Everyday Skin Care Essentials

Everyday Skin Essentials

Skin reflects our overall health. The secret to keep it healthy is to eat well, protect it well and keep it hale and hearty. We all try and follow different kinds of skin care routine to keep it radiant and glowing. More of less, the essentials remain the same. Today, I am discussing some of the basic tips that stay the same for each one of us irrespective of the skin type, age or color.


Drink water even if you are not thirsty- Yes you read it right. Most of the times, in our busy lives we get so engrossed that we forget that our body needs water. Spending time under air conditioned environment not only leaves our skin parched, it sucks all the moisture from the inside layers also. So, it gets all the more important to keep ourselves hydrated. Keep in mind, sweet juices, and cola adn coffee does not replace plain simple water.

Wearing sunscreen 365 days of the year– No matter weather is sunny or cloudy outside, wearing sunscreen is a must. Sunscreen protects us not only from the harsh rays of sun; it also delays the unwanted premature signs of ageing. Use sunscreen of minimum 30 SPF and apply it at least 20 minutes before stepping out in sun. Don’t forget to reapply after every few hours

Cleansing– we all are aware of the CTM routine. Never under estimate the power of CTM. 10 minutes spent before bed for this daily ritual not only gives you squeaky clean skin now, it will also delay the ageing process of your skin. Try not to over wash your face. Just once a day with the cleanser that suits your skin type is enough. Washing more often will take away all the natural moisture from your delicate facial skin and leave it dry and patchy. So, restrict yourself to just once a day.


Relax and Just take it easy– ensure that you sleep seven to eight hours every day. Lack of sleep can cause skin to age and show the signs of pre mature ageing. Spending hours glued to the computer screen affects not only the eye sight also it’s the major reason for under eye dark circles and puffiness. Just by making some changes in our daily schedule, we can ensure a good night sleep and avoid causing havoc to our skin. Exercise also brings that extra glow to our face. Sweating removes all the toxins from our body and the internal strength shows on the face.

Watch what you eat– nutrition is directly proportional to the well being of your skin. Antioxidants and essential fatty acids play an important role in keeping our skin healthy. Try to include food items rich in antioxidants and certainly avoid junk food, smoking and drinking. With the age the essential fat layer under the skin becomes thin, which makes the facial skin loose and flabby. To avoid this situation try an include OMEGA 3 supplements in your daily diet.


Maintain general hygiene- avoid touching your face unnecessarily. Most of us have a habit of biting our lips, chewing nails or keeping your palm on your cheeks while sitting. All this brings dirt and grime to the face and can cause acne. Try to clean your combs, hair brush and pillow cases very regularly. Keep your hair dandruff free. All these cause acne and pimples.


These are a few tips I wanted to share with my IMBB family. Hope you all enjoyed reading. Do share in your views and tips. I would love to learn.

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  1. I loveeed your post Shilpi! *clap*
    Off late I am doing all the above, quality time in the gym, quality sleep, sun protection with umbrella 😛 water 3 liters, eating well…coz i realized if we dont keep well we cannot give our best to our family and worklife!

    1. OMG…really!! that’s cool…yes you are right we need to take care of ourselves only then we can take care of our family.. *powder*

    1. han jomol I am turning 30 na in 2015 so mera bulb jal gaya time pe *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance*

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