Excellently Entertaining and Enchanting – Emily Eddington

Excellently Entertaining and Enchanting – Emily Eddington

Excellently Entertaining and Enchanting Emily Eddington

There are very few online beauty gurus to whom I have subscribed just by watching a single video of theirs. Emily Eddington is surely one of them. Without a doubt, I know that IMBB community must already have members who are fans of this beautiful lady. I remember seeing her video years back and instantly realised this is one lady whose channel I have to subscribe to immediately and I also remember which video that was.  It was first posted in early 2009 and to this day I find it exceptionally useful! Read on to know which video and why.

Emily, from Illinois, started her career in a TV Station as an off-the-camera employee.  Due to her passion for anchoring, she was finally offered the chance of a lifetime as morning news anchor and there has been no looking back since then. She even has been awarded as “Best Anchor” by Illinois Broadcasters Association. But surely, she is not just a news broadcaster, but a “beauty broadcaster too”!

Emily Eddington

Here is a little excerpt from her blog’s “About” section:

“In November of 2007, Emily posted her first video to her YouTube channel, Beauty Broadcast. Since that time, she’s uploaded more than 700 videos which have collectively generated more than 36 million views and attracted close to a quarter-million subscribers. A true one-woman show, Emily shoots and edits all of the videos herself (Yes, she still anchors full time at the TV station). In addition to her main channel, Emily has a “vlog” channel which features non-makeup-related videos, along with a special series to help viewers boost their confidence and reach their potential. Emily has a beauty blog that she posts to regularly, and has a presence on nearly every major social network.”

Emily’s personality is so fun and her good mood and enthusiasm are addictive. She has brilliant command over her language and I am a die-hard fun of her enunciation. Her skills as a news anchor help her even in her makeup videos. I just can’t stop listening to how well she speaks, makes me pay attention to her.

Emily Eddington

Among her 700+ videos, the one I had seen first was this:  Sponge Tip Challenge Tutorial.

It was an alien idea to me that sponge tip applicators can be successfully used to create well-blended, multiple color looks! I had always thrown out my applicators that came in eye shadow palettes or pots without a second thought. This video is a true money saver! The fact that I need not shell out big bucks for fancy brushes when I have good applicators that would achieve the purpose has changed my views on the whole “need a certain kind of brush for a certain kind of look” philosophy.

The range of categories of videos she has covered so far is VAST. On her YouTube Playlist, you can find them all conveniently categorised too:
• TV Makeup and Career Info.
• Celebrity-Inspired Makeup Tutorials.
• Emily Awards.
• Skincare Videos.
• Bath, Body, and Nails.
• Makeup Dupes.
• Tips and Advice.
• Tag Videos.
• Hauls.
• Top Makeup Products.
• Outfit of the Day Videos.
• 1 Brand Tutorials.
• Shopping List Ideas!
• Em’s World!
• Hair Videos.
• Dramatic Makeup Tutorials.
• Natural Makeup Tutorials.
• Bridal Beauty.
• Makeup Collection and Storage.
• High End Makeup Reviews.
• Drugstore Makeup Reviews.

Emily Eddington

My favourite category would have to be the one on dupes. Who doesn’t love dupe videos! If you watch these videos, you will realise the amount of research she must have done for each of the shades to bring the best dupe possible to her audience. That is the thing about her videos; I always appreciate the hard work she must have put in to her video as it is clearly translated on the screen. These 2 videos regarding the dupes are absolute must watch, we in India may not have all brands she mentions but most of them are easily available, plus my mother is currently in US, so she will shop some of these dupes for me *happy dance/ fingers crossed* :

Dupes for Popular High-End Makeup!

Affordable MAC Eyeshadow Dupes:

Emily is really very considering of her audience, she doesn’t just plug high-end products which many can’t afford again and again. She maintains a good balance between drug store and high-end makeup products. In fact, she focuses more on drug store than on the high end. In her playlist, you can see that as of date, she has 31 videos on High-End Makeup Reviews and 96 on Drugstore Makeup Reviews, you do the math 😉
Speaking of high-end, the following video on how to save money while shopping for high-end is also very helpful:

How I Save $ on High-End Makeup:

I love her tutorials too, she does excellent eye-makeup and covers up her skin pretty flawlessly too. It is difficult for me to pick out her best tutorials as I like many and there are currently nearly 160 tutorials on her channel! I don’t want this post flooded with videos, so do check out her playlist to see which kind of tutorials you want: Dramatic, Natural, Celebrity inspired, etc.

Emily Eddington

Another category of her videos that I love are her reviews. She does thorough, first-hand research to present the pros and cons of the product in a very detailed and unbiased manner. You can check specific reviews from her through these 2 playlists: Drugstore and High-End.

This touch up video has tips and techniques, I use daily and it is so simple, with just 4 steps: Blot, Blot, Curl, Lips! 😀 FAST Makeup Touch-up Routine!

‘Nuff Said! Emily Eddington is surely on my “must check out” list of YouTube gurus. It is the different kinds of videos of Emily’s that make me love her so much more. She goes out of the way to introduce some unique ideas or tries to shift our focus from just what we may perceive as we are bombarded with ads and “expert” opinions! It is wonderful when someone put things in a fresh perspective. A lot of the products mentioned by her, which may not be covered by other gurus, have found a way into my makeup routine/collection, especially sponge tip applicators. I’m so in love with them and it’s all thanks to Emily. I’d never have thought of using them otherwise. Do check out her videos for more such insights. She has a wonderfully cute personality, she seems very knowledgeable about makeup and the best part is she is willing to share! Her enthusiasm regarding what she talks about makes the experience of watching her even more enjoyable. I love watching her videos and strongly recommend her to anyone and everyone.

I hope you found this helpful.

Happy Makeuping Ladies!

Image sources: Emily Eddington’s Blog/pages.

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  1. her message on twitter ” Emily Eddington ‏ @emilynoel83
    @IndianMakeup incredibly kind and so in-depth!! I don’t know what to say!! 😀 Thank you SO very much!!”

  2. I have been following emily since 2009 and there is no looking back…. she is an inspiration to all!! 🙂
    Thanks for the post Nafisa 🙂 xoxo

  3. I think she is very professional. You know, sometimes being professional makes you a little distant from the newbie crowd. But her videos never ever made me feel distant. She got into my initial subscription list when I started watching make up videos from YouTube. Talking about drugstore make up, body mists, are my favorites and makes me think .. oh !! this can be real 🙂 I am brutally truthful here. When people talk about MAC, I go and buy Wet n Wild, Revlon or any other drugstore product which is a dupe for it. Emily sure does help me on that 🙂

    1. it really is wonderful when some1 treats makeup as just makeup…n not get too caught up in the “high-end” drama…makeup is makeup…as long as decent quality..i totally second ur views Suganya 🙂

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