14 Evidence Based Weight Loss Tips

For a while, we, here at IMBB, have been contemplating writing a piece on an issue that is of pertinent concern for our beloved readers and people in general. And it pertains to the scientific way to lose weight via dieting. There are multiple dietary regimes out there in popular practice and so it is a rather prudent to search from a multitude of weight loss tips, the most viable and scientific ones that would benefit the most. The tips that are listing out here have been backed by scientific studies and have had significant amount of popular press coverage, both online and offline. So our readers may rest assured that what we shall be enlisting today is to the best of our knowledge as well as that of the contemporary scientific community at large. So, without any further ado, let us get started with the list of 14 evidence based weight loss:

Evidence Based Weight Loss Tips

1. Have a nutritionally rich and diverse diet: It is good practice to have a varied and nutritionally rich diet to ensure that you are not depriving your body of its essential nutrition as well as guaranteeing that your healthy diet keeps you fit and strong while also assisting in weight loss. It is prudent to bear in mind that a nutritionally-rich diet eliminates trans-fats and minimizes the intake of saturated fats which in turn would also the accumulation of fat and lower the risk of coronary heart diseases. We suggest that you consume fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, and whole grains such as oatmeal and brown rice, etc. to lose weight effectively.

2. Stop consuming liquid calories: Aerated and artificially sweetened beverages such as soda, soft drinks and packaged and processed fruit juice, coffee and tea with sugar, as well as alcoholic beverages – these are all bad for your waistline. They are hugely fattening and hence should be eliminated from your diet if you are serious about losing weight and want to stay in shape.

3. Portion control with every meal: Be mindful and cautious of what and how much you are consuming with each meal. Please be aware of what you are eating, how much you are consuming, how you are eating and when or at what frequency you are eating to prevent calories from adding on.

4. Be vigilant of all food items in your kitchen: It is always a good practice to keep a tab on the food items in the pantry and kitchen and plan meals ahead so as to not invite any such food item into our kitchen that will throw our weight loss process off the track. Keep away high-calorie items and junk food from your kitchen.

5. Start your day with eggs: Studies have found that if one has eggs for breakfast, it not only provides the body with all the essential nutrients but also helps with shedding weight. It has also been corroborated by latest research in the field of nutrition that if one switches from grain-based breakfast to eggs, it drastically reduces craving for junk over the next 36 hours, thereby contributing to weight loss. So if you do not have any allergic or digestive problems with eggs, it is an advisable to take eggs.

6. Intermittent Fasting: Intermittent fasting has become quite a trend in recent years and it is actually a very good practice if you are serious about losing excess body weight. In this popular eating pattern, you cycle between periods of fasting and eating. Understandably, it is a great way to restrict excess calorie intake and thus is quite effective in reducing body weight. Here’s how you can do intermittent fasting to lose weight.

7. Say no to refined carbs: Opt for carbs that are less refined. Sugar and grains are examples of highly refined carbs that are stripped off of all their fibrous content and other nutritious parts. If you absolutely have to eat carbs, ensure that you do so along with some natural fiber. Whole grains are good carbs that should be included in one’s diet.

8. Low carb diet: This follows logically from the point discussed above. It is common sense and a scientific fact that if one were to opt for a low-carb diet, one is guaranteed to lose weight and achieve a slim waistline. It is a well-researched and well documented option.

9. Keep nutritious food items handy: Whenever you have a craving or you feel hungry and you just have to have some food, it is best to have some nutritious snacks around to munch on so as to ensure that we do not go on the slippery slope of indulging in high-calorie food intake. Here’s a list of healthy snacks that you can munch on.

10. Eat spicy food: Eating spicy food is another guaranteed option worthy of being on the list of evidenced based weight loss hacks. Cayenne pepper and capsicum contain a compound that is known to boost metabolism as well as reduce appetite. It is a matter of common experience that whenone consumes spicy food ensures that you do not overeat and end up gaining unwanted kilos.

11. Cardio exercises: It is advisable to do aerobics or cardio exercises to stay in shape, remain flexible as well as to lose unwanted weight. Aerobic exercises are particularly noteworthy in their effectiveness in losing belly fat. Cardio exercise is also known to reduce the buildup of undesirable fat around our organs that lead to innumerable metabolic disorders.

12. Lifting weights: One of the worst side effects of dieting is the loss of muscle mass and overall metabolic slowdown, on account of being on starvation mode. To compensate for the loss, it has been scientifically proven that lifting weights and working out in the gym helps in both maintaining your muscle density and health as well as boosts your metabolism significantly.

12. Get sufficient sleep: Sleep deprivation prevents body from shedding weight. You can follow the strictest diet and workout like crazy, but if you do not give your body enough sleep, you would not see any weight loss. Insufficient sleep is bound to wreak havoc on your digestive system and metabolism, thereby contributing to putting of undesirable pounds. Sufficient sleep is essential for good health.

13. Have a good peer group: This entry is based on solid evidence from the community of medicine and psychology that if one wishes to lead a healthy life by making healthy food and lifestyle choices, it is best to be surrounded by a group of peers who also share the same problems thereby the whole group can benefit off of one another’s company symbiotically. This is known as having a support group to help you stay on track and not lose focus or motivation to reduce weight and stay slim and healthy.

14. Overcome food addiction: Recent studies have revealed that close to 25% of the global population from North America and Europe suffer from a psychological condition called “food addiction.” People often turn to food to cope up with depression and stress, thereby gaining weight. It is a fact that food addiction is pretty common in India as well, so it is advisable to be wary of the condition and to seek professional help (psychological counsellors) in time, to tide over the crisis just discussed.

Well dear readers, we hope that you found today’s piece engaging and informative and we pray that it proves useful to those who wish to lose weight in an effective and scientifically approved manner.

We invite our beloved readers to kindly share their words, concerns (if any) and ideas or simply leave a thought, with us by leaving a sentence or two in the comments section below and oblige.

And as always, stay pretty and beautiful you all.


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