Eva Dew-Floral Mist All-day Freshness Deodorant-Review

Eva Dew-Floral Mist All-day Freshness Deodorant-Review

Hello beauties!

How are you all?  Today, I am here to review a deo spray that is very close to my heart.  It is Eva.  I have used Eva Fresh and Eva Sweet , recently I went shopping and got Eva Dew for myself.
eva dew deodorant

Product claims:

Eva’s range of alcohol-free deo is gentle on skin and its unique formulation inhibits odour causing enzymes by balancing the skin’s natural pH level.  Its moisturizing formula keeps your underarms soft and smooth.  It effectively prevents body odour, keeping you fresh and active all day long.
eva dew deodorant

Shake well.  Hold the can 15 cm away from the body and spray in areas you perspire.  Use after bath everyday.


Butane, Isobutane, Propane, silicone fluid, Fragrance, Isopropyl myristate, Triethyl citrate, Triclosan, Butylated hydroxytoluene.


 INR 110 for 125 ml

 My experience with Eva Dew Floral Mist All-day Freshness deo:

I am totally in love with Eva’s range of deos because they are skin friendly and free of alcohol.  They don’t burn the skin a bit. So, I religiously use it.  I am a huge deodorant person and this range of deos suits my need.
eva dew deo
Packaging is very attractive and travel friendly.  It is of a very pretty blue color and blue is my favorite. Coming to the fragrance part, it is too good.  True to the word floral, the fragrance is enchanting. It smells like a pot pourri of different flowers, I can trace a hint of cologne in it but others may or may not agree with it as perceptions change from person to person.  It also closely smells like Dove, I think.   It has a very fresh feel to it that rejuvenates the senses.  The fragrance stays on but not for the entire day.  Yes, it controls does body odor and gives a very fresh feel.

It is very pocket friendly and widely available.  This one is apt for college goers and office goers too.  When I come back from office after a hectic day, I actually smell good.

Though the fragrance dies down by then, but I don’t smell bad which is very important and worth the price of the deo spray.

 Pros of Eva Dew Floral Mist all-day freshness Deo:

  • Very pocket friendly.
  • Skin friendly, alcohol free.
  • Easy to carry around.
  • Widely available.
  • Enchanting fragrance.
  • Controls bad odour.
  • Gives a fresh feel.

Cons of Eva Dew Floral Mist all-day freshness deo:

  • Fragrance doesn’t last for the entire day.

I cant think of any other con.

IMBB Rating:


Will I repurchase this product?

Of course I will! I love Eva’s range of deos.

Thanks for reading my review!

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