My Experience with Permanent Hair Straightening

So like you saw what I did to my hair here. There are so many little tips that I want to share here which ofcourse I did not know by thankfully I was in the hands of a good stylist, and learnt a lot of things to get better results even without rebonding, with plain straightening. I will try to jot them down.

I will give you the honest figure for the process, we have a new very nice salon that I can go walky-talkie, (lucky me) you can imaging what a task it would be to go to a salon after you have a baby and no help. I tweeze and thread on my own and just go to salons on weekends once a month for wax. :/ or in dire necessity, life changes after a baby!

Cost: 5k to 10 k for medium to long hair (unless you grab an offer!)
Time involved: 4 to 7 hours!

Take a look at the different forms of hair treatments related to this:

Rebonding: Goes right inside the strands of the hair, which, over time, weakens them and leads to breakage.
Smoothening/straightening/relaxing: Coats the strands with a protein called Keratin, making it softer and smoother. I think you can choose what you want to achieve here, poker straight like more or less i did, or a relzed semi straight one..please correct me if I am wrong, I have gathered this info from some one who has done the treatment but her still looks wavy-straight because she said she chose not to get very straight hair.


What I have done is simple hair straightening, honestly it involved a chemical layer at step one only. After which it was mainly the flat ironing that had to be good to achieve what I did.I will mainly be talking about the PROCESS and not the AFTER Effects or care or how it ruined my hair.. πŸ˜› if it does happen down the line.

original vs straightened hair

I had to take an appointment with the new salon under the inaugural offer of 50% off on this, I asked them a ton of question but to my surprise the products use were all Matrix and the main chemical was just one. So no worries there.The whole process takes 6 hours when done well, so I suggest do it when you have really nothing else to do in life, I was dead bored I swear to Gawd.. but I wanted this very badly.

I have thick and wavy/curly hair and I have colored them often, even bleached them a little and I use a lot of hot tools, I have never loved my hair and have always tried to make them look better since the day I could, hence I did not mind treating them chemically, if you are some one who loves her hair, and does not want to experiment, then stop reading here!

I told the stylist I need to get poker straight hair but then she suggested I opt for rebonding which would cost me 7k for my length, that is my hair reaches the upper half of my back, I have layers done already and I like them this way.I still chose to opt for average straightening and she said she would try and get my hair as straight as possible even without rebonding.

We started step 1 at 12 noon, this was the product applied to each and every section of my hair very well, like not a single hair was missed out,and this took an hour at least, application and combing out every time. of course I was given a wash and condition with Matrix stuff before this and given 80% blowdry.

step 1 hair straightening

After the application I had to wait for 20 minutes, during which the cream really felt stiff. this is the interesting part, the stylist then tied some knots here and there and checked how it is going, apparently is the knot is tight then my hair are done, if it loosens, I need to wait more πŸ˜›

hair salon

This was washed with plain water very well, blow dried and then starts the main task! the flat iron! the stylist said that the secret to perfect results is this part, how well the flat iron is done,it took two whole hours to flat iron each and every hair on my head, with the help of some one else,I would have almost slept but the stylist was so engrossed that she was pulling my hair a little in the process, she hadn’t had lunch I suppose so πŸ˜› neither did I! I could hear the fizzy sound of the hair being flat ironed but trust me I have done this to myself a lot of times only to get temporary results.

step 2 hair straightening

After this, the hair were soaked in a deep conditioning mask,it was again matrix, it was left on for around 20 minutes and then washed off. I went back to check, this is he conditioningΒ neutralizerΒ  to help the scalp recover if it has been touched by mistake, stop the straightening process and to condition too. This is matrix again.

step 3 deep condition

I read all the possible magazines in the salon :yawn: had a nap almost and then after this wash I had a blow dry again and then flat iron just as a finishing touch. Tada! my hair are poker straight.

Freshly done:
permanent hair straightening

List of instructions I was told:

  • No swimming, gymming, cooking for three days.(no sweat in your hair i suppose)
  • No tucking the hair behind the ears.
  • No clips and bands.
  • Spread a satin cloth on the pillow to sleep.
  • Shower cap is yourΒ friendΒ for the next three days.
  • Not a drop of water for three days on the hair.(I got nightmares on this one!
  • Three days later I am to come back for a deep condition and wash and flat iron session again.

