Everything You Need To Know About Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a hair product that is applied topically onto the roots to absorb oils and control odors without the use of water. They also provide volume to hair.

Everything You Need To Know About Dry Shampoo

Here are some things that you might like to know about dry shampoo 🙂

1. They have been around for years:  Though dry shampoos gained popularity some years ago, they have actually been around for years. They date back to the 15th century when Asians used clay powder to clean their hair. Released in 1940, Minipoo was the first commercially available dry shampoo.

2. They come in many forms:  In terms of texture, they come in 3 forms – powder, liquid and aerosol spray.  In terms of function, they come in 2 forms – oil absorbing and volumizing. The oil absorbing ones are higher in cyclodextrin or starchy compounds. The volumizing ones are lighter and less powdery and contain high amount of alcohol.  There are tinted dry shampoos for dark or colored hair.  There are unscented dry shampoos available for people with allergies.

3. They can be used for a number of occasions:  Other than every time you feel your hair is dirty and flat, dry shampoos come in handy before a night out, after a workout, when you are sick or bedridden and during road trips or camping.

4. They have a number of pros other than saving time:  They reduce damage from blow drying, they don’t rip the hair off all the natural oils, they protect colored hair, and an environmental bonus, they conserve water 🙂

Everything You Need To Know About Dry Shampoo

5. They have cons too:  Dry shampoo absorbs moisture and so, excessive use will cause dry looking hair and a dry and flaky scalp. Overuse of dry shampoo can also leave the hair looking dusty and a build-up can lead to blocked pores thereby causing pimples.

6. They can’t replace normal shampoo:  Dry shampoo only helps to absorb excess oil and doesn’t exactly clean out the dirt though it might mask it with fragrance. After three applications of dry shampoo, it’s time to use a regular shampoo.

7. They can be used to clean other things:  Because the concept is the same, you can remove oily stains from your carpets, rugs and curtains with dry shampoo and a vacuum cleaner. They can also be used to deodorize shoes or anything stinky.

Everything You Need To Know About Dry Shampoo

Some Dos and Don’ts:

  • DO spray at least six inches away from the roots. This will ensure that you don’t spray on too much and it will also evenly distribute the product.
  • DON’T apply dry shampoo to the top of your head. Doing that will leave you with white residue and it will not add volume to your hair. Instead, lift the top layer of hair and spray underneath at the roots.
  • DO wait. It takes a couple of minutes for the product to settle and start absorbing the oil. Massage dry shampoo on your hair with your finger tips.
  • DON’T spray on damp or wet hair. It is DRY shampoo after all.
  • DO brush it off. Since water is not there to carry the dirt+shampoo globules away from your hair, you have to do it yourself by brushing it off.

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  1. I am yet to come across a dry shampoo that I love. They always end up making my hair dry. But still, I would say they are very useful at times.

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