Etude House Alphabet Sheet Mask- Pomegranate Review

Etude House Alphabet Sheet Mask- Pomegranate

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Off lately I have been really busy with work and all and did not get time to write anything. But finally now I have managed to sit down and write some posts which have been due for a long time now. Today I am going to review an alphabet sheet mask from a very famous Korean brand Etude House. . Etude House has created a sheet mask flavor for each letter of the alphabet. I had bought couple of these in shanghai. Sheet masks are a rage in China and Korea, all stores were stormed by these masks, everywhere there were like 50-70 varieties to choose from Anyhow coming back to the review, read on to know about it and trust me you would not regret it.

Etude House Alphabet Sheet Mask- Pomegranate

Product Description: Etude House I Need You Alphabet Mask Sheet is a sheet mask for face for instant and long lasting moisturizing. Each sheet of mask has an alphabet printed that is an abbreviation of major ingredient contained in the mask. For example, A represents Aloe, B is Bulgarian Rose, C for Collagen, K for Korean Ginseng, V for Vitamin Complex, so on.

We have two type of packages, one for 8 mask sheets and the other one is for a full set of 27 sheets. For a package of 8 sheet, you will get a random mask and for a full set you will get all 27 masks from A to Z plus one Heart mask. Believe you’ll get a real nice selection of mask sheets since all masks are formulated with great ingredients.

The sheet is eco-friendly, made of Natural Alphacorn and Natural Pulp. It is comfortable and soft texture is designed to fit all face sizes. This Alphabet Facial Mask Sheet is great for daily skincare within affordable budget.

Etude House Alphabet Sheet MaskPomegranate

Price: RMB 8 for each sheet

My Experience with Etude House Alphabet Sheet Mask- Pomegranate

Let me start with the packing, look how cute that looks. The whole sachet is full of colors and looks fun and shouts “pick me”. The mask comes sealed in a foiled sachet, to keep it fresh. The packaging is kept to a minimum which is nice as it can’t be recycled. The sheet is super hydrated and full of serum. The mask can be really slippery to handle, it is that full of serum. Infact once you take out the mask, some of it is left in the packet which I use afterwards and massage it on my face.

The mask smells awesome like that of the actual fruit so during the whole time of application you feel good and relaxed. This mask seems to be suitable to all types, I usually have normal to combination skin but these days my skin has become oily all of a sudden (no idea.. why and how…any suggestions would be welcome from you guys).

This mask should be used after cleaning the face. I put it on my face for a good 50 minutes (actually in the whole process I dozed off and unintentionally kept it for that long time), but I am glad that I did as it worked perfectly that ways as my skin completely absorbed the serum in the mask (which was initially fully soaked). And my skin never felt that great. I could notice this instant brightening effect, my skin looked clear and brighter. It definitely became soft and hydrated. I was very apprehensive whether it would make my skin even oilier but it did not leave any residue behind. I am not sure about its claim for providing elasticity as I have used two of these and did not notice anything but does not matter as I am really happy with overall results.

Etude House AlphabetSheet Mask- Pomegranate

Pros of Etude House Alphabet Sheet Mask- Pomegranate

• Really cute packing
• Like the concept of alphabets
• Smells awesome
• Brightens skin instantly
• Makes skin soft and hydrated
• Does not leave any residue and gets completely absorbed
• Very affordable

EtudeHouse Alphabet Sheet Mask- Pomegranate

Cons of Etude House Alphabet Sheet Mask- Pomegranate

• Not sure about the claim of elasticity
• Not available in India

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5

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  1. Ohhh… How cute these sheet masks r…. Glad u got such good results…. Would like to get all from a to z….. A good exercise for my kiddo( who is doing his a, b, cs) now…. And a good recreation for me…. *drool* *drool* *drool* *drool*

  2. Wow heard a lot about their sheet masks *drool* are these available in India? *shy* And 50-70 varieties *shock* *shock* *shock*

  3. super cute outer cover *happydance* *happydance*
    and a sheet mask from very alphabet 😛 😛 😛 thats a great marketing strategy

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