Etude House Face Conditioning Cream Review

Etude House Face Conditioning Cream

Hey Girls,

I’ve got a product from Etude House this time around. I actually got this quite a few months ago as I was having really dry patches and my makeup wouldn’t take well or stay on all day. This face primer was introduced to me. Read on to see how it went! 🙂


Product Description:


RM 44.90 ($ 18.50)


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My Take On Etude House Face Conditioning Cream:

First of all, it’s nice for a product to have SPF and PA in it. This product contains SPF 25 PA++. What’s this product? It’s suppose to be a hybrid between a hydrating cream and a face primer.
I’d say it’s not too firm and definitely not runny. It’s got a silky, smooth texture and it’s easy to spread on skin. There isn’t any cooling effect. It’s a white cream but it doesn’t leave a white cast or a weird cast in general on the skin, it’s transparent. Also, blending isn’t a problem. It blends well into the skin and doesn’t take much effort.


This primer is hydrating and perfect for those whom suffer from cakey foundation or dry skin in general. I’ve applied this on my dry skin and in places that tend to get cakey when I apply foundation. This solves it all. My face still stays hydrated under my makeup and my foundation doesn’t look cakey.
If you’ve got dry patches, this does the job too. It actually helps to kind of blur your dry patches so that they don’t appear to be noticeable when you apply foundation.


Does this primer allow my makeup to last all day? Yes, it does. I find that this product makes my skin texture look and feel crazy soft and even if I don’t powder my face to set my foundation, my makeup doesn’t melt off. I’ve also used it as a eye shadow primer, it didn’t crease or fade on me. I find that if you apply this with your hands, it makes your makeup look okay but with a makeup puff, it makes your makeup look absolutely flawless. I’ve been using this for a good 6 months or so now and no breakouts, no irritation, no tingles and etc. This doesn’t clump foundation or clog pores either.
However, this product is fragranced. So for those whom don’t like fragranced products, I’m sorry. But, you can’t smell the fragrance at all. I tried and I really couldn’t smell a thing. Also, this does give a dewy finish for your foundation. If you prefer a matte look, you can always just dust a little mattifying powder on your face.

Packaging wise, it’s not an ideal makeup bag item as it’s quite big and will take up quite a lot of space. However, the screw on-off cap is very secure and if you happen to throw it in your bag for travels, don’t worry about the mess, there won’t be one to clean.


Pros Of Etude House Face Conditioning Cream:

• Contains SPF 25 PA ++.
• Not too firm and definitely not runny.
• Silky, smooth texture.
• Doesn’t leave white or weird cast on the skin, appears transparent on skin.
• Easy to spread and blend into skin.
• Hydrating to skin.
• Skin stays hydrated under makeup and makeup doesn’t look cakey.
• Blurs dry patches to make them look unnoticeable under foundation.
• Makes makeup look flawless when applied with a makeup puff.
• Makeup lasts all day without melting or fading and it’s a great eye primer as well.
• No irritation, breakouts, tingles and etc.
• Doesn’t clump foundation or clog pores.
• Can’t smell fragrance at all.
• Gives foundation a dewy finish.
• Secure cap.

Cons Of Etude House Face Conditioning Cream:

• It’s a fragranced product. (For those whom dislike fragranced products.)
• Gives foundation a dewy finish. (For those whom dislike the dewy look.)
• Not travel friendly.

Would I repurchase Etude House Face Conditioning Cream?

Yes, I would. It’s a great product that does what it says and it’s a dream to use. It’s pretty big and for the price you’re paying, it’s a whole lot of product that’ll last you pretty long.

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