Essential Lingerie Items Every Woman Must Own

Lingerie is an essential part of every women’s wardrobe. Lingerie trends keep on changing from time to time, but some pieces always remain must-haves. These are the pieces that every woman must have in her lingerie drawer. Read on to know about them.

Essential Lingerie Items Every Woman Must Own66

T-Shirt Bra

Essential Lingerie Items Every Woman Must Own5

This bra is your best friend in summers when you love wearing those fitted tees. Who would want the lines of a seamed cup peeking through the fabric? This bra is seamless which creates the flawless and smooth appearance. This can be your great everyday bra.

Boy Shorts

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These are really comfortable and a practical thing to wear underneath those flowy skirts and summer dresses. These will give you coverage and comfort at the same time.

Strapless Bra

Essential Lingerie Items Every Woman Must Own

This a must underneath those tank tops, that elegant cocktail gown of yours and also those halter necks and tube tops as you definitely do not want those straps poking through your beautiful top. You can choose in black or nude a shade. You can also choose a backless bra which sticks to the skin with a mild adhesive if you are going bareback.

Basic, Everyday Bras and Panties

These are everyday bras which are your perfect size. Choose 3 bras in black, white and nude color. They will go with almost all your outfits. A white and nude bra is for those light-hued clothing. Black bra goes with all your dark toned clothes. An underwear helps smoothen and sculpt the lower part of the body and gives you a better shape and look. Choose the underwear that fits you well and is not too tight. Choose in as many colors as you want.

A Chic Nightdress

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You have a variety of options to choose when it comes to night dresses. From a simple chiffon nighty to fancy babydolls or chemise, the choices are endless. Choose the one that suits your fancy! 😉

Sports Bra

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They are a necessity if you workout or even if you just go for a run. You don’t want your breasts to be all over the place. A sports bra is a good investment. It supports your breasts and give you a better shape and posture.

Some Fancy Pieces

Every woman’s wardrobe must have all those playful, seductive and sexy thongs, G-strings, bras in sheer and net fabrics for those fun nights with your partner. Here, style comes over comfort!

Convertible Bra

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If you do not want to buy too many bras then this is the one for you. This is a multipurpose bra which has modifiable straps. These straps can be converted into halter, racer-back, one-shoulder, or strapless style. It is versatile bra. Just buy this one and you won’t need all those fancy stick ons, backless bra etc anymore.

Shape Wear

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Not everyone is blessed with an hourglass figure. Most of us struggle with those little bulges and baby fat. A shapewear smoothes and firms the area, there are no visible panty lines and also give you a slimmer and more shapely effect. And, guess what? They improve your posture too!

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  1. Such a nice list Vandana. I agree boyfriend shorts are super comfy and seamless ones look great with leggings. Shapewear is amazing of women of all sizes, they enhances the figure very well. Too shy to wear a babydoll. 😛

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