Essential Tips for Dry Hair Care

Essential Tips for Dry Hair Care

I have had dry hair since childhood, and then it turned wavy and beach waves like, after a shower it looks like beach waves; know more about my hair type and my current straightened hair look here so that you can know from which perspective I write this post; being a victim myself. Having dry hair has never stopped me from using any product or trying out any hair style, and I have been happy and have received a ton of compliments on my natural beach waves as well.

dry hair

Then started my tryst with flat irons; as usual I became obsessed and I own around three of them, one from Morphy Richards, another from Remington, and yet another from Philips. It turned my hair dryer in spite of the heat defence sprays but now some chemical smoothening was required to tame them in the humid environs I stay in. Lets see what makes hair dry basically:

The hair could be dry because it does not make enough oil at the scalp, the hair root does not have enough oil to lubricate hair as hair itself has no lubrication and secondly, the cuticle which is the protective layer of your hair had peeled away, it is not tightly layered any more, this very cuticle protects the hair from heat and sun and the like. Your cuticle damage could be a result of heat exposure from flat iron, curlers, blow drying, excessive use of drying shampoos, exposure to sun, heat, harsh dry winds, and use of chemicals for hair treatments like straightening and coloring and the like.

There are simple tips that could help you tame your hair; I am not saying your hair will be silky smooth like those ads you see where the hair is shiny black after a shampoo wash, but overtime and being nice to your hair will reap benefits in the long run. Lets see some tips you could adopt without any special time required:


Use a gentle, low Ph shampoo, I know a lot of women who use baby shampoo and gentle shampoos, I am one of those women who love to shampoo everyday but a lot of constraints do not allow me to do the same.But keep it limited to twice a week, use a gentle shampoo and be gentle when you foam it up, use your fingertips inserted onto the scalp and run them round and round on the scalp, avoiding rubbing or tangling your hair, these is what I do, think of a salon wash and work your fingers in the same manner.

Use a shampoo meant for your hair, take out time on your shopping day to read the specifics on the bottle, meant for “dry rough hair” I never fall for the “shampoo+conditioner” tag, I pick up a nice shampoo meant for dry, lifeless dull hair” my hair might not be all, but I am sure the shampoo would help me seal the moisture in.If the ingredients on the label says Dimethicone, Cyclomethicone or silicone, avoid using the products. Remember that Dimethicone and Cyclomethicone are silicone derived emollients. Silicones coat your hair making it look shiny in the short term. However, they slowly start coating hair completely, creating a buildup and effectively sealing off moisture from reaching the cuticle.

Limit the use of hot tools, telling this from personal experience, I have a ton of curler and iron and a couple of dryers but I blow dry my hair twice a week to avoid catching cold and venturing out with wet hair. Now that you limit the shampoo to twice a week, using hot tools will be cut down as well.

blow dry

Use the lowest heat setting on your tool, I have a dryer which has a cool setting and a turbo setting (will review soon) and I cannot live without it, it is bulky and I use the lowest heat setting along with the turbo setting where in the fan moves fastest along with a moderate heat, so the drying is faster and the heat is minimal.

Coming to the dryer point, invest in a good hair dryer, look for a cool mode on the dryer so you can seal the cuticle after you are done setting your hair. My dryer has a turbo button and a cool button, two buttons for the speed and the heat, I combine all with the lowest heat setting, never do I use the highest heat setting.

Always blow dry your hair keeping the nozzle pointed down so that the cuticles are tamed, if you keep a safe distance from the blow dryer and do not stick the nozzle too close to the hair.

Condition your hair! You can experiment with some conditioners, not essentially from the same range, I use a mask like conditioner along with a shampoo for my hair, I leave it up to 5 minutes, not just a minute, take out time to massage the product into the hair not onto the scalp.

Rinse your hair finally with cold water, this helps to keep the cuticles smooth, somehow works like the cool button on your dryer.Never give your hair a final rinse of hot water,it will leave your hair even more dry and frizzy.

Go for regular trims, the split ends could be quite and eyesore, keep the ends in place and the rest of your hair will behave themselves as well.

Use a nourishing mask once a week, you could get a two in one product, like some masks can be used as a conditioner in the shower for 3 minutes and outside the shower, you could use it for 10 minutes with a shower cap on, and then rinse.


