10 Exercises for a Better Jawline

A sharp jawline is an amazing facial feature to flaunt and for those who naturally do not have a chiseled jaw, you can now try these exercises to reduce some face fat and define features. There is no problem in being chubby or having fat on your chin, but for those who want to reduce it, we have just the right facial workouts for you.

Exercises for a Better Jawline

1. The easiest way to sculpt your face is by chewing gum. Buy sugar-free gum and enjoy it! It is one of the best exercises for your entire jawline. The more you chew, the harder your muscles are at work. Make sure you chew in a circular motion and do it once a day to really get your mouth to move.

2. Kissing your nose is another popular exercise to lose some weight off your jawline. Just put your tongue out and try to reach your nose. Make a solid effort and you will feel the muscles of your face moving. It is an effective exercise to reduce double chin.

3. Look up towards the sky and stretch your jaw outward. Make sure your mouth is open and your entire lower jaw is going completely out. Do this 20 times and rest your muscles. Once you do this regularly, you will notice your cheeks are coming in shape.

4. Making vowel sounds with utmost pressure is yet another great way to achieve the perfect jawline. Put pressure on every A, E, I, O and U. Continue this 30 times and rest your mouth.

5. Neck curl ups are fantastic to sculpt the entire jaw. Lie down on a flat surface and get your chin towards your chest by lifting your head up, do not move any other part of your body. Now put your head backwards as if you were to see what’s behind you. Keep going for 10 more times and make it a regular exercise.

6. If you haven’t heard about face yoga, then you are surely living under a rock. To get rid of saggy cheeks, turn your jaw to one side as if your teeth were pulled to the other side of the mouth. It is like you are kissing sideways. Hold this for 10 seconds and continue. This is a great face yoga exercise to get rid of chubby or saggy skin around your cheeks.

7. Circulation motion might just be a warm-up exercise but if you hold every turn for 10 seconds, you can perfect your entire face. Make sure you do side to side, up and down and a full circle 20 times in a row. It will not only warm up the jawline but help in putting your double chin at bay.

8. The frown is one of my favorites. Put pressure on your neck and make a frown, you will feel a lift in your chest and your muscles pulling on your neck. This exercise actually does work when you do it daily! At least it worked out for me pretty well.

9. Want your cheeks to look like they were sculpted by an artist? Well, make your best fish face or pout as hard as you can with putting strength on your cheek bones.

10. Lie down on the floor and put your interlocked palms under your chin. Make sure you are lying on your stomach, now use your palms as a support for the chin and lift. Keep your body steady and use your hands to raise up the face. Keep going back and forth for 20 counts. 

Note: Whenever you apply creams, do it in the upward motion. Do not pull down on your skin. Besides this, stop bending down too much and reading on your phone. 

Get a picture-perfect jawline with some of these exercises. It can be tough to shed the double chin but if you try, it does work.

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