See the effect after all the precautions after three days, I had trouble sleeping, washing my face πŸ™ it was all worth it! the hair were greasy after three days and are ready for a wash, I was told to use serum every day, use the matrix shampoo and condioner and come for hair spa once a month and wait for any other treatment like highlights for a month at least!

After three days:
straight hair

Some tips from my side:

  • The secret lies in the flat ironing step it has to be done well,the chemicals do their job of course.
  • Make sure your stylist is aware of every detail..if she looks confused, walk away.
  • if your hair are virgin, then the chemicals used will be milder than what was used on my hair.
  • Tell every detail about your hair to your stylist.
  • I suffer from hair fall after pregnancy and hence I cannot comment on this but I am told by a lot of women that this has thinned down their hair and made hair fall.I am sure the processes are reversed over time.
  • Fill up the form they give you about your hair and the future treatment suggested.
  • keep the copy of after care they give you safely and follow it
  • Use the shampoo meant for straight hair.(I have got Matirx smooth straight shampoo and conditioner)
  • If not salon, try deep conditioning masks at home or off the counter.
  • Have a balanced diet, good amount of protein and 5 ltrs of water everyday.
  • Use flat straight motion to towel dry your hair, no blow drying please!
  • If you suffer from backache, migrane, neck pain, skip this 6 hour colossal task!
  • I suggest you get this done if you are working, have less time to style your hair, or are a mommy like me..who barely has “me time”.The 6 hours are an investment in that case.
  • At any point if you feel you are under any pain, or your skin, eyes or scalp burns, shout out loud!
  • Make sure all chemicals are applied an inch away from the root and scalp.
  • Take a friend along who has loads to talk to you about.
  • If you are a nursing mother or pregnant, please do not undergo chemical processes like these or even facial bleach.
  • If you cannot stand strong chemical smells, skip this!
  • It does change you face a lot, my face looks longer now, I look way neater when I open the door to my hubby πŸ˜›
  • This is my natural hair color, the stylist said the process might make hair look a little lighter.
  • Considering my thick hair and no rebonding, the simpleΒ straighteningΒ has been done very well, due to the good job of flat ironing.
  • My stylist said this could even last me a year and half if I maintain it well with shampoo etc…
  • She also said if possible I should not tie my hair with a clip or band for a month, after which I should use a loose cloth band for it.
  • Give your hair all the TLC Β you can after this.

Last word:
IΒ honestlyΒ think toΒ achieveΒ this, there were not many chemicals involved, just the step one, heat involved was as much asΒ whatΒ we get from our flat irons at home again and again! so why not do it once.i am prone to experiment with my hair and skin, if you are not then this will be more of an emotional rather than chemical process for you πŸ˜› You have two choices, either you love your natural curly/wavy hair too much or you love your treated hair even more.

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116 thoughts on “My Experience with Permanent Hair Straightening

  1. I totally agree with your sentence that it is better to have straight hair permanently then to use heat again and again. I opted loreal one way back. I hate that 3 hours ka chakkar (i chose the rainy season, stupid me …he he he:) )
    Anyways ur hair looks superb…I too wanna do again….too expensive in london πŸ™

    1. Hey shweta m also going to get my hair straight permanently on this upcoming Friday…so isn’t it a suitable tym? If no then what precautions should I follow..plz reply

  2. ur hair looks awesome neha! but i must say, i loved the way ur gorgeous curls looked too πŸ™‚ there was a time when i loved poker straight hair on myself ( my mum has a special way of applying henna on my hair which when washed off gives me poker straight hair), i sported that look for 2 or 3 years… now am more comfy with straight hair but loose curls and layers towards the ends πŸ™‚ but anyway, u look great as always! :*

    1. aparajita ….please share your moms special way of applying henna too scared to get these chemical treatments done as i have very thin and highly frizzy hair that refuses to grow long but i want straight hair but with a little wavyness towards the ends just to keep things interesting πŸ˜‰

  3. Ur hair is looking far better dan what done with a flat iron, its good to opt for a treatment rather dan burning ur hair early in the morning jus like cooking breakfast…
    I heard of Lakme New Serenity Service, my friend told me about that, those who want to achieve smooth and poker straight hair, that service is for dem, but miy hair is already poker straight with slightly wavy bangs, so I prefer blow drying rather dan ironing but when the look demands sleek straight hair I take out my Iron from my cupboard πŸ˜€

