Essie Nail Lacquer – Lilacism

Essie Nail Lacquer – Lilacism

Hello Ladies,

This review is going to be the other nail lacquer I wore on the weekend and as a matter of fact, I still am wearing it right now as I type this review for you all. This was one of the colours, I purchased for the summer, but had barely enough time to even paint my nails. As you all know, I have a very soft spot for Essie Nail colours in my heart, and absolutely love their formulas. So, I shall tell you now, I was not disappointed one bit with this beautiful colour and lets get straight to my ravings about its perfection to you.

Product Description- colour me springtime. elegant and enchanting, whisper-soft satiny smooth lilac nail polish is super pretty. this light & lovely lacquer brushes on major flower power.

Price– £ 10.99




My Experience with Essie Nail Lacquer – Lilacism

The packaging of this beautiful lilac coloured nail lacquer, is the standard Essie packaging. The bottle is clear and has a white brush applicator, I find all Essie nail polish packaging really cute and eye appealing. It has a girly charm to it, which I absolutely adore. Their brush also sits really comfortable in your hands and is great for applying on both your hands, without me being too clumsy, since it gives me such great control.



So the colour is a gorgeous pastel lavender. Its basically like a pastel purple, and it is so cute and feminine. However, funnily enough, I feel as though it would look pretty sophisticated too. The colour like I have mentioned is a beautiful lilac with blue undertones, and looks like slight greyish in different lights. The finish of this nail polish is creamy and this makes the colour stand out more on your hands. You would require about two coats to receive perfect opacity, otherwise it would look slightly sheer on your nails. Having said that, it does have really great pigmentation. I did not find this colour streaky or too runny upon application as compared to the OPI formula I reviewed earlier for you. Like all other Essie nail paints, this one also dries really quickly and this is a great property for people who are slightly impatient with their nail paints (this includes me too). It has great staying power too, this particular one lasts me for 6-7 days without any chipping, not from the tips also. Also, I would just like to mention, that I never ever use any base or top coat for my Essie nail paints, and yet they stay on so perfectly on my nails,looking shiny and fresh as ever.

Overall I am absolutely enjoying this colour on my hands, I know this is a spring/summer sort of colour. But it looks as good in the fall as it would do in the summery months. It is the perfect colour, it looks so lovely on the hands and feet. Not too over the top, yet enough to be eye-catching.



Pros of Essie Nail Lacquer – Lilacism

• A beautiful pastel lavender colour with undertones of blue and grey, looks extremely feminine.
• Has great pigmentation.
• Lovely formula, that applies on really well without it being too streaky.
• Looks gorgeous and absolutely opaque with 2 coats.
• The formula is not runny at all.
• Dries really fast and does not chip for at least a week. (Without top or base coat)/
• Has a creamy finish.
• Can be worn all year round.
• Toluene and formaldehyde free formula.

Cons of Essie Nail Lacquer- Lilacism

• Would not look that great on very dark skin tones.
• Other than, cannot think of any to be honest!

Would I repurchase Essie Nail Lacquer – Lilacism again?

I adore this colour, and it will definitely be repurchased again. It is a really unique colour in my nail polish collection and I enjoy wearing it on my hands.

IMBB rating– 4.95/5

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4 thoughts on “Essie Nail Lacquer – Lilacism

  1. that’s soooo pretttyyy raashi. :)) unfortunately i have never tried essie nail paints ever. :(( i totally want to give them a go. they keep such cute names. :)) loved the color on your nails. 🙂

    1. Thank you Rati :)) You definitely need to try these! and I know about the names, they’re all so cute and girly! Thanks again Rati 🙂 x

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