Estee Lauder Wet Cranberry Pure Color Lip Gloss Review

By Atika Anjum

Estee Lauder lip glosses are great and highly pigmented. I have their “Pure Color” lip glosses in all three finishes – Luminous Shine, Dimensional Sparkle and Mirror Shine. However, hands down, my favorite is the “Wet Cranberry” shade in mirror shine finish. I just love the deep pigmented reddish cranberry shade of this particular lip gloss.

Estee Lauder Wet Cranberry Pure Color Lip Gloss

Product Description:
Pure Colour Glosses come in 3 finishes (Mirror Shine, Luminous Shimmer & Dimensional Sparkle).
Wet Cranberry is a vibrant berry with the “Mirror Shine” finish. Sensually lightweight, non-sticky and “drenched” with lip conditioners to create a smooth finish.

INR 1600

Packaging:  It is a cute rectangle type lip gloss holder, the cap is golden in color and the bottom lip gloss holds and shows the color of the lip gloss. The lip gloss wand is the best thing about these lip glosses. The wand makes it quite easy to apply the lip gloss and the shape of the wand is such that you can actually define your lips with it. Also, the wand holds the right amount of gloss and there is no extra gloss on your lips when you apply with it.

Estee Lauder Wet Cranberry Pure Color Lip Gloss

Feel of the gloss:  Estee Lauder claims that this lip gloss is lightweight, non sticky and has conditioners in it to give that smooth and perfect pout effect. When I applied the lip gloss, I was surprised to see that it is actually very lightweight considering the deep pigmentation of this lip gloss. I don’t know much about the conditioning properties of the lip gloss as I did not really notice any effect of the conditioner on my lips after applying this lip gloss. However, its claims of being non-sticky are quite correct as it did not make my lips sticky. I also like the fact that the lip gloss does not need a lip pencil as it does not give show a “bleeding lips” effect.

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Estee Lauder Wet Cranberry Pure Color Lip Gloss

Staying Power:  Now, like every other lip gloss, Estee Lauder’s Pure Color lip glosses also do not last for long on the lips. It requires quite a few re-applications every two hours. Since this lip gloss is quite pigmented, it is not sheer and coats the lips nicely. It also has a hint of shimmer/shine in it, which is just enough to lighten up the face without being too dramatic.

Estee Lauder Wet Cranberry Pure Color Lip Gloss

I just love love my Estee Lauder Pure Color Wet Cranberry lip gloss. It fits perfectly in the pocket or my purse when I go to the university. The gloss wand is so easy to use that I can apply the lip gloss without using a mirror. The downside of the gloss is the price with each lip gloss retailing at Rs. 1600.

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Pros of Estee Lauder Wet Cranberry Pure Color Lip Gloss:

  • The berry shade is deep pigmented.
  • The gloss wand helps in great application of the gloss.
  • The gloss has lip conditioners in it.
  • The gloss does not give off a bleeding effect.
  • The gloss is non-sticky and lightweight in texture.

Cons of Estee Lauder Wet Cranberry Pure Color Lip Gloss:

  • Quite expensive for a lip gloss.
  • Requires regular touch ups as it does not last long on the lips.

Would I Recommend Estee Lauder Wet Cranberry Pure Color Lip Gloss?
I recommend this lip gloss to all lip gloss lovers for it is nicely pigmented and really helps in lighting up a dull face.

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