12 Exercise Mistakes That Prevent you From Getting into Good Shape

So, you are working out relentlessly, without a break, every day of the week, but still, unable to fit into a figure-hugging dress that you have wishlisted or into that old pair of jeans, then it’s time to hit the pause button and check whether you are making these workout mistakes. But before that, please do check out the workout videos on the Rati Beauty app to lose weight and to tone your body into the right shape.

How to Avoid Weight Gain When You Cannot Exercise

1. Concentrating only on the Treadmill:

Treadmill is a great way to get in shape, but you can slog on the treadmill and stationary bike for hours and not burn any significant amount of calories. Treadmill helps you get fit by toning your body and strengthening your muscles. To get a slimmer or muscular body, you need to focus on weight training, lift weights, and try different forms of exercise, not just cardio.

2. Overdoing Cardio Exercises:

Some people love cardio workouts way too much, but there should be a time limit to your cardio sessions. Your cardio session should ideally be 25-45 minutes coupled with high intensity interval training (HIIT). Do not skip cardio, but do not overdo it either.

3. Taking Longer Breaks in Between Reps/Sets:

Ideally, one should take only 30 to 90 seconds of rest between each set because longer breaks will cool down the muscles you are working at and a re-warm up would become necessary to activate them all over again and to establish the mind-muscle connection.

4. Compromising Form for More Reps:

When you compromise your form during a particular workout for more reps thinking you might burn more fat, you would not be able to activate the right muscle groups and put yourself at risk of injury. So, never compromise on your form because it would fetch you zero results.

5. Eating Less Protein:

Protein is a bodybuilding nutrient and without enough protein, the muscle-building process will not be effective. Muscles are needed to give shape to your body, but without protein, they do not take form. Here’s a list of the Best Protein Sources from Natural Sources.

6. Not Taking Rest Days:

One of the main reasons why your workout isn’t showing results – there are no rest days! The body needs rest to recover and build muscles, and to take shape. If there are no rest days, it will lead to burnout and exercise-induced fatigue along with muscle soreness and a heightened risk of injury.

7. Not Getting Enough Sleep:

You need to take proper care if you work out regularly. Only a good workout session or proper diet cannot help you see best results. You need to pay proper attention to your sleep patterns. Make sure you get 6-8 hours of sleep every day. This will keep you rejuvenated for your workouts and will improve your health as well.

8. Being Obsessed with Weighing Machine:

Rather than relying only on the weighing machine to analyse the results, try to see visible changes in your body. Try to see how your jeans fit or how firm your thighs feel. These tricks show much far you have come.

9. Doing Cardio Before Weight Training:

Do you perform cardio before your weight training session? If yes then it can make you too tired to lift the right weight. So it is better to try weight training first and then go for a cardio session.

10. Working Towards Spot Reduction:

Spot reduction or targeted weight loss is next to impossible. Instead of working hard towards reducing weight from a certain problem area, work on overall fitness.

11. Working out in the Wrong Postures:

Wrong postures and poses keep you from achieving best results from your workout sessions. So, rather than doing any workout randomly, try to learn the right techniques from your trainer. Pay attention to what your trainer says and learn to focus on movements and rest time.

12. Holding the Breath During Exercise:

Have you noticed how we tend to hold our breath when the workout gets intense? We should be continuously breathe in and out to supply oxygen to the muscles so that there’s proper activation. Proper breathing can help you do intense exercise with ease and give you more endurance during cardio exercises.

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