Everyday Opened Up Eyes Tutorial

Everyday Opened Up Eyes Tutorial

Hello IMBB Beauties,

I have been away for long and a lot many things are happening around me, but something that I always come back to is “IMBB.” So today, I am going to share with you all a very easy tutorial which was requested long back. I apologize for being late, but still, better late than never, right?  So, let us move on with the tutorial. These are the basic tools which we require for this look. It is not necessary that you use the same products that I have used, so I will give general names and specify them as we move along with the tutorial.

Products Needed For This Tutorial:


  • Concealer.
  • Loose powder.
  • Brown eyeshadow.
  • Orange/beige color eyeshadow.
  • Pencil brush.
  • Fluffy brush.
  • Black kohl.
  • Eyelash curler.
  • Mascara.

We are going to start off with clean and moisturized eyes.

Everyday Opened Up Eyes Tutorial 2

Dot concealer around your eyes up to the brow bone, I have used my Colorbar Stick Concealer.

Everyday Opened Up Eyes Tutorial 3

Blend well with your ring finger. You can use a concealer brush but I prefer finger because the warmth helps to blend the concealer well. Dust some loose powder to make the surface smooth. Mine is Lakme Rose Powder.

Everyday Opened Up Eyes Tutorial 4

Take some brown eyeshadow on a fluffy brush and tap off the excess. I have used my MAC 217 and the eyeshadow is Inglot 112R.

Everyday Opened Up Eyes Tutorial 5

Now, with a light gentle hand, follow the crease of your eye. Start from the outer portion and slowly go in, do not take too much eyeshadow at one go. If you need intensity in the crease, you can build it up slowly.

Everyday Opened Up Eyes Tutorial 6

After the previous step, your eye should look something like this.

Everyday Opened Up Eyes Tutorial 7

Now, take the same brown eyeshadow on a pencil brush, trace the lower lash line. I have used my MAC 219 brush for this. You can also use a slanted brush, but I wanted a diffused look, so I preferred pencil brush. Here alsom you need to start at the outer corner and come in slowly.

Everyday Opened Up Eyes Tutorial 8

Now, take some orange/beige eyeshadow on the ring finger. Mine is Inglot 108R. I have used orange here because I want to eliminate any color on my lid and make my crease more defined. Those who want to look softer, can use beige eyeshadow instead.

Everyday Opened Up Eyes Tutorial 9

Apply the same on the lid area with a light hand. Make sure there are no harsh lines. If required, take your fluffy brush again and blend everything.

Everyday Opened Up Eyes Tutorial 10

Now taking a black eye pencil, tight-line your eyes. Please note that we are only tight-lining because we want a no-make up look. This will give an illusion of dense lashes without taking away the softness of the look. I have used Faces solid black.

Everyday Opened Up Eyes Tutorial 11

Curl your lashes and apply lots of mascara. Just make sure that your eyelashes do not clump in the process.

Everyday Opened Up Eyes Tutorial 12

That’s the finished look folks. Hope you like it and I will definitely come back with more. Kindly let me know if there are any specific combination you like to see, I will definitely try my best to do it for you.

Everyday Opened Up Eyes Tutorial

Take care and keep smiling (no matter what)!

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32 thoughts on “Everyday Opened Up Eyes Tutorial

    1. Ya long time Rati 🙂 I always wanted to share this on IMBB, so when I came back it was this post and nothing else! Glad u liked it!

  1. You have beautiful eyes Rashmita, I liked the tutorial! And I love the way you ended, keep smiling no matter what *puchhi*

  2. *puchhi* nice one… through I m not a fan of makeup bt u insisted me to atleast try d look… m in luv with dis… m definitely gona try it for sure… *thankyou* *haan ji*

  3. Nice post rashmita…and lovely eyes…and like the final line.. “Keep smiling ” no matter what…I always wud like to try an eye makeup but keep delaying it… This time after this tutorial wud like to… One small doubt will the orange colour eyeshadow will suit all skin tones bcoz I m MAC 43.5… and soft brown is not available in mac … Pls advice me rashmita …

    1. You can definitely try this orange cause am nc42 and we have applied a wee amount. If you want beige on the lid, you can try Inglot, they have whole bunch of shadows, in various finishes.

  4. thanks for this post Rshmita….super soon gonna get these inglot rainbow eyeshadows.. beautiful eye makeup! *powder* *powder*

  5. That was such a fab and easy tutorial…i love make up ..but when it comes to eyes m lost .. def gonna give this a try

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