Eva All Day Freshness Deo – Blush

Eva All Day Freshness Deo – Blush

Hello everyone,

Winters are gone 🙁 and spring is a guest which will vanish any moment and the torturous summers is about to capture the climate. So our best friend is all the more needed now, so bring out your roll on, deodorants, perfumes, mists . Today I will be reviewing a deodorant which is my favorite ever since I bought it. It’s called the Eva All Day Freshness Deo- Blush. Come lets read more, how it became my favorite.

Eva All Day Freshness Deo Blush

Product Description:

Eva’s range of alcohol free deo is gentle on skin and its unique formulation inhibits odour –causing enzymes by balancing the skin’s natural pH level. Its moisturizing formula keeps your underarms soft and smooth. It effectively prevents body odour, keeping you fresh and active all day long.
Product Claims:

When we sweat, malodour is formed due to increased pH balance of the skin which causes bacteria. The unique formulation in Eva deo removes malodour which restores the natural pH balance of the skin.

Eva All Day Freshness Deo- Blush (6)

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Shake well before use. Must hold the can 15 cm away from the body and spray in areas you perspire.
Ingredients: butane, isobutene, propane, silicone fluid, fragrance, isopropyl myristate, trietyl citrate, triclosan, butylated hydroytoluene.


110 INR.


125 ml/ 75 gm.

Shelf Life:

2 years.

Eva All Day Freshness Deo- Blush (5)

Eva All Day Freshness Deo- Blush (4)

My Experience with Eva All Day Freshness Deo- Blush:

I had first seen another variant of this range with a friend; I sniffed it and liked it. Took the details of its availability and the very next day I got 3 variants 😛 this one is among the three and one of my favorite off late. It is packed in a tin can in coral pink shade. The size is fine to last you around 3 months with regular use.

Eva All Day Freshness Deo- Blush (3)
The smell is very feminine, fresh, and woody, depends on nose to nose whether ones likes or dislikes it. I quite like it for its fragrance and staying power. It stays whole day if sprayed generously. I apply it in underarms, around the neck, back and wrist :P, not on the clothes. It stays well and smells quite good. It will surely be felt and noticed by your colleagues and friends around.

The price is so cheap that you can get five in one go; testers might or might not be available, depending on the store. The best part is its skin friendly and alcohol free, you can spray on to your skin without any irritation or allergy. I don’t feel any itching, irritation when applied on bare underarms. The range has great variety, if you don’t like this one, you will surely like something or the other. But again depends from person to person. The ones who use high-end brands will stay away from this 😛 but all you teenagers, you will not be disappointed with this range. Indulge and let me know.

Eva All Day Freshness Deo- Blush (5)

Pros of Eva All Day Freshness Deo- Blush:

• The best feature is that its skin friendly (irritation free).
• Long lasting fragrance.
• Extremely affordable.
• Alcohol free.
• Large number of other variants available in this range.
• Colorful packaging, in case you own more than one from this range, easier to find the one you want to use.
• Beautiful girly fragrance that lingers around.
• Easy to carry in a handbag.

Eva All Day Freshness Deo- Blush

Cons of Eva All Day Freshness Deo- Blush:

• In extremely hot weather, you don’t know how long this would last on you.

Do I Recommend Eva All Day Freshness Deo- Blush?

Yes yes yes 😀

Will I Recommend Eva All Day Freshness Deo- Blush?

Yes definitely I will and will also try other variants.

IMBB Rating:

I rate it as 4.6/5

Women who like deodorants and haven’t tried this range, I will suggest you try this out once, you will not be disappointed.  See you all soon. Till then take care and spread the fragrance 😉


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17 thoughts on “Eva All Day Freshness Deo – Blush

    1. ya Neha I knw how hot Chennai is. My best frnd is settled Der now,n she cries everyday 😛
      u can use dis in winter months 😀

  1. Hey..nice review Khushi……..dis one is my absolute favvv….hav been using for d past few yrs…n nthng else has been able 2 replace it…watevr i get…i make sure i hav dis one as a backup always… 🙂

    1. apply it more generously on ur body,in case u live in a hot n humid place.den it won’t be so effective.
      d fragrance is quite nyc na…

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