10 Exceptional Body Language Tips to Look More Confident

By Chanchala Bose

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Have you ever imagined a woman walking into a corporate room full of men? In today’s men dominated corporate world, it’s difficult for women to ride the career ladder. If women have to make a presentation in front of them, she might become a bit sceptical. But, what will take you ahead is your body language. People say that the first impression is the last impression. So, try to mark your presence not only felt but worth remembering. And that is only possible if your body language is right. So, here are some super awesome body language tips that will make you look much more confident.

1. Standing

Try to always stand straight. Standing erected or taking the support of anything while standing not only gives a negative outlook to the onlookers but also appears as if you are not sure of yourself. It appears as if you are always inclined towards others. So, always try to stand tall and stand straight.

2. Sitting

sitting confidently
Sitting is a much more complex posture and it differs from situation to situation. If you are in your office and discussing something important, then you need to lean a bit forward. This shows that you are listening to the person attentively. And if you are chilling with friends then sit back in a relaxed position.

3. Tapping feet

Sometimes tapping feet is a sign of anxiousness and over excitement. So, avoid tapping your feet when you are in a silent room. And, even when sometimes you are with your friends, tapping your feet can make others feel that you are not listening to them.

4. Head

The position of your head is one of the vital components of looking confident. Try to keep your head still. Anxious and under-confident people always keep looking here and there. That gives an impression that you are confused. Also, if you keep your head too high while talking or interacting with someone, then they might get an impression that you are over-confident and proud.

5. Eyes

eye contact
Keep your eyes directed and fixed on the person with whom you are talking and addressing to. If you don’t establish an eye contact with the person, then, for sure, you are not good with your confidence level. In the case of a presentation, keep your eye contact revolving and all over the public.

6. Hands

Hands or arms both are truly crucial in your body language. When you are talking to your friends or someone for a shorter duration then you can keep your hands on the side. But when you are in a corporate meeting or talking to someone senior or important then it is best to keep your hands folded and crossed on your chest. You can also keep your hands joined at the front or at back. Both of these postures give a polite look. Avoid putting your hands on your waist as that gives a very bad and arrogant look.

7. Walking

confident walk
The pace of your walking also is very important. If you are walking too fast and looking here and there then it might seem that you are either confused or scared. And if you walk too slowly then it will appear that you are lazy and have a laid back approach. So, try to walk normally at an average and comfortable speed.

8. Pause

While talking, try to take regular pauses. But the pauses should not be too frequent. Take them occasionally and at regular intervals. Try to take a pause when you are done conveying your idea.

9. Pockets

Avoid keeping your hands inside your pockets while talking. That looks very rude and proud.

10. Biting nails

Biting and chewing your nails is a sign of under confidence. So, avoid biting nails in public.

So, try these body language tips and you are surely going to be a head turner very soon. Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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