Estee Lauder Nutritious Vita-mineral Moisture Creme Review

Estee Lauder Nutritious Vita-mineral Moisture Creme

Hi Beauties,

Today, I have come once again with a product review, which has become very close to my heart in the past one month. I had seen this product during my first visit to Quest mall in Kolkata last month. Estee Lauder is a huge make-up group, having brands like Clinique, M.A.C, Bobbi Brown, La Mer, Tommy Hilfiger, Aveda, Michael Kors, Bumble and Bumble; and many other famous cosmetic brands under its umbrella. Besides these brands, Estee Lauder as a cosmetic brand is also very famous, exclusive and expensive. However, I had not yet had the fortune of visiting any of their outlets, since they do not have that many in India. It had recently opened in Kolkata, and my main purpose of visiting the mall was to visit this outlet. So, with an open mind, a spring in my step, a smile on my lips, and a lot of cash in my bag, I visited the shop last month.




I was totally and completely mind-blown by the service provided there. The SAs are very pleasant and intelligent to talk to; and have complete in-depth knowledge of the products in their store (as well as those EL products not available in India). Also, they do not push you very hard into buying something; nor do they talk in a high handed fashion (which really frightens me sometimes) which many high end cosmetic brands SAs do. In fact, when I called up the next day asking about an Estee Lauder pressed powder (in shade of M.A.C around NC 30-35, Clinique loose powder in Translucency3), they immediately recognized me, called up their colleagues at MAC and Clinique and then, gave me a call back saying that they did not have the particular shade in stock, all their pressed powders in stock were a bit darker. I was so surprised. I mean, who would go to so much effort for a customer, and not try to sell a wrong shade to them? I have not met any other SAs, who do their homework so well and try to please their customer so much. Well done, Estee Lauder.


About the product: Estee Lauder skin care range has various productscategorised depending on the skin concern.

The Nutritious line has:

• Radiant vitality 2-in-1 foam cleanser
• Radiant Vitality Energy lotion (works as a toner/softener)
• Radiant Vitality Essence Oil (works as essence or serum)
• Vita-Mineral Moisture Crème (day and night versions available)
• Radiant Vitality 2-step treatment (works as mask)

Recharge and renew your skin for a radiant, energised look every day. Pure Pomegranate Extract plus essential minerals and nutrients nourish and balance skin to help protect against environmental irritants. Luscious crème formula delivers instant hydration that lasts all day and helps strengthen skin’s moisture barrier.
See a new look of active, radiant health. Nutritious helps Detoxify irritants, Neutralise external irritants and Infuse skin with moisture and energy. It’s a daily dose of powerful vita- nutrients for your skin. A total approach to beauty, powered by pomegranate.

Benefits: Recharges and renews skin for a radiant look
Ideal for: Dullness, loss of radiance, Dryness, Dehydration, Lack of energy and Vitality. Contains Pomegranate extract.An all day moisture crème.Dermatologist tested. Non-acnegenic, won’t clog pores.
How to use: Apply AM and PM after your Repair Serum.


Price: Rs.3030/- for 50ml product

My Experience with Estee Lauder Nutritious Vita-mineral Moisture Creme :


This Nutritious line is a reformulated and Superior version of the original Nutritious line which was launched in 2007. This new line was launched in 2013. This line has been created exclusively and tested on Asian skin (just like the Cyber White HD Advanced Brightening BB Crème SPF50). I first tested it at the Estee Lauder outlet. The SA removed my makeup, then used a cotton bud to remove a tiny bit of crème from their tester jar and applied it all over the face. I was very impressed, since the quantity needed was very small, it had given my skin a nice, radiant, hydrated, glowing look; yet non greasy or non-sticky feel. She then proceeded to apply the BB crème, which I subsequently bought that day. But I could not put this crème out of my mind; so two days later, I asked my parents to get it for me(since they were going that way to run some errands). I have been using it every day since then, and I am in love.
The product has a very luxurious looking, red color packaging. All the details are written on it. Inside, it holds a hefty, glass jar, which is heavy and not very great to be carried around. The glass jar is covered with a golden lid with the company logo embossed on it. It spells extreme luxury; however, it is a magnet for fingerprints. Inside, it has another plastic cover to protect the crème, with a flap attached, so that it can be removed easily. Unfortunately, Estee Lauder has not included any spatula for removing the product



