Essential Waitrose Cosmetic Cotton Pads Review

Essential Waitrose Cosmetic Cotton Pads

Ola Girls,

I was planning to buy cotton pads instead cotton balls for cosmetic and skin care routine purpose. I wanted to buy The Body Shop’s cotton pads but price was pinching. So I kept delaying my plan of buying cotton pads. One fine day, when I was pushing my overfilled trolley across Hypercity, I spotted these Cosmetic pads from Essential Waitrose, I hurried to check the price-which was INR 95/- for 100 cotton pads, I immediately grabbed those.
Essential Waitrose Cosmetic Cotton Pads

What does Essential Waitrose claim:

100% pure cotton cleansing pads, suitable for cosmetic uses. Essential Waitrose cleansing pads are ideal for removing traces of make-up and can also be used as part of the skincare cleansing routine. Non-fleecing.

Essential Waitrose Cosmetic Cotton Pads (4)

Product Summary (Given on website):

As a staple for any beauty routine, these cotton wool pads offer the ultimate in versatility. Pair them with cleanser or toner for a fresher complexion or perhaps put them to use removing stubborn nail polish. This pack contains 100 pads and as part of the essential Waitrose range it delivers all the value and quality you’d expect.

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Ingredients: 100% cotton

Price: 95 for approximately 100 pads.

Suitable for: all skin types


Those pads comes in a thin, vertical plastic bag, which has string at one end by which we can close its end after taking out  the cotton pads.

My take on the Essential Waitrose Cosmetic Pads:

Since ages I was using cotton balls for makeup removal and all in my skin care routine. Those were totally fine till I started to feel like pads will be much better for makeup removal than balls. So I started looking for cotton pads. There were many makeup removal pads available but I wanted plain, simple pads which I could use for my eyes too. So I landed on Essential Waitrose cosmetic pads. These cosmetic pads are thin, round and are like two very thin pads when stuck together. :-/

Essential Waitrose Cosmetic Cotton Pads

I first used it for makeup removal with cleanser. Pads were great. Unlike cotton balls, this pads are more soft on skin and easy to use. Then I used them for my eyes. I kept 2 dry pads on ice-cube tray in refrigerator and used those pads on my eyes. Wonderful!!! Also I used them for removing nail-polish, again felt better than cotton balls.

Only drawback I could think is that, I cannot use them with Toner as said on website. Because they were too thin to be used with very runny toner.

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Apart from its uses, I think quality of its cotton could have been better. I am not saying, cotton in those pads is not good or cheap but still I feel like something is less about this cotton. May be this is only my illusion cause of the thin pads. I can not point my finger though, this feeling of something missing just doesn’t leave me.

Some pro’s and con’s of the product:

Pros of Essential Waitrose cosmetic pads:

• It has 100% pure cotton.
• Good for makeup/nail polish removal than cotton balls.
• Can be used for our tired eyes.
• Everything about packaging date, export date, safety and keeping away from children’s reach warning is printed on product itself..
• String is provided that can close its open end. So hygiene can be maintained.
• Plastic case is recyclable.

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Cons of Essential Waitrose cosmetic pads:

• Could have been thicker.
• Cannot be used with toner.
• Price:- 95/- for 100 pads, means 1 pad at around Re.1

Product rating: 4.25 (0.50 for thickness and 0.25 for price)

Will I purchase Essential Waitrose Cosmetic Cotton Pads again?

Yes sure.

Will I recommend Essential Waitrose Cosmetic Cotton Pads to others?

Yes I will.

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