20 Essentials you Must Pack To Travel in Style

Winters have finally approached and so have the travel and the wedding seasons. Some of you might have already planned your trips and booked your dream destinations to spend some quality while some of you might have packed at least 2-3 suitcases loaded with ethnic wear. But we totally face a dilemma when we miss out on even one thing from the checklist. Firstly women get super hyper once they realise that they missed out on something, and then bug their hubbies until they find out an alternative. To avoid this nightmare, here is a checklist for you guys that will help you stock in some essentials without which you cannot survive on a travel. I will be including my product picks too that I would like to take along for a travel. Tick the ones you start putting in! 🙂

Essentials While Travelling

1. Passport and Documents Holder

A Mega Packing List of 20 Things You Have to Pack for A Hassle-Free Holiday3

It is very wise to keep a separate folder or a pouch to hold all the documents. A passport holder would be a good thing to put in the pouch. Also, we often need to take out certain documents when travelling on a train or plane – like ID proof, sim cards etc. Since you will be leaving your own house, we know that you will be carrying a lot of cash as well. It is great to keep a small pouch for extra cash, but don’t forget to keep some in your wallet too.

2. Clothing Items

Okay, I know you women are smart enough to carry clothes. But I just thought of mentioning this since I wanted to tell you guys to carry enough underwears and bras since washing them won’t be possible. Keep extra pouches where you can separate fresh ones from used ones. Include some pairs of leggings and jeggings too because they prove to be very comfortable during travels. The trick here would be to keep a capsule wardrobe suitcase to swap your clothing items in order to mix and match them. Also, shove in some scarves since they can jazz up any outfit in a jiffy. Put in your favourite clothes because we love clicking selfies!

3. Facial wipes

Facial wipes are definitely our best friends during travels. I do keep a few packs of these because my face tends to get oily pretty quickly when travelling. I do dab on a lot of makeup on my travel days, and by the end of the noon, my makeup gets a bit messed up. Instead of touching up the same makeup, I prefer removing my makeup and then starting again. And here is a secret – your hubby or boyfriend will also love a pack of facial wipes during travels.

My Picks:

• Inglot Milk and Tonic Make-Up Remover Wipes : It helps me remove my make-up in just a few swipes and this can prove to be my best friend when I need an instant pick me up.

A Mega Packing List of 20 Things You Have to Pack for A Hassle-Free Holiday4

• Kara Face-Care Refresh Wipes with Aloe Vera and Mint : These will be great during the day because aloe vera and mint can help revive my senses as well as remove all the dirt and oil.

4. Hair Tools

Blow dried, straightened or curled hair look more manageable and hot in the pictures. A blow dryer and a straightener are must if you need to attend a wedding since they can help you create many hairstyles. Also you don’t want your limp and boring hair to spoil the look of your new maxi dress. Our hair tools have the power to totally change the look. I have to have these two in my suitcase, else I am not travelling!

My Picks:

• Remington Professional Slim Hair Straightener : It straightens my hair pretty quickly and that’s the reason I love it. I don’t like to spend a lot of time in getting ready when I am travelling because I would rather enjoy the location and functions.
Philips Compact Care Hair Dryer HP8112 : My hair looks a lot more messy when I air-dry it. So this makes my hair completely dry within 15 minutes, leading to a more manageable and sleek look.

5. Sunscreen and Lotions

“Oh god, my skin has tanned badly!” – is this your pet dialogue each time you return from a vacation? That’s because forget taking a tube of much-needed sunscreen along. Whether you are going to attend functions like sangeet on a destination wedding, or will be sightseeing a lot, sunscreen is a necessity. If you are travelling during winters, it is mandatory to keep a lotion. If you are a lazy bum or want to save some time, go for a good lotion with SPF.

My Picks:

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter : I love smelling like a strawberry cupcake all the time. This body butter not only makes me smell like one the entire day, but also keeps my skin well moisturised.
Lotus Safe Sun 3-in-1 Matte Look Daily Sun Block SPF 40 PA+++ : I really like this one, and have been using it since the time I learnt swimming. 😛 It protects my skin very well and does not let the sun tan my skin a lot. It helps my skin tone stay as it is.

