the cleaning part of it. I tried wiping it with cotton pad but then ended up with a fluffy stings of cotton pad. So I used an old piece of cloth to clean the tips when switching colors. When I am completely done, i use a little bit of nail polish remover to clean it.

Essence Nail Art Duo Stylist swatch

Over all it’s a good piece for the price. If you are into nail art it’s a must have.

Pros of Essence Nail Art Duo Stylist:

• Well packaged in reusable cover
• High quality material
• Sturdy
• Not expensive
• Easy maintenance
• Has 2 sized dotting ends

Cons of Essence Nail Art Duo Stylist:

• none

IMBB Rating:
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Essence Nail Art Duo Stylist?
This would last me forever. But in case I lose it, I shall surely repurchase it. For all those people who love nail art, I would recommend to go get it.

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