Essence UV Base Colour Control UV Make-Up Base Review

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There is one skin issue that most of the women face in their life and that is uneven skin-tone. And often that restricts us from the flawless make-up look. Quite a while ago, I came across a colour corrector on the Essence counter and I had to try it. The product claims strongly intrigued me to try this new product out. Let’s see how this works.

Price: Rs 459 for 30 ml

Essence UV Base Colour Control UV Make-Up Base Review

Product Description by Essence:
Dull skin? Not with the new colour control UV make-up base! It contains colour pigments that even out the slightly yellow undertone of Asian skin. The base is free of oil and perfume, provides intense moisture and protects skin from the sun with SPF 30 and PA+++. The light, non-greasy texture has been specially developed for Asian skin and leaves behind a pleasant silky feeling.

Essence UV Base Colour Control UV Make-Up Base

My Experience with Essence UV Base Colour Control UV Make-Up Base:

The makeup base from Essence comes in a sleek lavender inverted tube which denotes a purple coloured corrector. The tube is pretty small hence would easily fit in the hand-bag or a vanity. The cap is perfectly designed and won’t separate from the tube at all. The nozzle inside is also very sleek which lets out only the needed product. I love the fact that essence never tests its products on animals and on the other hand they are so damn cute and affordable. Essence products can be a perfect part of a gifting basket. The consistency is neither thick nor runny; it is actually perfect for a base.

Essence UV Base Colour Control UV Make-Up Base Review description

The corrector comes in a light purple colour which has a weird smell. It smells more like a fabric glue which isn’t that pleasing but it only lasts till the time I am blending it on my skin. It gets absorbed almost instantly so you need to work it out very quickly on the skin. It instantly changes the entire look on my skin thereby giving a pinkish touch which looks adorable.

It is specially designed for Indian skin tones and hence it works perfectly towards correcting the yellow skin tone making it look pink. It evens out my skin tone beautifully, does not let my skin look very yellow and warm, it also corrects the redness around my nose area. It also corrects some dry and dark patches around my mouth area keeping the dryness at bay an evening out the skin tone. It also contains SPF 30 which is why I get an amazing chance to skip my sunscreen 😛

Essence UV Base Colour Control UV Make-Up Base Review packaging

My skin looks brighter than usual with a nice healthy glow and forms a perfect base for the foundation and the concealer. It stays as it is on my skin for 5-6 hours and I observed my make-up stays set for more time than usual. The only issues with this corrector are that it might feel a little greasy and heavy for oily skin which can be set with a loose powder. Also if it isn’t blended correctly then it might leave a whitish cast on the face which does look very fake and weird especially in the pictures. Overall, it is a lovely unique product to try out Asian skin.

Essence UV Base Colour Control UV Make-Up Base Review swatch

Pros of Essence UV Base Colour Control UV Make-Up Base:

• A sleek lavender inverted tube which is super handy and looks cute.
• Contains SPF 30 so the sunscreen can be skipped without any doubt.
• The sleek nozzle is amazing and let’s out the needed quantity of product.
• The consistency is moderate in consistency hence gets nicely absorbed in the skin.
• The purple corrector works for evening out the skin tone especially the yellow skin-tone by adding a pinkish glow to the face.
• My face looks brightened up and glows very nicely.
• It is a perfect base to get flawless foundation and concealer application.
• My skin actually looks like those Korean dolls.
• It says on my skin for 5-6 hours and let’s my make-up stay longer too.
• Smoothens out dry patches on my skin.
• Not tested on animals.

Essence UV Base Colour Control UV Make-Up Base Review blended

Cons of Essence UV Base Colour Control UV Make-Up Base:

• It has a weird smell more like fabric glue.
• It might leave the face a little white so it has to be blended perfectly to avoid that cast.
• My skin turns a bit greasy and might feel heavy if over-used.

IMBB Rating:

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Essence UV Base Colour Control UV Make-Up Base?
Yes I might get it because it does even out my skin tone very well and adds pinkish touch to my face which is adorable. I don’t think it is necessity but it works beautifully to correct my face imperfections and gives a nice base to the following make-up products.

Essence has pretty much never disappointed me. Rather the products have been really good or average but not worse except for a few rare exceptions. So I think this is a good brand to explore for every-day cute make-up products.

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