The jar is filled to the brim with the product. So much so that, the first few times, when I put the plastic cover back on, some of the product used to ooze out from the sides. The crème is white in color, and has an almost whipped-cream mousse-y consistency. The fragrance is extremely soft, pomegranate like, which feels very fresh on application. It feels extremely light weight. Only a tiny amount of product is needed to cover the entire face and neck area.


It is a must have for dry and parched skin. It instantly hydrates the skin, leaving a soft, supple feel and a radiant glow to the skin. A very tiny amount is needed; it might look greasy if over applied. It provides instant hydration to the skin, which remains throughout the day. It does hold true in its claims of removing dullness and giving an instant boost of moisture and vitality to the skin. Though a night crème version is also available, I believe this one is good enough for night time moisturisation also. It has definitely added a glow to my skin, removed the tired look, and removed some fine lines from my face during the past one month of use. I have used it day and night during past one month, and I have hardly used even one-fourth of the product. So, this jar is going to last me a really long time. Also, it works as an excellent base for the BB crème and other makeup which I use during day time.Now, the cons. I do not feel this is suitable for all skin types. As the name indicates, this is a moisture crème, so very oily skin beauties may like to stay away from it. I think it is most suitable for people with very dry to normal to slightly oily skin. Also, I feel, this one is a winter product; hence I am now keeping it for the forthcoming winters.

Since it is marketed as a day crème, I rue the lack of SPF in it. But since I use my Estee Lauder BB Crème SPF 50 on top, it is not a major issue for me. Also, the Jar packaging. It is made of glass, it is heavy, and it is difficult to just carry around in your purse. Jar packaging also means that the good ingredients get disintegrated quickly as they come in contact with air. I would have definitely preferred a tube or a pump mechanism for this crème, so as to preserve the vital ingredients.

Pros of Estee Lauder Nutritious Vita-mineral Moisture Creme

• Luxurious packaging
• Good for most skin types
• Many good ingredients, like coffee, cucumber, pomegranate, avocado, shea and ginseng are present
• Provides an instant boost of hydration
• Really hydrates any dehydrated skin (yes, also in oily skin types)
• Hydration remains throughout the day
• Removes any dry patches on face
• Gives an instant, radiant, fresh and healthy look to face
• Fragrance is fresh, like pomegranate
• Very tiny amount needed for each use
• Will last me a long time
• Very light weight, fluffy and mousse like feel
• Does not clog pores
• Does not sit heavy on skin
• Non greasy, non-sticky feel (if applied in correct amount)
• Dermatologist tested
• Can be used as a night crème also
• Can be used as a base for make-up also
• Can also be used as a face mask if your skin is particularly feeling very dry and dehydrated


Cons of Estee Lauder Nutritious Vita-mineral Moisture Creme

• Expensive
• Limited availability in India
• Bulky packaging
• Jar packaging is not good for the useful ingredients to remain stable
• No spatula provided
• No SPF (even though it is a day crème)

IMBB rating: 4.2/5

This is a very good crème, suitable mainly for winters in India. It provides great hydration and gives a natural, fresh glow to the face, without looking greasy or like an oil-slick. It makes a great base for makeup or sunscreens as well. It has many nutritious ingredients which are good for the skin and help in quenching skin’s thirst.

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  1. Good review n pictures Arpita 🙂
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    1. *thankyou* Nupur, yes EL has quite a fan following. I have only recently started using their skin care…. And I must admit…. They r quite good. Go get some for urself dear

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    1. Dont worry dear, it might open soon in hyderabad. M so happy it has finally opened in kolkata, or u might pick it up if u ever visit the other places…..*thankyou* so much for ur kind words

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  3. I love your reviews Arpita….you have explained everything in so much detail….and SAs can sometimes put you off and make you lose interest in the brand itself!

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