Excellent Tricks to Make Hair Grow Long Faster

Always remember, you cannot grow your hair long overnight. It takes a really long time and efforts to do so. Research says that an average human’s hair typically grows one or two inches in one month, so now you can imagine how difficult it would to grow hair long. Here, I am listing down some excellent tips that will help you grow your hair healthy and long, but fast!

Excellent Tricks to Make Hair Grow Long Faster3

Quit Using Shampoo Every Single Time You Bath

Excellent Tricks to Make Hair Grow Long Faster

Is it really compulsory to put your through the torture of chemicals every time you are in the shower? Actually, not! Shampoos are laden with various chemical compounds and this is partially true even if you use organic shampoos. Just rinsing off hair with cold water can help in removing dirt and grease. If you really need to shampoo, go for gentle ones and concentrate on scalp, not on strands.

Pick and Use The Right Conditioner

Many women use conditioner only if it comes free with their shampoo which is actually wrong. You should use a conditioner after every hair wash to boost the health of your hair. Conditioners help to maintain the health of your hair. They make it shiny, strong and manageable which leads to leass breakage.

Try Regular Trims

Excellent Tricks to Make Hair Grow Long Faster1

This is one of the oldest techniques used by people to grow hair longer effortlessly. Generally, you should trim your hair after every 6-8 weeks. Yes, hair grows from the roots, and not from the ends. But, it is still important to trim your hair length by an inch or two. This will ensure that the ends of your hair are free of damage and split ends. This, eventually will promote hair health, and then growth.

Gift Yourself A Good Hot Oil Massage

What about giving your hair a hot oil massage? Oils are enriched with proteins and vitamins that are extremely beneficial for the scalp and even for the growth of hair. You can use coconut oil, olive oil, jasmine oil or any oil of your choice and heat it for few seconds. Now, massage the scalp with this hot oil for few minutes and leave it overnight. Wash it off with a shampoo the following day.

Stay Hydrated

Excellent Tricks to Make Hair Grow Long Faster2

Drinking water every day is very important to make your hair soft, shiny, bouncy and longer too. Water automatically helps to rejuvenate the scalp, strengthening the hair follicles which triggers the length of the hair. Ideally, you should drink 8-10 glasses of water everyday which will make your hair grow stronger and also would benefit the body too. Drinking water is simply the best way to keep your scalp hydrated and stronger.

Take A Break from Styling Tools and Products

Although you might not be using them every now and then, using heated machines oon hair leads to breakage of hair. Any styling technique including straightening and even blow drying can make your hair dry, brittle and weak. You should try to stay away from styling tools and products as much as you can if you are aiming for super long hair.

Include Some Eggs in Your Regimen

Excellent Tricks to Make Hair Grow Long Faster4

Many women use eggs for their hair and love the results. Eggs prove beneficial when it comes to growing hair longer and stronger. You can simply make an egg mask at home by beating few egg yolks and adding flour to it. You can also add some mayonnaise to the pack which will make your hair softer and bouncy. If you are worried about the smell, use a little lemon juice on scalp to get rid of it.

Cold Rinse

Even if you love bathing with warm water, incorporating cold water can prove beneficial in growing your hair longer. Each time you wash your hair using a shampoo and/or conditioner, rinse off your hair with cold water. Cold water settles on the upper layer of hair which prevents from dust and heat damage.

Brush Your Hair with Care

Excellent Tricks to Make Hair Grow Long Faster5

Always brush your hair with care, and avoid brushing hair when it is wet. Also, choose brush bristles according your hair type and practise brushing through your hair gently. Allow your hair to dry naturally, this will keep breakage and tangles at bay.

So, do you have some more secrets to grow hair long super fast? Don’t forget to share in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “Excellent Tricks to Make Hair Grow Long Faster

  1. I think I follow all the above guidelines plus a few more .. m a good girl 😉 🙂 😛 … i have long straight hair.. almost covering my butt 😉 😉 hv tried so many oils but i personally like seasame oil massage… it makes my hair so soft… i fall in love with my hair all the time 😛 … but Rima can u advise me some good hair brushes…

  2. I used to have long hair and now have chopped them off, for no particular reason. 😛 I swear by coconut + castor oil for hair growth and overall health. I always go for cold rinse.

      1. You can use on and on mahabringraj oil.
        Onion juice + lemon juice n honey mix well and spray it on your hair n massage gently, leave it for 1 hr m wash with mild shampoo.

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