Essence of Beauty Bath and Shower Brush Review

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A while ago I read an interesting post on IMBB on how to get rid of ingrown hair and I learned that one of the most important factor is to regularly exfoliate skin to remove dead skin and reduce appearance of ingrown hair. After some research, I decided to buy this product because let’s admit it, we all despise ingrown hair.

Essence of Beauty Bath and Shower Brush

Product Description:
Use this body brush to cleanse, exfoliate and massage skin in the shower or bath. The brush is made of natural vegetable fiber, helps remove dead skin cells for healthy, radiant skin. Essence of Beauty is an exclusive collection of bath and body care products created to bring a touch of indulgence into the everyday.

Essence of Beauty Bath and Shower Brush

Price: $6.99

My Take on Essence of Beauty Bath and Shower Brush:

In one of my previous posts I have shared my skincare routine to get smooth legs. The one step missing in the process was a body brush; I found this particular brush in my local pharmacy and I purchased it since I wanted to test its efficacy before investing in a more expensive bathing accessory.

Essence of Beauty Bath and Shower Brush

About the brush:
• The brush has a round, oval head with white, plastic bristles and has small knobs on the back which can be use for acupuncture pressure application.
• It has a long handle with a ribbed grip. Handle has the appropriate length to reach all the hard to reach body parts.
• Bristles are not soft but are rather too harsh for my liking. I really wish it were a little more soft since too much of scrubbing leaves my skin a little bruised and raw.

Essence of Beauty Bath and Shower Brush

Essence of Beauty Bath and Shower Brush

How to use it:
• Use it in light strokes on dry skin to remove dead skin – one can see white flaky grit fall off. This will also help to reduce cellulite.
• Wash your legs with warm water and apply body wash.
• Scrub the skin with the body brush in a circular motion with mild pressure, do so for at least 4 to 5 minutes but make sure not to injure your skin.
• Wash your legs and pat it dry.
• Then apply baby oil or coconut oil on legs and also on clean dry razor and start to shave. Pause after every few strokes to rinse the razor with hot water.
• Once done, wash the razor with a cleaning brush, pat dry and store in case.
• Gently wash the legs with a loofah and a body wash. Pat dry and apply body lotion or a body shimmer for a better look.

If these steps are followed diligently, with time the appearance of ingrown hair will reduce and make skin smoother and would encourage one to flaunt their legs more often.

Essence of Beauty Bath and Shower Brush

Conclusion: Overall it is a good and affordable bath accessory and is a must for those who suffer from ingrown hair.

Pros of Essence of Beauty Bath and Shower Brush:

• Helps reduce ingrown hair.
• Removes dead skin.
• Long handle with ribbed grip helps to scrub hard to reach body areas.
• Exfoliates skin and leaves it spic and span.
• Available in a lot of pretty colors.
• Affordable.
• Easy to store in the shower caddy.
• Even helps to reduce cellulite to a certain extent.

Cons of Essence of Beauty Bath and Shower Brush:

• Bristles are a bit too harsh.

Would I Repurchase Essence of Beauty Bath and Shower Brush?
No, unless I break it or lose it. It’s a must have for all those who shave regularly and suffer from nasty ingrown hair.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

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3 thoughts on “Essence of Beauty Bath and Shower Brush Review

  1. this looks really good sakshi. It reminds me of a cactus brush that body shop has and i kinda stopped using it only because it’s so harsh. In case you want to try, give bath gloves a go. They have worked brilliantly for my ingrown hair. I shave my arms.! :)) Good review, the pink is so pretty. 🙂

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