6. Skin Care and Hair Care Essentials

Yes I like to be a perfectionist, hence I just don’t throw random face washes and creams inside the suitcase. Rather I prefer to make separate pouches. This takes lesser space and keeps things more organised. So the moment I need something, I reach out for the right products, without wasting time in searching. I do carry each and everything because travelling does take a big-time toll on my skin. Here are some things like to carry along:

• Face Wash : Garnier White Complete Speed White Face Wash – This face wash cleanses my skin very effectively and the lemon essence makes my skin look brighter and fresher than usual. It imparts a nice glow, which looks perfect in pictures.

• Face Scrub : Lotus Herbals Apriscrub  – The size is just so awesome for travels and this actually exfoliates my skin so well. Try this without fail if you still haven’t.

• Night Cream : VLCC De-Pigmentation Serum – I wouldn’t carry a tub of a night cream, just this serum instead. Because of its pump packaging, it is super convenient to use. Also it does everything that a night cream has to; it hydrates my skin, treats blemishes and gives a nice glow too.

• Body Scrub : The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Cream Body Scrub – This scrub exfoliates my skin super duper well, and instead of a shower gel, I would prefer a body scrub during travels. I carry it in a small container since you know how hefty the TBS tubs are.

A Mega Packing List of 20 Things You Have to Pack for A Hassle-Free Holiday6

• Lip Balm: Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop Pink Shock – A lip balm is a must since your lips definitely show a sign of fatigue. I like to add a pop of color on my lips, so this one would be my pick.

• Intimate Wash: Oriflame Feminelle Intimate Wash – Ladies, DO NOT FORGET to take an intimate wash with you. You might come in contact with different kinds of water, or might have to use public restrooms a lot. Hence it is very important to keep your private parts clean.

I am a lazy bum during travels, so that’s it for skin-care. For hair care, I just carry small sachets of Fructis Triple Nutrition Shampoo and conditioner, that’s it! You can also shove in some shower gel or a probably a face mask as well.

7. Medicines and First Aid

Ah, this is something women eat like skittles! 😛 I know you won’t even forget taking all the medicines available at own DIY doctor house, but do take some band-aids, a relispray, a headache/pain relieving balm (I like Monisons to relieve my migraine), vomit stop, headache painkillers (Crocin pain relief tablets help me relieve headache in an hour). Also don’t forget your prescribed ones. And, yes, do not forget to take some eye drops (I would take Refresh Tears) as eyes give up pretty quickly and these drops can instantly freshen them up too.

8. Dry Shampoo

I hate washing my hair when I am travelling. If I have to attend a wedding, I secretly wash my hair every day to look my best in the pictures. But if I am on a holiday, I want to just relax, and a good dry shampoo proves itself as my best friend on such days. Just a spray and all the greasiness goes away making my hair look as fresh as shampooed. Yipee, this way I save 20 minutes of a hair wash, I can shop some more now! 😛

My Pick : Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo – It is by far the best dry shampoo I have tried.

9. Shoes and Socks

A Mega Packing List of 20 Things You Have to Pack for A Hassle-Free Holiday1

When I am out of town for a wedding, I keep 2 pairs of heels; one in gold and one in copper that would complement every outfit. Otherwise, I would end up carrying the entire shoe-rack along. 😛 When I am on a holiday, I like to keep one pair of slippers or bellies to just roam around and one pair of sneakers for sight seeing. Make sure you keep your shoes in a thin shoe bag so that your clothes don’t get ruined.

10. Jackets for Some Warmth

A Mega Packing List of 20 Things You Have to Pack for A Hassle-Free Holiday

It totally depends upon the place and weather conditions of the place you are visiting. But if it’s going to be cold, a jacket will definitely be a rescuer. Apart from keeping you cosy, jackets can amplify any boring outfit. I just put on a jacket over plain clothes, when I want to spend more time in sight seeing than dressing-up.

11. Sunglasses and An Extra Pair of Lenses

A Mega Packing List of 20 Things You Have to Pack for A Hassle-Free Holiday7

Sunglasses are a must since you would be travelling all day long. I don’t like my eyes suffering just because I forgot to take a pair of sunglasses. And don’t they make selfies look hotter? My aviators would be my pick. Also I wear contacts, so I ensure I keep the solution and an extra pair of lenses, to be on the safer side.