  4. Loved your hair in both way..Curls are Flirty whereas Straight looks Smarty.. 8| Change in hair in any way changes the whole look & thats why I keep on xperimenting with my hairdo..but yet to venture for any chemical procedure. In last visit to Salon in India..Stylist suggested Reflexing to give smoother texture…but dun have a heart for it yet.. πŸ™‚

  5. yes there are so many ways u know
    I found this too be mild and effective as well with a great job at flat ironing by the stylist
    u can try smoothening soon i guess πŸ™‚

    1. I do have a naturally straight hair..but she suggested Smoothening will give an-almost-permanent-blow-dried-finish…Lets see in next trip.. πŸ˜€

  6. Rightly said Neha [Quote “You have two choices, either you love your natural curly/wavy hair too much or you love your treated hair even more.”]

    Even I was a little apprehensive about getting some chemical treatment done on my hair but managed to get one done and I love ’em more now πŸ™‚

    You’ve actually made a lot of effort to write this article and when I was reading this, it reminded me of all the things from magazines to lunch to nap etc. etc. :D. Nicely put! πŸ™‚

      1. Haha! Correct. I, too, had gone around afternoon. The salon people filled me with coffee and tea then :D. Once, I felt like I should leave it and run; didn’t do anything apart from sitting idle and sipping coffee even then got tired πŸ˜›

  7. thanks a ton neha πŸ™‚ for such detailed explaination! now im totally tempted to try this.. I will start looking for good hair salon cos as u mentioned it all depends on the good stylist πŸ™‚

  8. wow!! Such a well-detailed post. Anyone who is going for a permanent straightening should definitely read this. I am bookmarking this for future reference, although my hairs are naturally wavy-straight. Thank you so much Neha for this one.

  9. Thanks a ton for this post neha!! In which area do u stay?any idea whether they hav d offer now?
    i have waist length hair and i would lik to know how long the effect is and if i can oil my hair aftr dis treatmnt r shud i use only d serum daily?

    1. this is in ramapuram
      and offer will be gone but for long hair u will have to shell out 5 to 7 k and shud last for 8 months plus or even one and half year if you maintain like my stylist said
      oil every week i suppose and also serum daily

      1. thanks a lot neha:)hope to do it after wedding..n yippie.. i am leaving to mumbai tommrw!! 10 days trip:)
        goin through previous posts in ask imbb section for shopping and must visit places:)

  10. wow its so awesome.. you are a pretty mom, I must say πŸ™‚
    seeing this even I am feeling like straightening my hair :wink : wink
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  11. hehe thnks i am glad i could motivate
    u mean I am pretty for a mom or all moms are pretty or moms are not pretty πŸ˜›
    just kidding!

  12. i did it once and was so happy while it lasted… neha.. now you are tempting me again…
    did they use a neutralizer instead of hair mask for step 2? isnt a neutralizer needed in smoothening?

  13. i think the conditioning neutralizer was not used on me
    coz waht she used was in a white matrix bottle
    I can confirm it with her
    the nuetralizer is like a mask ?

    1. ya.. i think it was a neutralizer… a neutralizer stops the effect of a straightening cream and makes hair normal πŸ™‚

  14. OMG Im in love with your hair MashAllah <3 its looks soo healthy and shiny…Im soo gonna try this when i come to India..LOL cuz i dont have enough time here to sit and wait that long…its only when im on holidays…Btw could someone give me few names of nice saloons in Mumbai ?? I dont really know that much about India πŸ™‚

  15. hi Neha…i have been straightening my hair for the past % to 6 years for nearly 8 times now and i cant look into the mirror without my straight hair :p

    I literally forgot how i would look with my original hair. and the place i do is jus awesome. I trust my hair stylist hands down and he never disappoints me πŸ™‚ I LOVE MY STRAIGHT HAIR (which is unfortunately not natural πŸ™ )

  16. u look so pretty in curls and straight hairs neha.. πŸ™‚ I will keep ur advice for future that its better to opt permanent straightening rather than frequent temprary sessions of flat iron, it will help lot of people around me know.. πŸ™‚ Now i will also choose permanent option as per ur advices. I just loved the first sentence of ur list of instructions after hair treatment: No cooking for 3 days, chalo kam se kam 3 din kitchen ki chik chik hubby k sir yayyy.. πŸ˜› lol

    1. heheheheh sachi mey πŸ˜›
      heheheheh but my kitchen is huge with two windows so less heat so i had to cook πŸ™ :/

