Etude House Proof10 Auto Pencil Review

Etude House Proof10 Auto Pencil

Hi Beauty Lovers!

It’s me again! today I am coming with the item I can’t live without. “Etude house Proof10 Auto Pencil” If you’re the one who always be worry about eyeliner on your eyes in daytime, I am sure my review would help you solve this problem!

Etude house is a cosmetic brand originally from South Korea. One thing I love the most about this brand is the cosmetics have been made for Asian girls and the price is real affordable comparing to the quality of the products.

Etude HouseProof10Auto Pencil

I guess all of you girls here are using eye liner and I am sure that you find the same problem as everyone. I was always worried about my eye liner and had to ask my friend time and again about any smudging. After using this eye liner, I can say that this is the best eyeliner I have used so far. Read on to know more.

Product description: A perfect 10 out of 10! Long lasting, fade resistant oil & waterproof eyeliner pencil comes with built-in sharpener for smooth, precise application.

Net weight: 0.3 g.

Price: 6,000 Korean won (I always buy at 200 THB which is approximately 400 Rupees)

My experience with Etude House Proof10 Auto Pencil:

I have come across many products from Etude house and found them lovely and unique. The great quality wasn’t the first priority I was looking for in such price but after I tried it I was amazed, I’ve never tried any new eye liner ever since. I have to say I have been using this eye liner for more than 4 years! And obviously it never let me down. This auto pencil is available in 5 shades but I always go with the black one. The black shade of this auto pencil is not as deep black as original Indian kajal but its color is black enough. It draws a sharp line when you apply on your eyes. It’s smudge free and long-lasting. Plus, it’s water proof.

Etude House Proof10 Auto Pencil

Here are some of my experiments with Etude House Proof10 Auto Pencil.

-I applied this eye liner while swimming and riding Jet Ski in the beach for 2 hours, still it looked fine on me. No smudge or runny.
-Rain eliminated most of the cosmetics from my face, except this eye liner.

Pros of Etude House Proof10 Auto Pencil:

• The packaging is great. It’s an auto pencil, easy to use and maintain.
• The eye liner has a sharpener at the bottom of the pencil which you can use when it needs to be sharpened. It works well!
• Smudge free and water proof.
• Affordable price
• No allergy

Etude House Proof10 AutoPencil

Cons of Etude House Proof10 Auto Pencil:

• It’s not as black as the deep black of Kajal. I would recommend you to apply the kajal first and then apply this auto pencil liner if you want to make it blacker.
• It’s hard to find in India.
• You can wipe off with only eye make-up remover, not water or rubbing your eyes.

IMBB Rating: 5/5

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