12. Rubber Ties and Hair Bands

Women really have this habit of washing their hair prim and proper, drying it, straightening it and flaunting for the initial hours. But it might get irritating as the day passes by, especially when you are at a windy place. So always keep some hair bands and ties handy.

13. Sanitizer

A sanitizer is a must, no matter where you go since washing hands is not possible all the time. With a sanitizer, just a pump and life is sorted! A good sanitizer will keep you protected from germs at all the public places.

My Pick : Bath and Body Works Cherry Blossom Hand Sanitizer

14. Razor and Shaving Foam

I do like wearing sleeveless clothes, hottie shorts and mini dresses when on a vacation hence I do keep my razor handy. Most of the women prefer waxing before they travel, but there are some lazy potatoes like me, so hello guys, this is for you!

My Pick : Gillette Venus Razor

15. The Must-Have Fragrances

Travel means a lot of sweating! Body mists not only keep me smelling fresh and heavenly all day long, but also the scents revive my senses, and make me feel more energetic. I like spraying on a few puffs every now and then, so there is no scope of body odour.

My Pick : Bath and Body Works Sexy Dahlia Rush Fine Fragrance Mist

16. A Pack of Chewing Gums

Your holiday might include a lot of travelling by car every now and then. A lot of women end up feeling motion sickness, and yes, I am one of them. So I keep a pack of gums to prevent myself from puking, and they help me control my hunger too as I am a big-time foodie!

My Pick : Happy dent gums

17. Sanitary Napkins

At times it happens that our periods cannot be predicted and these come to our rescue when we actually get them. Finding a store during travel might get difficult at times, so keeping these handy in your bag is a great option. If not you, then someone else might need these, so it is always great to have sanitary napkins in your bag.

18. Water Bottle

I know so many stores already sell bottled water, but I keep a bottle of water filled from the hotel itself so that I don’t splurge on the bottles. Also I don’t like to waste my time looking for a bottle of water. Whether at home, or on a holiday, don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated.

19. Thread and Needle

Sharing this from my personal experience. On my brother’s wedding, I was wearing a traditional dress with a side zipper. Now side zips are very difficult to tackle and I wear extremely fitted dresses, and ta-da – the zip broke! I did not have an extra pair of traditional clothes to wear and kept crying. This is when my wise mom took out the same colour thread and needle, and gave my dress a nice stitch. Then, I covered it up with my dupatta. So do carry a thread and a needle if you are going for weddings because such mishaps happen without a warning!

20. Last but Not The Least – Makeup, My Life

Being an IMBBian, we surely know each other’s obsession for makeup. I don’t like stepping out without makeup and if it is a wedding, then I need to have kilos of makeup on my face to look the prettiest. So listing out a few things that I want in my travel makeup pouch for sure:

• BB Cream : Lotus Xpress Glow 10-in-1 Daily Beauty Creme – It gives me an instant glow, rather say it works as an instant skin beautifier which makes my skin look 10 times better.

A Mega Packing List of 20 Things You Have to Pack for A Hassle-Free Holiday5

• Loose Powder : L’Oreal Paris True Match Mineral Foundation – This is a powdered foundation which gives medium coverage, so either I use it over the BB cream or directly in a jiffy. It gives a natural finish and stays for pretty long time.

• Compact: Maybelline White Superfresh 12HR Whitening + Perfecting Compact – I am sure no one can ignore this new launch! It makes my skin fresh all day long and does not let oil gush on my face for a few hours, which is something I would want during travels.

• Eyeliner: Maybelline Gel Liner – I usually use different eyeliners for my lids and waterline, but during travels, I just carry a double duty product. Maybelline gel liner has an intense black pigmentation, gives perfectly winged look and lasts all day long.

These are also some essentials I would carry –  a blush, highlighter, eyebrow pencil, mascara, eyeshadow palette, primer, lipsticks and a few lip glosses.

Some of the extras might include your toothbrush, toothpaste, tongue cleaner, eye pads, ear plugs, earphones, charger etc. So I think your bags are packed and you are ready to hop on and travel to your planned destinations. Have a happy travel, you guys. Do suggest the products you would like to include in the comments. 🙂

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