  17. such perfect timing for the article Neha… I have already spoken to my stylist a few days back, and decided that I’ll get straightening done after Holi πŸ˜€
    glad you shared all the tips πŸ™‚ thanks πŸ™‚

  18. your hair looks amazing neha :-), i have got already straight hair so i have no idea about it :-). nicely written …

  19. ab kya maar daalogi aap… khikhikhi… i think u deserved this as i knw u always kept on complaining on imbb abt ur hair… so i hope we get to see a new Neha nw… i mean OOTD’S and stuff πŸ˜‰
    i love ur new hair to be honest <3 πŸ˜€

  20. Neha,….I also feel I look so much better with my straightened hair but my parents and hubby say my wavy hair is better πŸ™ I have straightened twice and relaxed once in the past 6 years but taking a break now and feeding good stuff to my hair before doing it again πŸ˜‰

  21. What a detailed review ! I have done smoothening twice using Loreal Extenso and did a milder starightening once using schwarzkopf. Milder as in, I asked the stylist to keep the cream for a shorter duration and also to go easy on the ironing. I also did not do the ends as I wanted thw way look towards the end. I wanted a little bit of help, at the same time did not want a poker straight look. Extenso worked really well for me. I did not like how schwarzkopf acted on my hair. All in all, it is not a bad procedure to do if done correctly by the right stylist. Also makes life easier for some time .
    The part that I dislike is, once your hair starts growing the difference in texture is easily noticeable. Ironing the roots is tough as well.
    I think the second step is the neutralizer..It is almost like a conditioning mask. Supposed to counter the chemical effects of the cream applied first.
    I love your natural hair ! The waves are so cool.

  22. Hi Neha and Jomol… I had sent an article a week back and resent it again 2 days back.. could you guys let me know if you have recieved it? Im worried that my mails are not reaching u guys

  23. Neha..i read in ur prev comments tat u got it frm a saloon in Ramapuram..wer in Ramapuram..its close to wer i stay and i wanna check it..

    1. oki..tankooo..i don chck FB in office..aftr i reach home will do.. πŸ™‚
      btw ur looks super osmm…aftr seein ur pic and this detailed writeup, i feel like getting this done..

  24. No one can say these many details about Hair Straightening as you did.. its the BEST article i have ever read about straightening..

    My most favorite lines “You have two choices, either you love your natural curly/wavy hair too much or you love your treated hair even more” πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Before that i was in two minds, whether i like my natural hair or i need straightening.. your article made me realize that “I love my natural wavy hair” πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  25. Neha, I want the parlour details, also I have premature greying and I use excellence creme from loreal to colour it ince in three months… After this treatment can I continue to do that?

    1. Hi Archana… I went for Loreal Extenso smoothening treatment.. My cousin went for Matrix one.. So I know the difference.. Loreal one will look natural after 6months i.e it wont be poker straight and wont be wavy too.. Matrix one was ok but compared to loreal i feel matrix one dried her hair. caused lot of split ends. Why I am telling u this is I have tooooooo many greys and im still in my 20s and I color every month and have ben doing it for 4-5years..

      The stylist mixed the hair color with the neutraliser with loreal extenso and it was good. Completely covered my greys till now.. its been 8months since i straightened. Only the roots come out as grey now.. It didnt do much damage.. After that in 1.5months i went for root touch up.. it was gooooood.. natural looking.. again didnt damage much..

      I recommend getting hair spa done every month without fail, use the products given by them.. dont go for schwarkof bonacure repair conditioner and serum for after care… IT IS THE WORST U CAN DO TO UR HAIR.. hahaha.. Go for Loreal conditioner n mask and serum..

      Dont color at home.. I used Loreal casting creme gloss but soon the grey is showing up.. The Loreal no ammonia hair color the parlour ppl used on my hair was really good..

      I went to Naturals Salon by the way… Gud luck and happy straightening…. Ok forgot to mention.. I didnt have any split ends with the loreal extenso one.. I have straightened my hair before when i was in college i think it was wella bt ended up having tooooo many split ends and had to cut off half of my hair length πŸ™ ..

