Etude House Skin Note Calming Face Hydrogel Mask Review

It was jut not my week! I was going through a bad onslaught of hormonal acne, coupled with mood swings during “those” days, which was topped with preparation pressure of an upcoming super critical meeting. Full day spent staring at the laptop in a boardroom, straining my eyes and back, hardly sipped any water throughout the day and worst of all – ate additional slices of “cheese burst pizza” as part of working dinner in the office. Result, by the time I reached home, I didn’t have the energy to even wash my face, and the poor thing looked so red and distressed. Better sense prevailed and after taking a bath, I decided to test out this Hydrogel from my face mask stash, along with a large jug of minty cucumber water.

Etude House Skin Note Calming Face Hydrogel Mask

Product Description:
This is a Hydrogel Mask containing aloe (Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract) and glacial water (Water), snugly hugging the face to soothe and freshen up exhausted and irritated skin. Calm and keep your skin from the environmental irritations with Aloe Vera enriched with hydration and Glacial Water with cooling power.

  • Firm elasticity and supple softness.
  • Highly moisturizing with freshness with enhanced hydration.
  • Longer lasting power of the ingredients’ efficacy.
  • Safe, skin-friendly gel.


Etude House sheet mask

Singapore $4 or approximately INR 200/- for 25 gm.

face mask for acne prone skin

My Take on Etude House Skin Note Calming Face Hydrogel Mask:

The mask is split into two halves, which is dripping with the serum, and it covers your entire face. The serum had a subtle scent which was barely noticeable. The serum was green in colour, and I hope this was not any additional colour added to it. There was a lot of serum leftover in the packet, which I luxuriously massaged all over my neck, décolletage and shoulders. The immediate effect of the mask felt mildly cooling. I found this mask to be snug in its fitting. The eye and mouth gaps were smaller than the Innisfree mask and I prefer that. We all know the drill after this, you should keep it for 20 minutes, but I let it be there for an hour while I sipped water and read the newspaper (yeah, at the end of the day!). After an hour, I applied lip balm and eye gel and dozed off.

Hydrogel mask

For me, the effectiveness of any product is evaluated only after a good night’s sleep. I have an oily T zone, and my distressed face was going through an acne outburst.  So, I was expecting the regular effect of any other face mask, but this is what I got:

  • Expectedly, my skin felt soft and supple.
  • Interestingly, my T zone had less oil than regular days. However, I still feel Innisfree did a better job.
  • Surprisingly, the red pimple spots on my cheeks had diminished in size and redness! Even a painful one on my shoulder had calmed down.
  • Remarkably, even after a wash with my Madras Ubtan, my face was left feeling soft and remained so for a day!

Calming face pack

I was really happy with the effect! I had not seen such an immediate effect on my acne from any gel/cream/mask before. Moreover, the “calmed” pimples did not flare up again. It definitely made my skin softer than before, probably the difference was drastic in my case since my skin was really abused. It did not prevent any new acne from coming up, but it doesn’t claim so either. This is a calming and relaxing mask, not anti-acne, and it worked very well to pacify my acne, which is more than what I expected from it. Personally, I think that these kind of masks should not be a weekly indulgence; it can be added in the skin care routine fortnightly.

Etude House sheet mask


Definitely use it if your skin is irritated, parched or stressed and is begging for the much needed TLC that you are unable to provide it. This will be an all-in-one treat and a one-time boost that your skin needs. Moreover, it would suit all skin types. I think it will be a great solution if you have an important function/meeting coming up the next day and can’t fit in a salon facial a day before.

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Etude House

Pros of Etude House Skin Note Calming Face Hydrogel Mask:

  • Stands true to its claim of cooling and relaxing skin, at least for acne-prone skin.
  • Contains a lot of essence – enough for the face and neck.
  • Subtle fragrance, nothing strong or offensive.
  • Feels cool on the skin, probably due to aloe.
  • I feel it may suit all skin types, but irritated skin will get the most out of it.
  • Results visible within 8 hours of usage.
  • Price, for the effect that it had, I will gladly shell out this money. But I will refrain in making this a part of my regular skin regime.

acne prone face pack

Cons of Etude House Skin Note Calming Face Hydrogel Mask:

  • Not available in India.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Repurchase/Recommend Etude House Skin Note Calming Face Hydrogel Mask?

If you have acne or irritated skin, definitely give it a try. I will add this to my “must buy” shopping list when I visit South East Asia again. Till then, don’t stress and drinks lot of water!

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