8 Exercises to get Flat Stomach

Just like everyone, I’d love to have a flat tummy but food always gets in the way. If you’re like me and cannot diet for a flat tummy, here are some incredible exercises that will give you the perfect stomach you want.

 First and foremost, excessive dieting, working out for 2 hours and ignoring most food items is not going to help. Eat well, stay hydrated and take your time to get there. If you cut down on a few habits, I assure you results. I’ve been following a routine every day and it has helped me get rid of my abdominal fat. I can see my stomach getting into a good shape too.

 To get started, let’s discuss a few exercises that can help.

Exercises to get Flat Stomach

1. Crunches: 
The classic core shaping exercise works if you do it regularly for 30 days. On a flat surface, lie down and place your arms behind your head. Now fold bend your knees and go forward towards them. Make sure you use your abdominal strength and core to lift your body. Go back to the relaxed pose. Do 15 sets of crunches everyday post a 30-minute walk and we guarantee you will start seeing a healthy change.

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2. Leg Reach: Just like crunches, this one is quite effective too. Lie down on your back and stretch your legs upwards. Now at an angle of 45 degrees stretch both your arms towards your legs. Make sure you aren’t bending your knees or your arms. Pick yourself half way and try to reach your feet. Do this 10 times a day post a 20-minute run or walk to see results. You will start feeling the burn in your stomach after a few days.

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3. Mountain Climbing: 

This is the easiest way to get rid of any abdominal fat. Trust me, it works! I used to have a slight hanging belly when I binged too much on Netflix with my husband and ate all the wrong snacks at night, but thanks to this exercise, I lost all that fat! Simply take out 15 minutes in your day and get on the floor to do it. Facing downwards, keep your arms in the push up pose aligned with your shoulders and your toes on the ground. Start mountain climbing with one leg at a time and keep going for 20 sets.

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4. Bicycle: 

It’s just like riding a bike but with a twist. Lie down on your back and get ready. Put your arms behind your head and with each leg, come towards your stomach. Similar to what you would do when riding a bike but in the air. Keep doing this for 20 sets! Push yourself with the days passing to increase your sets. So far, I’ve been doing 15 sets and alternating with mountain climbing and precisely 55 seconds of planking.


5. Plank: Planking became extremely popular and for all the right reasons. Jennifer Anniston is known to hold the plank pose for about 2 minutes or more. No wonder she doesn’t age! It can be difficult for first timers but you can do it. It took me about 2 months of regular planking to reach 55 seconds and trust me it’s quite a challenge. Align your hands with your shoulders and do not fold your arms. Keep your toes on the ground and lift your body. Once you are in the position, keep your torso straight and stay on your forearms. When you are doing a plank for the first time, hold it for 10 seconds. Do not do a plank if you have back problems and turn to a professional instructor for the same.

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6. Bird dog

 pose: Get on all fours and let’s rumble! The bird-dog is a popular exercise that shapes your hips, stomach and legs too. Start with stretching out your right hand and simultaneously stretch your left leg out. Now when bringing your hand back in position, bring in your left leg and continue. Do this 10 times to achieve great results.

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7. Side swing: 

Lie down on the floor and place your arms on the sides aligning it with your lower stomach. Keep your back glued to the floor and lift your leg. Go left and right together without moving your upper body. You will see your stomach twisting with the legs which is great. One week of this exercise matched up with some warm ups will give you a new shape! Start today if you want to rock a crop top and skirt for the summer season.

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8. Skipping Rope: Skipping is one of the best exercise to shed that stomach fat. When you opt for skipping for 30 minutes a day, you are in for a good challenge. Make sure you aren’t doing the skipping where you jump with both legs. You have to lift one leg at a time! I am an expert with skipping and I can do it for hours, it’s been a favorite since childhood. Basically, I do on-spot running with a skipping rope. Push your leg as up as you can slowly with the days going by. When I skipped regularly for a month, I lost a few inches and my stomach has an amazing shape.


Additional word of advice – When you do any of these exercises, always warm your body up first. Do not start right away as you can injure your muscles. 

Hope these exercises work well for you!


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