Estee Lauder Powder Brush 10 Review

Hello gorgeous gals,

I have been wanting to review my brush collection since the longest time ever, but color makeup always takes the lead. Today, I share with you an eye brush from Estee Lauder, which has been in my kitty for some time now. So, how does this perform, let’s find out:
Estee Lauder Powder Brush

Product Details:
Large, domed brush ideal for loose/pressed powders.  For all-over face application and blending. The large domed shape lightly sweeps over contours and angles for a sheer, flawless finish.  Perfect for loose, pressed, shimmer or bronzing powder.  Designed with direction from top makeup artists around the globe. Manufactured and precision-trimmed with meticulous care. Wooden handles are short and lightweight, allowing for even, effortless application.
Brush handle

US $46/INR 4500
Estee lauder brush

My Experience with Estee Lauder Powder Brush 10:

I bought this brush a couple of years back. It came packaged in a nice Estee Lauder navy blue cardboard packaging. By the look and feel of it, the bristles seem like natural hair (it wasn’t mentioned on the box or on the website). They are extremely soft, so I would presume these to be squirrel hair brushes though it’s definitely not blue or grey squirrel.  As I have already mentioned, the bristles feel extremely soft against the skin as compared to other brushes in the market, including MAC. However, it isn’t as soft as a blue squirrel or red squirrel Japanese brushes. Honestly, I tried a Mizuho powder brush recently – I fell in love – it was as soft as a cloud on my skin! It costs about 9K though!

Anyway, back to this brush – this brush has a thick head of hair. It’s a wide tapered fluffy brush, slightly pinched at the ferrule and a short, light handle! The bristles are densely packed but there is enough to allow the product to be dispersed evenly on the skin. The short handle allows for more controlled application.
Powder brush

When I initially bought it, I though it would work well for application of setting powder as well as application of powder foundation (for days when I am in a hurry and can’t be bothered to apply the liquid foundation). However, this is not really a multi tasker. This works well for application of a setting powder. You can’t really use this for the application of other products like blush, highlighter, etc., contrary to what is suggested by the brand. The brush head is too large to be able to give you a neat application of any of these products.
Powder brush bristles

Also, it cannot be used to apply powder foundation (unless it’s being used to set a liquid foundation) because the brush head is not only large but has way more give than is required for a powder foundation brush). Incidentally, Estee Lauder has a separate brush in their collection for powder foundation application. So, the best use for this is for setting your makeup, with loose or pressed powder or a pressed foundation.
Estee  lauder powder brush

The dense head and natural bristles allow sufficient product to be picked up and dusted over the face. It can’t really set your under-eye concealer because it’s really too big for that! The only other alternate use of this brush is to kind of buff all your cheek products in – together – after the whole makeup is done.
Brush head bristles

I used to utilize this brush quite often when my brush collection was smaller. However, since then, I have realized that a smaller head or alternate shapes work better for the setting powder application, than this. I do not advise washing this brush too often because it’s made up of natural hair, but do ensure hygiene by spot cleaning.

Like I said, I have had this brush for 1.5 years. I haven’t seen any shedding while washing or during application.

Is this a must have? No! This is a well crafted and a really good brush. Having said that, I feel one can get something which is a bit more multi-tasking than this, at this price point.

To sum this up for you:

Pros of Estee Lauder Powder Brush 10:

  • Lightweight.
  • Works well for controlled application of setting powder.
  • Can be used to buff the whole makeup in.
  • Bristles are extremely soft.
  • Does not shed.
  • Excellent with picking up the product and dispersing it.

Cons of Estee Lauder Powder Brush 10:

  • Fairly large head, may not be appreciated by girls who have smaller face.
  • Not very multi-tasking – as suggested by the brand. Normally, I would not ding a product because of this aspect. All brushes can’t be multi-tasking; however, the company lays claims that it can be used for applying blush, highlight, etc., too. It can’t!

IMBB Rating:

It’s a well-made brush, no doubt about it, but not necessarily something you NEED. I think, a similar brush but a smaller head would work better.

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