Everything to Know About Bras

A good bra that fits you properly can make or break any look. No matter how uncomfortable they may seem, a bra is one clothing item that we cannot live without. In today’s post let’s enlighten ourselves a little more about bras!


• Support Doesn’t Come From the Straps
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Most of us think that the straps provide the support to the breasts but it is actually not the case. 90% of the support comes from the band and not the bra straps. So, if your bra is ever feeling loose then you probably need to adjust the band and not the straps.

• Certain bra sizes are interchangeable
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There is no standardization of cup sizes among bra manufacturers. So you could be a certain size in one brand but slightly different on another brand. So whenever you are trying on a bra pick out a few in the same size range that you already wear and then check for yourself which one works best!

• It’s OK to sleep in a bra
Yes it is ok to sleep in a bra. It completely depends on your personal preference. If you want to wear a bra to bed then wear one by all means. It won’t do you any harm. Just stay away from wearing underwire bras which can be really harmful for the body.

• Your bra has an expiration date
Most bras have an 8-10 months wear time as by regular wearing the bands stretch out and don’t give the required support to the bra. So if you wear a bra regularly then you need to let go of it after a few months time.

• Bra size doesn’t remain the same
Our body keeps on changing throughout our lives and so does the bra size. Our bra size can change due to various reasons like hormonal changes, weight loss or gain, pregnancy or birth control pills.

• Hand-wash your bras
Use a delicate detergent to wash your delicates to maximize their life and to get more wear out of them. Do not toss them in your washer.

• Get yourself measured properly
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If you think even after measuring at home, your bra just doesn’t feel right then it might be time to get yourself measured at a store by a professional. Just wear a thin lined bra underneath a tee and get yourself measured. Do not wear padded bras that can mess with the right sizing.

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