9 Excellent Time Management Tactics for Working Women

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Some people say that time is money. Life becomes convenient and well organized if you know how to manage time efficiently. These days, the perfect time management plan has become the demand of everyone. In fact, complete 24 hours of the day do not seem to be enough for women. Lack of priority, no assistance and absence of planning are some of the main factors causing this hotchpotch. Here, in this post, I am mentioning some time management tactics which can be helpful for working women.

1. Make a Habit of Waking Up Early

wake up early

Waking up early in the morning is advantageous in so many ways; it has been scientifically proven that it is essential to get up early to keep the mind fresh all day long. In that way, morning is the perfect time to plan the whole day. Make sure that this rule does not affect your 8-hours sleep.

2. Set a Time Limit for Every Single Chore

How much time does to it take to peel a potato? How much time do you consume to prepare toast and coffee? You might not have noticed it yet, but setting a time limit for all kind of tasks can help you manage your time. If you get an idea of the time consumed in small things, you can save so much of your time because all the big things have small beginnings.

3. Prioritize All the Tasks to be Accomplished

to do list

When there is so much of stuff to be managed in your life, you need to set priorities for all sort of tasks. First of all, make a rough list of all the things you are supposed to do. Then decide the things to be accomplished as soon as possible, as per your priorities. Every woman is smart enough to prioritize anything the right way.

4. Make a Genuine List of Work with Uniqueness

Sometimes a long list of work can leave you in panic. Let’s make it interesting. Decide a task which is to be done right after you wake up. Then write that task on a colorful paper and stick it to the door of your room (or bathroom). Similarly, if you have something to do after kitchen, stick a task- chit on the refrigerator.

5. Track Down the Calendar


Keep an eye on the calendar and you should know your plans for up to the next two weeks or even a month, so that if there is any occasion, you don’t get stuck between your family and work.

6. Keep a Backup Plan for Tricky Situations

A perfect backup plan is always the rescue when it comes to tricky situation. I have already mentioned above that keep an eye on the upcoming occasions in your family or office. If you notice any possible clash, have a plan before it bumps you.

7. Plan the Weekend Working

I don’t suggest to waste your entire weekend for office work. Get some fixed hours in which you can complete some of your office tasks in order to stay advanced and one step ahead of your targets.

8. Have at least one Hour Every Day for Yourself

woman reading

Sometimes, weekends are not enough for rest and some personal time. So, every working woman should have at least one hour daily dedicated to herself.

9. Friendly Relationship with Colleagues

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This is not as such a crucial factor, but most of time it really helps. Smart women always maintain a healthy relationship with their colleagues and seniors.

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