Essence XXXL Soft Almond Nude Lip Gloss Review

Though I am not a gloss person, yet just for the sake of review, picked up glosses from Essence and here is the review on the shade Soft Almond.

oprn tube with applicator

Price – Rs 299/-


My Experience with Essence XXXL Soft Almond Nude Lip Gloss:

The packaging is simple yet effective. The transparent plastic tube is sturdy and the applicator is user friendly. The shade name is mentioned on a sticker on the cap. The applicator sponge is good to work with and helps in precise, clean application.

Essence XXXL Soft Almond Nude Lip Gloss

The texture of the lip gloss is slightly sticky. Though it is nothing of great concern but glosses these days are absolutely non-sticky, so even a bit of stickiness bothers me. There are no shimmers to the shade, so it glides on well without any gritty feel on the lips.


The shade is a simple nude with beige undertones. I find the shade to be very common and hence dupable. The pigmentation being low, the gloss does not cover the lips even after multiple swipes. It can be used as a regular gloss on top of matte warm lip colors. I do not find it unique or appealing, so it can be easily ignored among the plethora of lip glosses available in the market.


The staying power is poor. It stayed on my lips for maximum 2 hours without much munching or sipping. With a lip liner as base, the staying power improves to 3 to 4 hours maximum. It does not dry out the lips and even after it vanishes, there is a moisturizing effect left behind.

swatch on hand

Pros of Essence XXXL Soft Almond Nude Lip Gloss:

• Affordable.
• Simple packaging.
• Nice applicator.
• Cruelty free.
• Very common shade.


Cons of Essence XXXL Soft Almond Nude Lip Gloss:

• Poor pigmentation.
• Funny smell.
• Slightly sticky.

IMBB Rating – 2/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Essence XXXL Soft Almond Nude Lip Gloss?
No to both!

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