Essie Nail Lacquer Mojitos Madness Review, Swatch

Essie Nail Lacquer Mojitos Madness

Hey Friends..

How are you all doing today? Hope everything is fine on your side. We have been busy with all the events and celebrations; still a long way to go before we take rest as the countdown for Diwali starts. Anyways, we love festivals don’t we? I also love festivals for I get a chance to try Indian attires. And how can we forget integral part of our grooming i.e make up which adds grace and glow to our personality! Off late I discovered my favorite color as “green” and you can see hints or touch of green in my festival and everyday wear, including my nail paints. And I am here to share one such lovely green nail paint with all of you today! It is also my first purchase from Essie brand. However, I am not a fan of its quality and formula. So, please read on further to know more about Essie Nail lacquer “Mojitos madness”


Price: $5-$7 for 13.5 ml, price may vary store to store

Packaging: This creamy green nail lacquer comes in sturdy and transparent glass bottle packaging with quite narrow brush applicator. It seems user friendly and travel-friendly over all.

My Experience with Essie Nail Lacquer Mojitos Madness:

Well, this is my first Essie brand purchase and so far I liked it though I won’t say I am impressed. The shade “Mojitos madness”, a creamy parrot green color, is gorgeous in itself but the quality and staying power is quite tricky. I wonder why it retails for 5 bucks and 7 bucks while we get much cheaper and really great choices in “Sinful Colors”, “Maybelline Color Show” which are almost fraction of this not so great (according to me) nail lacquer.


Its brush applicator is my first disappointment which seems quite messy, as sometimes it picks up lots of product to mess up on my nails while other times it simply gives me streaky messy lines. Oh yes, the nail paint seems very runny and streaky at times upon first swipe. Doubling and layering causes uneven finishing thereby turning into big pain especially when you are in hurry. I always do nails last just before leaving for party or any picnic and hence this Essie brush seems big pain for me. However I am happy to see that glossy shine and finishing stays put for good days even though the nail paint chips off but shine and glossy sheen remains intact. I am also amazed to notice that sometimes it stays as long as a week on my nails while there are times when it starts chipping from day two or three off my nails especially if you are totally into kitchen and laundry work. Well, we have no choice other than to do our kitchen and laundry by our self here. Hence, it gives me minor heartache to see my gorgeous nail paint chipping off every second or third day, except a few lucky days when I take off from kitchen work. Over all I would recommend the shade for its gorgeousness and formula is also quite fine though it is not as great as OPI or few selective Sally Hansen nail stuffs honestly. Personally I would prefer to invest my 5-6 bucks on OPI and Sally Hansen over this Essie Mojitos Madness.

Let’s sum up pros and cons:

Pros of Essie Nail Lacquer Mojitos Madness

A gorgeous creamy shimmer free parrot green nail lacquer.
Quite opaque and glossy nail paint which will compliment almost every skin tone I believe.
It definitely makes our hands and feet look younger.
The formula is quite runny yet it gives quite glossy and clean finishing.
The staying power could be better provided we take a day off from water and kitchen work.
Quite sturdy and travel friendly packaging.


Cons of Essie Nail Lacquer Mojitos Madness

The formula and quality seems tricky
Staying power is quite average and tricky as well
The consistency is quite runny and seems streaky sometimes
The brush applicator is narrower than required which seems the culprit behind streaky finishing
Quite pricey after considering major cons


Well, I think I will give second chance to Essie before declaring it to be my least favorite brand.. 😛 As of now I am not impressed by Mojitos Madness though I really loved the shade and would like to get the same in another brand. For me this particular Mojitos Madness is a skip for sure. I would give it 3/5!

Hey friends I am sharing my karwachauth pics here, hope you like it..


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14 thoughts on “Essie Nail Lacquer Mojitos Madness Review, Swatch

    1. Thanks dear u guys always boost up my spirits.. 🙂 haan yaar essie kinda amazed me i ws nt expecting this from essie since i hv read and seen reviews on essie. may b i will give another chance before i skip essie completely frm my nail grooming regime..

  1. I love the color – in fact I am looking for such funky crazy colors 🙂 Neetu, loved your karvachauth pics,it’s a shame I cannot fast 🙁

    1. sahi jomol, color is no doubt gorgeous and really apt for Indo-western outfit. I wore it with my larwachauth attire this time.. 🙂 But quality cud hv been improved especially if pdt retails for 5$ and more.. 🙁
      By the way I dnt believe its shame to not do karwachauth or any fast, my hubby also say god nvr wnt us to go thru pain and then they will be happy.. 😛 its our mindset re. I do fasting for detox funda actually.. 😛

    1. yeah may be the brush or formula are main culprits.. 🙁 Even am also surprised to see such results. I will try another shade and stuffs from Essie before I declare it to be a major skip from my make up regime though.. 🙂

      1. hey neetu its so nice of you, i would love to meet u but we are in Seattle but do intend to go for a trip at your city 😀 lots of love to the little angel

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