Everyday Nail Hacks

by Moomal P.

Hi Gals,

I hope every one of you is doing well. I finally managed to write my second article after being appreciated by you all lovely ladies 🙂 . This time I will be telling you some everyday nail hacks. As we all are crazy for different shades of nail paint and brands, this post is very useful for the problems of applying, managing and removing them; along with common problems of nails we face. Whether it’s a marriage or a party, from being a college girl to mom of 2 kids, everyone puts nail paint on. I myself have almost 20 shades of nail paint with me and personally I face many problems while dealing with them. So, here come some hacks, especially made for nail paint lovers.

Everyday Nail Hacks

1. If your nail breaks in some place simply use a teabag. Cut a tiny piece of teabag, place it on the broken area and seal it with nail glue.

2. Wet your finger and head of the nail cutter while to cut your nails. The pieces of nails will never fly away.

3. If you are getting late for a party and want to apply nail paint as well, but have no time to dry it out, then this hack is important. Apply nail paint and put your hands for 30 seconds in cold water and magic… your nail paint is dry 🙂 .

Everyday Nail Hacks

4. While removing dark shade nail paints, we generally see that after removing it our nail is discolored and it remains at like that for atleast a day. To solve this simply use a toothpaste and toothbrush. Apply toothpaste and water on your nail and gently use a toothbrush on them and then wash it off.

5. While applying nail paint, by chance we get some nail paint outside the nail. In order to solve this use an ear buds. Put the ear bud tip in petroleum jelly and remove the extra nail paint outside the nail to achieve a perfect look.

6. To remove nail paint easily take a small glass jar and cut out a sponge piece according to the jar size and place it in. Pour nail paint remover in it, so that the whole sponge is wet. Put your finger in it and twist. Your nail paint is gone when you take your finger out.

Everyday Nail Hacks

7. It feels so bad that after applying an awesome shade on our nails it starts chipping after two days. In order to make your nail paint last long, put your hands into vinegar before applying nail paint.

8. One more hack for removing the extra nail paint outside the nail. Just apply some white resin glue outside the nail area and then apply the nail paint. If the nail paint goes on the outside of the nail it will be on top of the glue and that can be easily removed by rubbing.

9. When the nail paint gets old it is hard to remove the cap sticking to the bottle. To avoid this use petroleum jelly around the opening.

Everyday Nail Hacks

10. Put your nail paint in the fridge for 15 minutes before applying and it will be very smooth to use.

11. Sometimes streaks occur when we apply nail paint. To solve this, apply a coat of white nail paint first and then your color of choice.

12. Also, sometimes our nail paint becomes thick that it’s too difficult to use. Try adding a few drops of clear nail paint in that and then it will become a little more thinner to use.

I hope these are of some help to you. I have used them and they really work. Happy nail and nail painting. 🙂

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