Which Expensive Shoe Brand Would You Like to Own?

expensive shoe brandsWhich shoe brand slippers did Cinderella leave behind; a Jimmy Choo or a Christian Louboutin? Well, we would never know would we? But the prince was surely smitten. Eh, not at the shoe you say? Ha! how would you know? The expensive shoe designer brands of today would make you forget the girl and look at the shoe instead. I am sure the prince was searching for Cinderella to get the other shoe of the pair. :bully:  No wonder though. As designer dresses, watches, etc. are getting more expensive, shoes are not left behind either. If you let go of buying a car this month, maybe you can get a bank loan at easy EMIs to own a $14, 000 (Rs. 630,000) Manolo Blahnik or a $4,500 (Rs. 202,500) Louis Vuitton. And then you’d be a proud car, err…shoe owner, screaming at every scratch on your shoe. Oh well, you would still want to own these won’t you? So do let your dreams go wild ladies and imagine that you have a room full of bank notes which you open every time (and notes come flooding out and you have to stuff them back like in the ‘The Mask’), slip a few hundred crores in your bag and then go out for shopping.  So, which of these shoe brand would you like to own? 🙂 You can mark up to 3 choices.

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19 thoughts on “Which Expensive Shoe Brand Would You Like to Own?

  1. red bottom ones … definitely .. i would love to own ..err… mark 3 of them .. its 3 times loubs for me… :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship:

      1. i knowwww rati , have been lusting after these ever since i knew about them … i just hope to own atleast one pair before i become old enuff not to wear heels … :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship:

        have decided also , nude/black suede pumps it will be :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  2. I loove high heels :woot: :woot: :woot: Fendi also has trendy shoes and stilettos ..but in the affordable range my FAV is Metro :-* :-* :inlove:

    1. I agree they look like raste ka maal types :snicker:

      For me its Louboutin & Jimmy Choo all the way!! 😀
      I also like Dior pumps. They look sooo hawwt :drool:

  3. Well, there are a few brands missing I would buy or already own… but I made three choices… and all what´s left for me is starting a high-level-stressing on the fact that Prada shoes were better quality till about 10 yrs ago. 😛

  4. :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: louboutins anyyydayyyyyy!!! ,my dreaaammm to buy luboutins before i die…

    my second choice would be pradas… runway stuff though

  5. I second Neha…nothing like owning the red-sole Louboutins(especially the spikey ones that are all over editorial shoots). One day I will…one day.

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