Etude House Styling Eye Liner Brown Review

This product is a part of my recent Korean makeup haul. I have tried the black eyeliner from the same range; it was a part of my previous haul. I enjoyed wearing it so decided to try the ‘Brown’ variant. Apart from this eyeliner by Etude house, I also bought a mascara, makeup removers and other skin care products. I love this brand’s skincare products and even the makeup range because they are perfect for subtle looks and have the goodness of essential ingredients.

Etude House Styling Eye Liner Brown Review

Price: $3.25
Product Description:
Smooth gliding Auto Eyeliner to line and define eyes in style. Complete dramatic eyes with this natural brown colored eyeliner.
How to Apply:
Draws a line drawn softly along the eye line.

My Experience with Etude House Styling Eye Liner Brown:

Etude House Styling Eye Liner Brown

Etude House has some amazing skincare products and that is why it was worth trying out their makeup products as well. In the past, I have tried and reviewed several skin care and makeup products by this brand. Most of them performed well and received good reviews from me. The makeup products from this brand perform well and do not harm my skin but they are not as dramatic as people desire in the States (like Kardashians), the Korean makeup is mostly meant for more subtle, radiant and natural look.

Etude House Styling Eye Liner Brown with Cap

I prefer the latter, that is why I add makeup products to my Korean products haul. The product comes in the usual twist up eyeliner packaging. It has a tube that holds the product and a cap to protect it. The twist up mechanism seems sturdy and has not given up on me yet (most twist-up eyeliners do stop working eventually).

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Etude House Styling Eye Liner Brown back

The quantity could have been more, with my current eyeliner needs it will last a month if used on daily basis. The color is opaque, matte brown and gives a smooth, streak-less application in one go. It is not super easy to glide like a gel eyeliner but is not too dry either. It applies on upper lids with minimal tugging. Also, in a couple of strokes, the full intensity of the color is revealed and multiple coats are not required.

Etude House Styling Eye Liner Brown Tip

The staying power is, however, not that great. The color does start to dull after a few hours and reapplication is required. If applied on the lids it performs very poorly and creases heavily and ruins the eye makeup. It is also not smudge-proof or waterproof. It will not give racoon eyes but will start to smudge in the corner of the eyes and give an unkempt appearance to the eye makeup. It is not recommended to people with teary eyes or who do not have time to touch up their makeup every few hours.

Etude House Styling Eye Liner Brown Swatch

Pros of Etude House Styling Eye Liner Brown:

• Affordable
• Worth a try for those who love to dabble with new makeup
• Can be applied on upper lids or waterlines
• Minimal tugging or pulling
• Does not require multiple coats to reveal full intensity of colors
• Can be used to create smokey eye look or for subtle kohl on the waterline
• Has other color variants as well

Cons of Etude House Styling Eye Liner Brown:

• Unavailability can be an issue for some
• If applied on the lids, it creases and ruins the eye makeup
• Poor staying power
• Not smudge-proof or water-proof
• Starts to smear in the eye corners and runs down if eyes start to tear
• Starts to lose its intensity after a few hours

IMBB Rating: 3/5
I recommend this product to those who love to dabble with new eye makeup or who love to hoard eyeliners. It is affordable and comfortable to wear. However, it is not smudge-proof and waterproof and this is a let-down for most of us since these are the key requirements of an eyeliner.

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