Exclusive Perfume Lines of Designer Brands

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We often buy perfumes by Chanel, Dior, Armani and other designer brands. The ones we usually pick are No 5, Coco Mademoiselle, Dior Addict, Armani Code etc. Ever tried Neroli Portofino or Oud Isphan? Today’s post is dedicated to getting to know the more expensive line of perfumes by our favourite designer perfume brands. The purpose of an exclusive line for designer brands is to do for the brand, what their usual collection cannot; which is representing the brand in the niche market.

Exclusive Perfume Lines of Designer Brands

A lot of customers are often tired of using the same perfume that everybody else buys from department stores. They want to experiment with something new; stand out with a unique scent. At the same time, most buyers don’t want to invest in a niche brand that they have never heard of. That’s the market for exclusive collections. People want to buy their trusted Chanel and Dior, as well as have something that is not so common. These perfumes are not easily available and are mostly only available in the brands boutiques. You may even notice that most of them are cheaper than niche perfumes.

Exclusive Perfume Lines of Designer Brands

I have listed five of my favourite designer brands with an exclusive line:

1. Les Exclusifs de Chanel:

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Exclusive Perfume Lines of Designer Brands

This is the more expensive line of perfumes by Chanel. As of now, there are fifteen perfumes in this line, all available as Eau de Toilette in sizes of 100 and 200 ml. The latest addition to this line was Misia, by perfumer Olivier Polge, who succeeded his father Jacques Polge as the in-house perfumer for Chanel. This line also has something known as Le Parfum Extrait, which is a 15 ml bottle of the most concentrated form of perfume. Le Parfum Extrait is available in 1932, Jersey, Beige, Cuir de Russie, Bois des Iles, Gardenia and N22. Each perfume in this line is inspired from the life of Gabrielle Chanel, the founder of Chanel. For example, Misia is named after Queen Misia of Paris, who was a good friend to Miss Chanel. I love the scents in this collection. However, what I feel is that I can split the collection gender wise. The scents are either floral, feminine and soft or woody and masculine. So for me, it’s easy to sort of label the scents as for men or women. The thing with exclusive perfumes is that you shouldn’t really be able to do that as they ideally should be unisex. It seems to work for Chanel though.

Personal favourites: Beige, Jersey, La Pausa.

Exclusive Perfume Lines of Designer Brands

Price range : 133€ – 233€

2. La Collection Privée Christian Dior:

Exclusive Perfume Lines of Designer Brands

This collection by House Dior is known to be a collection of rare and exclusive fragrances. Just like Chanel, there are 15 fragrances in this collection. I definitely love the Chanel collection more, but I have to give it to Dior for actually making a rare collection. They do stand by what they say. It’s rare in the sense that the scents are all different and not something you usually expect. They have really made unique unisex fragrances and I think this collection caters to a larger audience in terms of versatility in the scents. There is a scent for each one of us. Also, you can’t really classify the scents as floral or woody because each one has a complex composition. Kudos to Francois Demachy! (In-house perfumer for Dior)! Like Chanel, Dior too has a line with pure perfumes called Elixir Précieux (translates as precious elixir). There are four scents in this line, namely Rose, Oud, Ambre and Musc. These four are really on-point since those are the four best-selling accords. Dior knows what sells.

Personal Favorites: Ambre Nuit, Eau Noire.

Price Range: 120€ – 250 €

3. Les Exclusifs de Guerlain:

Exclusive Perfume Lines of Designer Brands

This is the exclusive collection by Guerlain. Firstly, I love this brand. I cannot ever say enough about Guerlain. This is the only brand on my list, which originally started off as a perfume house. Generation over generation, the perfume gene has been passed down in the family, from Pierre Francois Pascal Guerlain to Jean Paul Guerlain. If you ever want to buy a real vintage French perfume, walk into the Guerlain store in Avenue Champs-Elysees, Paris. Rich culture and heritage, all poured into one brand. Guerlain is a brand that only sells fragrances and beauty products. The exclusive collection is kind of vast and I cannot describe it with full justice. To my best knowledge, Guerlain has 11 exclusive collections; namely, L’Art et la Matiere, Les Elixirs Charnels, Les Parisiennes, Les Parisiens, Une Ville Un Parfum, La Cologne du 68, Petit Guerlain, Les Deserts D’Orient, Les Rendez-vous du Bonheur, Exceptional Creations, The 68 Collection. Even now, Thierry Wasser is in the process of releasing new scents for their upcoming collection. Other than the exceptionally beautiful scents created by Guerlain, what I love about the brand is the unique packaging in vintage bottles and cute little bows. This is a brand that has truly explored raw materials and experimented with scents. I have not smelled all of the fragrances yet, but, my favourite so far is Mon Precieux Nectar. Did you know Guerlain started a perfumery institute? Yes, ISIPCA, which is where I study. Such is their love and dedication to perfumes.

4. Tom Ford Private Blend:

Exclusive Perfume Lines of Designer Brands

Tom Ford. Wow. Expensive. And, an American brand on my list. Tom Ford is a brand that I cannot miss on my list since Private Blend is so well known and popular. Tom Ford has a certain audience that will buy their perfumes no matter what the price is. This has a lot to do with the quality and complexity in their perfumes. I have used Tom Ford in the past, and I think the scents are great and super long lasting. Neroli Portofino, the best seller in the Private Blend collection, is a great neroli scent – the best that I have ever smelled. As a budding perfumer, I can understand how difficult it is to create a citrus fragrance that actually lasts. That is what Tom Ford has achieved – created fresh, zesty citrus based fragrances that have super longevity and sillage. There are 22 amazing fragrances in the collection, each of them unique and desirable. Something that may be a turn off about this line is that it is very expensive. But, as I always say, investment 😛

Personal Favorites: Neroli Portofino, Café Rose, Plum Japonais

Price Range: 150€ – 500€

There are many other brands with great exclusive lines such as Armani Prive by Armani, The Velvet Collection by Dolce and Gabbana, L’Atelier De Givenchy by Givenchy. I could not add them to the list because they are not as established or popular as the ones on the list.

Hope you enjoyed reading and do let me know if you have any interesting experiences with these perfumes.

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