Essence Shape Your Face Contouring Palette Review

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Today’s review is about Essence Shape Your Face Contouring Palette 10.  Essence released a new bunch of products last week and I wanted to try a few of them. I shall be reviewing them in the coming days. The first one out of the lot I was excited to try, was the contouring palette. So, here is the review on this palette:

Essence Shape Your Face Contouring Palette

Product Description:
1, 2, 3 – perfect contours! this palette unites everything you need for the contouring trend, the matte bronzer visibly recedes skin areas while the matte highlighter accentuates them to make your best features stand out.  The blush with a subtle shimmer adds a fresh touch.  Available in 10 ready, set, peach!.

Details at the back

4€ approximately 280 INR

Face contouring palette

My Experience with Essence Shape Your Face Contouring Palette:

Packaging:  The packaging is sleek and nice. It comes in a transparent rectangular plastic box. The lid is a flap that can be opened and closed easily. The lid remains tight when closed and will not open accidentally, so it’s travel safe completely.

Contouring palette

There are 3 square palettes within the casing. The first one is the bronzer, the second one is the highlighter and the last one is the blush. All 3 have different patterns on them. The pattern looks elegant and adds a little bit of glamour to the palette.

Now, the bronzer is dark brown in color and has a matte finish. The product is powdery in texture. I have a dusky skin tone and this particular color of bronzer was a little too light for my skin tone. It would definitely suit lighter skin tones. It can be used to get the sun-kissed look at certain areas on your face, but not for hard contouring.

Blush palette

Next on the list is the highlighter. The highlighter is matte in finish. This happens to be my first matte highlighter. It is also powdery in texture and feels more like talc when applied. I didn’t find the real use of it. I feel it’s a complete waste. I didn’t like the finish of it because it didn’t create that “wow” effect of highlighting.

Closeup contouring palette

Last one is the blush, it’s almost orange in color with shimmer. I have used blushes with shimmer in the past, but they had more of a pearly finish, but this one looks really bad on the cheeks. As you can see from the swatches, it’s more like an eyeshadow than a blush. It looks so “gold-y gold-y”:P

Hand swatches

Overall, I am not at all happy with this palette. It would have been good if the shimmer was in the highlighter and the blush was matte! Now, I have to find ways to use this product. I plan to use the highlighter under by eyebrows to highlight the arch and the blush as an eyeshadow.

Swatches on hand

Pros of Essence Shape Your Face Contouring Palette:

  • Sleek and handy packaging.
  • Not expensive.

Cons of Essence Shape Your Face Contouring Palette:

  • Bronzer is not strongly pigmented to be used for contouring.
  • The highlighter has no shimmer, making it not serving the purpose.
  • The blush is very shimmery.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Essence Shape Your Face Contouring Palette?
No way! Definitely not for me.  I would definitely not recommend unless you prefer such kind of products.

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