Essie Nail Lacquer – Tart Deco Review

Essie Nail Lacquer – Tart Deco Review

Hello everyone,

I have a really fun review for you all today, it is another nail lacquer from Essie and it is in the shade Tart Deco.  As you all know, I am a massive collector and fan of Essie nail polishes, I picked this colour up for summer since it was so completely apt for the hot and fun summer.

Essie Nail Lacquer Tart Deco


£ 10.99

Product Description:

Sassy, stylish and darling, just so south beach. chic and modern, this dreamy coral nail lacquer is an artistic burst of color that creates a manicure masterpiece.

Essie Nail Lacquer Tart Deco

My Experience with Essie Nail Lacquer – Tart Deco:

The packaging of this gorgeous nail colour is the exact same as all its other nail polishes, it comes in a cute clear glass bottle with Essie embossed in white font as well as within the glass. The colour is again written on top of the bottle, which is rather convenient for me, however, I know in the US, you sometimes have the colour printed at the bottom. The brush as I have mentioned in my other reviews is just perfect for application (especially on small nails), it retains just the right amount of product on it and that makes me a happy bunny as I am less clumsy because of this.

Essie Nail Lacquer Tart Deco

This is a rich, fun and completely vibrant coral colour. The colour is a gorgeous bright colour and reminds me slightly of a ripe musk melon. You can also see slight hues of pink in different shades of light and sometimes it looks like a neon orange in artificial light. How cool is that? One nail colour and so many different shades and with a slight sheen too. I love collecting unique nail colours and this one is a great addition amongst the vibrant shades. I definitely feel this is a statement colour on your nails and stands out completely.  According to me, it looks great on all skin tones, it also looks absolutely brilliant on a summer tan. The bright colour brings the golden on your skin out, I think.

Essie Nail Lacquer Tart Deco

The finish of this colour is creamy as well, just like Essie’s Lovie Dovie. I am a particular fan of this sort of a finish as I think vibrant colours stand out more and look absolutely great. The formula of this nail polish, like all other Essie formulas was absolutely great, it was not streaky on application. A single coat would give you a very light peach sort of colour, and I would suggest that at least apply two coats to achieve a fully opaque colour that would look even and stand out on your pretty hands. It looks perfect upon two coats and looks its best.

Essie Nail Lacquer Tart Deco

The nail polish also has a great staying power, actually all Essie Nail polishes last me for about a week without getting chipped and this is without the use of top coat also. So think how great their formula really is?

Essie nail lacquer Tart Deco

Overall, I am unquestionably more than pleased with this nail lacquer, from its colour, to its formula and staying power. Everything is just perfect!

Essie nail lacquer Tart Deco

Essie nail lacquer Tart Deco

Pros of Essie Nail Lacquer – Tart Deco:

  • A stunning, eye catching coral colour.
  • Looks great on all skin tones, and also is able to bring out the golden in a tan.
  • Lovely formula, with a great staying power, without budging for a week!
  • Easy application due to its formula as well as its great brush applicator.
  • Has a creamy finish to it.
  • Not streaky.
  • Looks completely opaque on two coats.
  • Toluene and formaldehyde free formula.
  • Extremely easy to travel with!

Cons of Essie Nail Lacquer – Tart Deco:

  • Cannot think of any to be totally honest with you, except for its availability in India perhaps.

Would I Repurchase Essie Nail Lacquer – Tart Deco?

I will probably take a while to finish this bottle off, but after I do, yes I shall definitely be purchasing this one again. It just might become my summer staple nail lacquer.

Do I Recommend Essie Nail Lacquer – Tart Deco?

Yes, if you love bright colours that are eye catching and unique. Go fully ahead and purchase this!

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