Estee Lauder Hydra Complete Multi Level Moisture Eye Gel Creme

Estee Lauder Hydra Complete Multi Level Moisture Eye Gel Creme

Estee lauder Hydra Complete Moisture Gel creme

Claims : Give the delicate skin around your eyes the feeling of endless hydration with this refreshing gel creme.

  • Replenishes Moisture Around Eyes
  • Includes a proven combination of mineral-rich Bio-Water and exclusive Hydra-Insulation technology.
  • Exclusive Biosine helps this vulnerable area maintain a strong moisture barrier.
  • Soothes Lines, Puffiness
  • This delightfully refreshing gel creme instantly hydrates away fine, dry eye lines.
  • Over time, an innovative blend of Hypnea Algae Extracts helps reduce visible puffiness.

Price: Rs 2245 for 15 ml
Ingredients :


I have been using this under eye cream for over a month now. I wouldn’t say that it is one of the best but it is a vrey good under eye cream.

  • It has gel-creme texture and goes on very smooth.
  • It does not sting the eyes.
  • The texture is very light and smooth. The cream gets absorbed easily without leaving any traces of oil behind. I love to use it right before my makeup and this helps in keeping my under eye area soft.
  • I don’t have very dark circles to start with, but with its regular usage I have only seen my under eye area looking better and smoother.
  • Sometimes eye creams are so rich that I develop tiny bumps underneath my eyes. Never felt such a problem with this one.
  •  I use it both during the day and night and it keeps my under eye area moist and hydrated.
  • It is a fragrance free cream
  • It does not help in reducing puffiness at all.
Overall, I totally love this under eye cream. You need very teeny bit of it and a small pot would last you two months with a day and night usage. It feels very light and calming when applied. It has definitely made my under eye area look better. I don’t feel the need to apply concealer all the time. However, I feel it works slowly. You have to keep using it regularly to see the results. Also , if you have very dry under eye area, this may not provide enough hydration. I personally would have to change my under eye cream for winters.
Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating : 4/5

estee lauder hydra complete gel under eye creme

estee lauder under eye cream

Swatch :

estee lauder swatch

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17 thoughts on “Estee Lauder Hydra Complete Multi Level Moisture Eye Gel Creme

  1. hey rati..
    seemed tempting as i started reading … I have really bad dark circles. Could u please tell something that removes dark circles?

  2. Such a pretty looking pot. Sometimes I see these pots and all u want is to have shelves filled with them 😛 different ones of course – hee heee

    too exp for me though 🙁

  3. currently using the moist of that range rati…and i just love them…nothing OTT, but my skin feels good 🙂

  4. thnx for sharing Rati..but you can try Omved eye contour worked well on me ! .it takes care of the puffiness , fine lines am getting lately .. n also got me rid of exam induced dark circles

  5. i too have problem with those tiny bumps n they started appearing after i started using eye creams 🙁 i was actually planning to visit doc to get them checked

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