Essence Pure Skin All-In-One BB Cream Review

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Once you apply some make-up in your life, you really cannot leave without it. It is something even more than addiction. I do for sure dab on a little make-up, whenever I leave my place. But, applying foundation each day becomes a little difficult and does not look casual. So, thank god, we have BB creams in our life! I have a stash of BB creams and here is one more addition to the stash. Let us see how this fared my skin.

Essence Pure Skin All-In-One BB Cream 2

Rs 499 for 30 ml and 80 for shipping

Product Description:
The all-rounder for beautiful skin, the new BB cream by Essence has been specially developed for Asian skin. It can be used for moisturizing care, as a foundation or as a make-up base. It is free of oil and perfume, provides intensive moisture and covers impurities without blocking the pores. Thanks to its SPF 30 and PA+++, it protects skin from the sun and helps to maintain a pale complexion. For a smooth, radiant and flawless look!

Essence Pure Skin All-In-One BB Cream

My Experience with Essence Pure Skin All-In-One BB Cream:

Essence Pure Skin All-In-One BB Cream comes in a very cute looking packaging in a combination of sky blue and turquoise color. It comes in an inverted tube, which is palm sized and that is why, it would be travel friendly. The price, I feel is also reasonable according to the quality and the quantity. This BB cream is specially designed for Asian skin, hence it nicely suits the Indian skin tone too.

Essence Pure Skin All-In-One BB Cream 3

The BB cream comes in a liquid format, very close to a liquid foundation consistency but a little bit thicker than that. While applying it on the face, it feels a little thick to spread. But, one minute of massage and the BB cream sets nicely. It does look a little white at the beginning but soon after rubbing it a little bit, it matches my skin tone. It settles down nicely giving me an even skintone and hides uneven patches on my skin.

Essence Pure Skin All-In-One BB Cream 4

My nose always looks a bit red than my face, and this covered that redness as well. It gave a very nice glow to my face which stayed completely till the BB cream stayed. It does not irritate the skin nor does it melt off even though there is a lot of heat.

It did not cover any imperfections and blemishes on my skin but lightened the look of my dark circles a bit. It stayed on my skin for like 4 hours and then the glow and coverage started to go off. But, I loved the fact that it did not oxidize. My face looked fresh and did not dull out.

Essence Pure Skin All-In-One BB Cream 5

It also contains SPF because of which, we might not need to apply a sunscreen beneath. I think, it is a very decent one and its USP would definitely be that the skin did get dull after it faded away. That is the reason, I might get this again. All who love BB creams for daily use should try this!

Essence Pure Skin All-In-One BB Cream 6Essence Pure Skin All-In-One BB Cream 7

Pros of Essence Pure Skin All-In-One BB Cream:

  • Very cute looking product in sky blue packaging.
  • Comes in various shades and all the shades are suitable for Indian/Asian skin tones.
  • Handy and great for every-day use, when you cannot use a heavy duty foundation.
  • Contains SPF 30, hence there is no need to apply a separate sunscreen beneath.
  • Provides a very nice layer on the skin making it looks healthy and glowing.
  • Provides an even coverage and hides uneven skin-tone.
  • Lasted on my face for 4 hours, which is decent.
  • Did not clog pores, as it claims.
  • Makes my skin look fresh and does not let it get dull at any point of time.
  • Does not oxidise like majority of other BB creams.

Cons of Essence Pure Skin All-In-One BB Cream:

  • Will not hide blemishes and imprecations(it did not claim so).
  • Makes my face a little oily after 2 hours.
  • It is a little thick, hence my highlight parched portions on the face.
  • Might look extremely white like casper, if you do not pick the correct shade.

Will I repurchase/recommend essence pure skin all-in-one BB cream?
I might consider it for the fact that it did not oxidize. It is a decent and affordable one too for daily wear. But, my hunt still goes on as I like trying new stuff.

IMBB Rating:

Essence is a great brand for teenagers and college goers, who want to look cute and cheerful each day and have a fixed budget to rely on!

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  1. Does not seem like the best BB cream but ya it is a good one to try. I always like Essence products and it’s awesome to see this brand in India.

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