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With so much of unhealthy food around, it has become a necessity for every person to stay fit and active. When we start working out, there are few things we need in our gym bag that we sometimes tend to forget. Today, I will tell you what are those thing that you essentially need in your gym bag?

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face wipes

Choose facial wipes that are alcohol free and very light on the skin. These wipes will help you clean all the sweat and grime, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and relaxed. So, keep a good pack of facial wipes handy.

Water Bottle and Light Snack:

Water Bottle

You will be sweating and getting dehydrated, so you will need water to stay hydrated and active. For snacks, you can pack granola bars or little containers of refreshing fruits in your bag. Do not eat anything heavy right after working out.

Dry Shampoo:

dry shampoo

You do not want your hair to look like a sweaty mess, when you step out of your gym. Sometimes, we are in a hurry and do not have time for a shower. At these times, a bottle of dry shampoo comes to our rescue.



You should always have a soft and fluffy towel in your gym bag. Do not forget to wash it after every use.



Sweat means body odor for most of us. So, keep a small bottle of your favorite body mist or a deodorant with you in your bag. You can also use antiperspirant to prevent odour and keep perspiration at bay.



Most of the gyms play music while you exercise. If they do not then take your iPod or MP3 player along with you and play numbers that will motivate you to work out more and will get you pumping.

A chap stick:

girl with nice lips in gym

Your lips may feel dry and dehydrated during and after the workout. Choose a lip balm which is hydrating and light on your lips for healthier looking lips.

Shower Shoes or Flip Flops:

flip flop

You would not get in the shower with your shoes on right? You will need a pair of flip flops that would not slip in water. Locker rooms of gyms are most of the time full of nasty germs, especially the ones which cause athlete’s foot. So, always keep them in your gym bag.

Good Pair of Shoes:

gym shoes

You need shoes to work out in the gym. These are like perquisites but a good pair of shoes would be more comfortable. It would also protect your feet from blisters.

Bath Essentials:

Essentials for gym bag 011

Keep small sized bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, moisturizer, hand sanitizer, tampons, hair brush and some accessories in your bag. They may seem like a lot, but you know you need them all. So, do not forget a plastic bag to carry your dirty clothes.

Do not wear makeup, when you are exercising. It is not good for the skin. Invest in a good sports bra for working out and to prevent sagging of breasts. Choose comfortable gym wear for exercising and keep an extra pair in your bag.

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