7 Exercises to Tighten Face Skin

Age has multiple effects not only on your lifestyle but on your skin and physical appreance too. You can try multiple premium creams for your face, but still you need to make some major lifestyle changes so that you could age gracefully (as they say). Yoga and exercises form a major part of this. You can try some facial yoga poses and exercises to enhance the glow of your face. Also, with ageing, your skin begins to sag and it becomes loose also. Thus, yoga and exercise will help you in this. So, why not you adopt some exercises which will help to tighten your facial skin. Have a look at some of the best facial exercises which will tighten your face skin.

7 Exercises to Tighten Face Skin

1. Firming your forehead:

Woman worrying about her first wrinkle

Place your index finger just above your eyes and try to pull down your eyes and raise our eyebrows simultaneously. This will create pressure on your forehead and thus your forehead will have a tightening effect.

2. Brow Lifts:

Place both your index fingers in a peace sign over your eyebrows. Push the skin down using your fingers but try to raise your eyebrow at the same time. This will give a nice firming effect to the brow area which is otherwise loose and can loosen up more because of the age factor.

3. Smile Technique:

Portrait Of A Mature Woman
Portrait Of A Mature Woman

You need to smile as widely as possible with your teeth hidden. Also, try to make an “O” with your mouth and then raise your chin to create maximum pressure. Also, place your fingers just below the chin area so that the heat is felt at the cheeks. This will tone your cheek muscles and thus give you a sculpted look.

4. Lion Pose:

40 week pregnant middle aged caucasian woman is engaged in yoga in a lion's pose, rolling her eyes and sticking out her tongue

This is a very good and effective pose to tighten your facial muscles. You need to begin this pose by sitting comfortably first. Now, inhale fully and then pause for some seconds and now, try to exhale with your full force and stick your tongue outside. This requires lot of energy and maximum heat is generated only on your face.

5. Blow Air:

Amazed young woman blowing cheeks

This is one of the most common technique to reduce your cheek muscles and tighten them at the same time. Try to fill your mouth with air and keep transferring from one cheek to your other cheek as much as you can.

6. Pout Pout Pout:

Mouth pouting

Pouting is the best technique to reduce your facial muscles. You can feel the heat and burn when you are pouting. This will tone down your chubby cheeks and tighten your face like anything.

7. Vowel Game:

This is a fun exercise. Raise your head towards the ceiling and try saying vowels out loud. You need to repeat all the English vowels at least 2-3 times. This will create a pressure and then your cheeks and face will get toned and sculpted.

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