Essential Rules of Wearing Backless Attires

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So, the festive season has already started and while you are scouting for traditional outfits for Dusshera and Diwali, Christmas and New Year, do not shy away from picking backless outfits because they are back in trend too! However, if you are not confident about wearing backless dresses, check out these amazing tips to look glam and rock the look.

Essential Rules Backless Attires

I have seen girls chewing nails when I suggest them to pick any backless outfit. But, is it really a big deal to wear backless? Of course not! We see celebs wearing backless and it does not mean that it is something larger than life or you can not wear it with ease. There are some basic and essential rules to follow for wearing backless attires and you are all set to flaunt that sterling style in your own way. So, here we go.

Prep For It The Right Way :

Essential Rules of Wearing Backless Attires 2

Prepare your back because this is going to be the centre of attraction when you wear a backless outfit. Make sure your back is ready to be flaunted? If not, then you will have to follow a back care regime. Usually, we pick backless dresses for a special occasion. So, on a basic note, approximately 1 week is good enough to make your back look party ready. Grab an acne scrubber and exfoliate the back as it gets the least attention during bath. After scrubbing, moisturize it well. Do it twice or thrice before the event. Now, you pick your most ravishing outfit for the perfect impression.

The Last Minute Rescue:

Essential Rules of Wearing Backless Attires 03

Hmm! What if you do not have a week to spend on your back to prepare for the special evening? Fortunately, there is a solution for it. Grab a self tanner and apply it on your back. With the application of a thin coat of self tanner, your back will seem more toned. If you have issues with self tanner due to darker skin tone then concealer is your saviour in that case.

Inner wear Theory for Backless:

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This is the most crucial point while wearing backless and most wardrobe malfunctions cause due to the lack of inner wear knowledge. The inner wear selection for backless attire depends upon the size of the bust. If you have small bust, then silicone gel petals are made for you. For those who have medium sized bust, an adhesive bra is the alternative solution. You can even pick any of your old bra and paste it to your backless outfit and you are done. But, for girls with big bust are advised to go for low back bra. The strap of these bra is not visible in backless outfits. Though, a halter bra is also an alternative when you are not sure about a low back bra.

Attain An Appropriate Posture:
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Postures while wearing a backless is more than important. As I have mentioned in one of my older posts that confidence is the most essential accessory to be paired with any apparel. So, is with a backless dress. You might be feeling coy after wearing backless for the first time or after a very long time. Let yourself know, it is of no use. Be courageous when you wear backless dress because you are going to stun others and not be stunned. Chin up and straight body is the priority. But to make your backless outfit even more captivating, do not let your shoulder slouch and walk straight with shoulders tilted backward.

Minimal Accessories:

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Backless apparel has its own way to emphasize your glitzy facet so you do not need to pair heavy accessories with it. A statement bracelet, clutch or a pair of beautiful earrings would be decent. Necklaces are supposed to be avoided with such outfits.


Essential Rules of Wearing Backless Attires 8

You wore backless to flaunt that sexy back, not to hide your back with your long hair, of course. Avoid hairdos that cover your back. How about messy buns and braid hairdos?

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  1. Wow… all these ladies look gorgeous with their backless game. 😀 Back in 2011 I went crazy about grooming my back since it was my sister’s wedding and I had to wear backless blouses on all the functions.

  2. I like backless. It makes a woman look so confident of herself, not that she needs a certain kinda clothing to prove it.

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