Essence Sun Club Glamour to Go Eyeshadow – 02 Long Beach

Essence Sun Club Glamour to Go Eyeshadow – 02 Long Beach

summer, sun, the beach and the ocean – can life get more beautiful than this? oh yes! with the eyeshadow palettes by essence sun club. they each contain eight gorgeous colours for ultimate glamour. thanks to the practical mini-format, they are a loyal companion for on-the-go, too!


In India, websites sell it for INR 349


Like you know, I recently did a major eye shadow haul including essence, L’Oreal, Revlon, but primarily Essence. This is one such palette I picked up online.The colors looked quite nice and warm and very wearable, this season so this was my first choice.Of course the site had stock issues as well 😛 anyway.I like such handy palette so you do not need to carry several shadows.Just this one could work for you as highlight,crease and smokey brown color.


The shadow colors looked stunning when I opened the lid.The packaging looks flimsy and plastic-ky.Anyway, I though I need to toss it in the vanity pouch so no worries. Then I saw the applicator with the brush and sponge end, that looked quite usable and nice too.Yes the brush end is good surely to be used to apply crease color and so on.

essence long beach eyeshadow ingredients

Till the time I swatched the colors, I had thought this is a good palette.But once I swatched it and tried it on, I realized the powdery crumbly nature of these shadows.Initially you would think these are pigmented but once you start picking them with the brush, you would realize they are chalky, powdery and fly all over the place.The pigment and texture could have been denser.


The colors are really really nice, all wearable but when they crumble, you barely get any color on the lids.This shadow needs a primer like no other.The colors will  not show up without a primer. the colors have shimmer, so the shimmer and the powder part fly in different directions 😛 the golden shade is only one which is my favortie as it is a nice warm gold shade plus it is not chalky or crumbly.

essence_sun_club_eyeshadow_long_beach__1_ essence_sun_club_eyeshadow_long_beach__7_

The staying power is average, needless to say, primer will help. without a primer, these are not a  good idea.The crumbly nature has disappointed me, though the colors are lovely.


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6 thoughts on “Essence Sun Club Glamour to Go Eyeshadow – 02 Long Beach

  1. I can tell how chalky it is even by the first picture! You might have a better chance at such neutral palette with Maybelline, NYX or Sleek Cosmetics. 🙂

  2. Oh no. what a disappointment! 🙁 The Essence ‘All about..” palettes fare much better. They must have changed the formula. Loved the review, Neha! 🙂

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