Essence Pure Skin Purifying Nose Strips Review

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Several years ago, when Ponds launched nose strips, I was so fantasized by it. My cousin was using them and her stories when pulling out the strip gave me nightmares and I never used them in my life. Recently, I came across the nose strips again and with a little courage I purchased one and today’s review is about Essence Pure Skin Purifying Nose Strips. So read on:

Essence Pure Skin Purifying Nose Strips Review 2

What the company claims:
The practical nose-strips quickly and thoroughly free the pores on your nose from blackheads and excess sebum. Simply moisten your skin, apply the strip and press down, wait and remove – now those pesky impurities are gone! Effectiveness dermatologically confirmed.


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Price: €1.89 for 3 strips

My Experience with Essence Pure Skin Purifying Nose Strips:

Essence Pure Skin Purifying Nose Strips Review 1

I do not have blackheads on my nose! Touchwood!! But I have ugly whiteheads on the corners of my nose and irrespective of any kind of scrubbing or treatments they aren’t going away. The issues were gone for few years and have come back again! I picked this nose strip out of curiosity and nothing else.The nose strips come safe in a 3-fold cardboard heavy stock paper sealed and wrapped in individual sachets. The packaging is convenient and sleek. You can just pop it in your bag or in your purse. The instruction is written on the back of the sachet as well as on the 3 fold outer packaging. The nose strip is blue in color and shaped in a way, that it easily covers the tips and the corners of the nose. You have to cleanse the nose, then peel off the nose strip and place it on the nose. It had to sit for approx. 10-15 minutes to work the magic.

Essence Pure Skin Purifying Nose Strips Review 3

Except for the sticky feeling, there is no discomfort. At times I felt that the strip is not attached to the nose effectively and the gum was a little off but after few minutes I had no issues. You need to wet the strip again to pull it off. The strip comes off so easily and it didn’t pain at all! I was really relieved as I was pretty scared to remove the strip, and I was shocked to see there were a lot of whiteheads on the strip. My nose was perfectly clear.

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I tried it on my husband too, who has blackheads, and the blackheads were clearly visible on the strip. The strip leaves some residue behind on the nose and you need to clean it again, but once cleaned the nose is clear and smooth. The dead skin also was gone without any scrubbing! I loved my nose so much as it was spotless and shining beautiful! I didn’t have any redness or pain after removing the strip. I absolutely love the strips. However, the whiteheads/ blackheads grow back and using the peeling strips has its disadvantages so I would use it once in a month but overall, it is a beautiful product! So summing up:

Essence Pure Skin Purifying Nose Strips Review 5

Pros of Essence Pure Skin Purifying Nose Strips:

  • Convenient packaging.
  • No pain.
  • Removes blackheads and whiteheads effectively.
  • Also removes dead skin.
  • Cleans the nose.
  • Makes it smooth, soft and spot free.
  • No redness.
  • No irritation.
  • Effectively priced.

Cons of Essence Pure Skin Purifying Nose Strips:

  • None with the product but Nose strips aren’t recommended as there are disadvantages!

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Essence Pure Skin Purifying Nose Strips? Yes!


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