Invest in good hair brushes, never ever use a metal tip brush, use a rounded tip brushes with a soft sponge base, flat brushes work best for me.Use wide tooth combs and work at the ends of hair first, never at the root, I love using flat brushes to detangle hair.

Use serums, I know they are not the best thing to do but they aid me in brushing my hair in one go,I use a pea sized amount only and rub the ends of the hair then the mid and I avoid using it around the base so that the grease and oily build could be delayed.

Try to oil your hair once a week. keep your Friday evenings for this, use lukewarm olive or coconut oil and work at the base of the hair in the scalp, rub it in the scalp gently and the oil would reach your hair strands on its own, leave it overnight but avoid it if you have acne. Wash off Saturday morning as part of your special weekend bath 😛 and get ready for your weekend outings.

Check your diet, Take regular dosage of B vitamins, Biotin, Inositol, Folic acid, and minerals (magnesium, sulfur and zinc). B vitamins are important for the health and growth of the hair. B vitamins are found in beans, peas, carrots, cauliflower, soy beans, nutritional yeast, bran, nuts and eggs. A regular dose of vitamin B-complex can be supplemented with the following additional B-vitamins for best results.Healthy fatty acids from fish like salmon and tuna are also important to improve hair texture and prevent dry, brittle hair.

egg mask

Use homemade masks for dry hair. Use egg yolks, leave them on the hair strands for 20 minutes use cold water to rinse off, You could use mayonnaise, honey or curd as well or avocado mashed as a hair mask as well.

Cover an protect your hair while in the sun or in the pool, Umbrellas and hats are your best friends, I keep a fold-able one in my hand bag always, no I don’t really use hats but if you can please do.

Never brush your hair when wet, try to dry your hair without any heat naturally and then use a wide tooth comb or a flat brush like I said.

Try and use a last rinse of lemon plus water or rinse your hair with coconut milk once in a while.

Cut down on spices, oily food and stress 😛 and up your quota of exercise and water and fruits and veggies.Needless to say!

Never tie your hair too tight, sleep with comfortable braids at night and try and use a satin or silk pillow cover(change often if you have acne) I followed the silk pillow cover since the day I got my hair straightend. This tip was from the salon lady.

Never rub your hair vigorously when drying your hair, always pat dry between a towel and use gentle strokes from top to bottom. IN the same line, avoid teasing and tangling your hair when doing hair styles, use hair inserts or bumpits maybe ? (I do the same, will review the bumpits soon hopefully)

silky hair

Lastly, gloss it up, for those days when you need to look good and if you have been good and adopted the above simple points in your daily hair care, you can use some shine sprays and tame down the frizz and the dry look with a hair serum. Once in a while you can cheat 😛

These are essentially the little tips I have learnt and followed through the years,what are your tips to help our readers, little things come a long way when it comes to skin and hair care isn’t it ? 🙂

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  1. Awesome article *woot* *woot* *woot* i totally loved it *pompom* i have dry hair too because of all the hair colours and heat treatments and what not actually *cry* can be really difficult at times and you have given superb tips… you know what try loreal studio silk and gloss spray… its worked great for my dry frizzy hair.. *oye balle* *oye balle* just spray it when hair are wet and the results are awesome *happy dance*

  2. Heyy Neha Wat a lovely…I actually took so much time and read each and every tip so carefully…. Very useful!!! *jai ho* *hifive*

  3. What a fantastic post and I agree with all of the things you have mentioned! My hair gets dry time n again due to frequent rebonding but one thing that has really helped is a mask I make using mayonnaise, olive oil and eggs. It works really well in smoothening hair and glossing it up – I also find that it helps to just dry massage the scalp gently when you are watching TV, or just sitting at home. And its a strict no no to touch hair too much after a bath – it helps in preventing frizz. Just adding my thoughts 😀 😀

  4. Wow.. Nyc tips.. 🙂 i hav a qstn.. My shampoo contains dimethicone.. Is it harmful to my hair? Shud i change my shampoo?

  5. superrr awesome tips neha. I have dry hair too and serums and conditioners are definitely my best friends. A few days back only I was wondering about the bumpits. Will wait for your reviews soon *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance*

  6. Hi Neha,
    Really amazing tips! Loved them. I have dry hair too, and I guess it is because my hair is naturally that way 🙁 Also the chennai water doesn’t help. I wanted to try using some hair serum so that it becomes easier to comb through the tangles, but I dont want something which would make it look oily or greasy. Could you please suggest? Thanks. 🙂

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