Essie Nail Lacquer – It’s Genius

Essie Nail Lacquer – It’s Genius

Hello Ladies,

I don’t know how many of you remember the Top 7 Nail Polishes for Fall post, I had uploaded a few days ago. Some of you lovelies, had asked for a NOTD with a few colours and so I decided to write a review of one of the colours on the list. This is Essie’s – It’s Genius! And as a matter of fact, I am wearing this colour currently as I type and cant get my eyes off my nails, if I am totally honest with you.

Product Claims- A violet quartz shimmer with beige undertones.sumptuous style. sparkling intellect. violet quartz shimmer polish with beige undertones is bold and beautiful. this brilliant nail lacquer earns straight A’s for style. so clever.

Price– £10.99

My Experience with Essie Nail Lacquer – It’s Genius

As you know, I featured this in my fall nail polish post, i too decided to finally whip it out and wear it yesterday for this week. The nail lacquer comes in Essie’s standard packaging. I absolutely adore their packaging and have raved about it in every post I have reviewed previously for another nail polish shade. It is a clear bottle, with Essie embossed in the glass as well as white coloured font. The brush applicator is white in colour, which is so cute to look at. As for the brush applicators functionality, there are not enough words in the english language dictionary that can actually describe my fondness for it. I will just sat this, if you wish to try the Essie nail polish, do try it for the brush if nothing else. Because thats how perfect it really is! Painting my right hands has never been so easy!


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The colour itself is a gorgeous, beautiful, stunning red grape colour with copper shimmers. It is the perfect colour for fall in all honesty and the shimmers in the formula is definitely the cherry on the top. The colour completely glides on to your nails, without having to constantly refill it from the bottle. The texture is sort of semi-jelly and goes on fully opaque with one coat, despite it having shimmers in the formula. Preferably, do try and apply two coats for a beautiful salon like finish. If you want it slightly darker, go for 3 coats! The nail colour does not apply streaky on the nails with one coat application either, so thats pretty great. I just love the way the nail colour looks when the sun shines on it. It totally brightens up my day. The shimmer create a really pretty shine to the nail colour and looks lovely on fair skinned toned ladies.And the colour is pretty true to its packaging, however it looks more lovely when dried on your nails! Also, the nail paint dried really well and quickly on my nails, it did not take much time at all and thats perfect was impatient girls!
As for the staying power, I would say I am not disappointed one bit by it. After applying this nail paint, we went for a walk in the park and my dad made me climb a high tree log that was cut! He was determined I climb it just to show my little sister that I was tough, despite my constant cribbing regarding physical activities. And I was thoroughly worried that my freshly painted nails would be ruined. I was stood corrected, it did not even chip at all! I was so very pleased with this as it meant I did not have to reapply it and spend some more time on my nails at home. Yay!

Overall, I am totally loving this colour and cannot get enough go it. I would not be surprised if I wore it a lot this season and during christmas too, because of its shimmery charm.

Pros of Essie Nail Lacquer – It’s Genius

– Lovely red grape colour, so it is essentially slightly on the mauve-ish side of the colour palette.
– The golden shimmer within the formula give it a gorgeous copper effect.
– Has a beautiful shiny finish and looks lovely when the sun falls on your nails.
– The formula is not runny or too thick, just the perfect consistency.
– Glides really easily upon application.
– Is extremely durable.
– Did not take long to dry, was really quick and easy.
– Lovely fall colour, great for the holiday season.
– Really cute packaging and amazing brush applicator.
– Have not found dupes of this colour so far.


Cons of Essie Nail Lacquer – It’s Genius

Honestly, cannot think of any! It is a lovely unique colour and I am loving it so far.

Will I repurchase Essie Nail Lacquer – It’s Genius?

Yes, it is a definite yes!

IMBB rating- 5/5

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