    1. Hey Neha.. Just a word of advice… After 15days of your service, Do oil your hair.. massage it n wash… this is to avoid hairfall and avoid split ends and losing smoothness…
      Get a hair spa done every month..
      Opticare range shampoo conditioner and serum are very good but get a nice loreal hair mask too and use it every week…

      1. u can use olive oil and honey mask to deep condition at home.. Dont apply on wet hair.. I read somewhere that honey + water for ur hair will turn it grey soon.. Thats it .. Go ahead n flaunt ur hair girl… Hv fun…

  26. straigtening ,irnoning makes the hair weak and eventually hair loss
    but chemical treatment harms all of us in the longer run…bcos it goes inside the root of the hair
    so its not advicable to do it for many times …..

    1. totally the heat would make out hair break here and there
      this is my first time lets see how i can take care of my tresses πŸ™‚

  27. ahhhhaa Neha…Great efforts..Looking Gorgeous.
    I keep looking such type of post on IMBB.Yaar me too have curly hair..and i hate it…hate hate hate…

    I wanna try smoothening..need some confidence and courage…how will this impact..
    One of my friend who has gone for rebonding…said that when they apply feels like of applying anne french remover πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ i afraid… πŸ™

  28. hahahah yes it smells but rebonding is very curly hair
    i has wavy to curly and resistant hair so mine was this smootheing thing try it πŸ™‚

    1. no its my naturalhair color and the proces made it look a little more brown
      and no coloring till one month πŸ™‚

  29. super awsome….ur hair look sooo lovely…comb karne ki bhi zaroorat nahi πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰ hehehe
    i have wavy hair n i sooooo wanna get smoothening done..u change my ‘wish’ into ‘want’ πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ and the article is very very well written xoxoxo..

  30. I like both the before and after hair πŸ™‚ i’ve always been so temtpted to do rebonding or smoothening..but i;m damn scared that the chemicals ruin my hair πŸ™

    1. Thankuuuu no i think i used to spoil them with the heat already with the iron
      so this timeonly a layer of chemical was extra πŸ˜›

  31. I have just got my hair rebounded a month back and I am loving every moment of it, truly a wash and wear and ready to look gorgeous anytime
    Since most of you ladies are looking fwd to it I got this 50% off on the salon in Bandra,Mumbai which is a very reputed salon since 20 yrs in business. The deal is available still on snapdeal and groupon website under Mane Event salon
    Hope this helps you

  32. Hey I m new member to join u,,,,recently done permanent straightning by matrix looking gr8…!!!! I m just afraid of my hairs condition after 2-3years????? *pigtail*

  33. Hi, I have done my hairs yesterday… Matrix. Right after leaving saloon my hairs were silky, smooth and manageable.. i am tired with the precautions afterwards for three days…still have taken every precaution, but after waking up (after cautious sleep) i felt my hairs slight curved, dry and fluffy… I living alone so have to do all task myself… difficult to manage… In this condition (bikhre hue baal, not lukin tidy) its difficult to go office on monday… m lucky to get it done of friday coz sat-sun off, but 3 din monday evng ko complete honge… m tensed as the hairs had lost their lovely looks of yesterday right after saloon… is this normal or i m an exception?

  34. hi i just had my hair straightened before 20 days. I want to get it colored as i have few grey hair. Earlier i was using loreal casting hair color no ammonia and doing it at home only. I want to know can i use it by myself, will it harm any way or i will have to do it in professional salon only. It charges a lot:)

  35. Hey,

    I am a working mommy of 1 year old, and like you said had no time in past few months to get a haircut done, however, hair rebonding is in my mind for sometime now. Like you I also face a problem of hair loss post pregnancy, I really don;t want to aggravate it. What do you suggest, how is the rebonding holding up for you.

    We are going for a beach vacation in a months time, you think I can get it done now and den get a dip in the sea after a month?

    WHat do you suggest?

  36. Hi, i was searching for good information on permanent hair straightening from so long. Finally i found this article which answered almost all questions. I will do it next week. I have wavy hair with natural curls on tips. My hair looks same like yours. So i think after the process they will look just like yours. I am feeling so happy and excited πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

  37. okay so i loreal xtenso-ed my curly frizzy and thin(from 6 months of strong antibiotic intake) hair 15days back,every one said that takes a toll on your hair and cause hairfall,at a point of time i almost dropped the thought of straightening my hair,but then i could not resist and went for the straightening,hair looks awesome ,but the strange thing is that,i havenot noticed even a single loose hair,not even when i comb,the only time i saw 3-5 broken hair was when i was fighting with my brother and he pulled my hair,is that normal?? i am sure it is not,or the hair will start breaking after a month or two?? *scared*

  38. Hi, What straightening procedures would you recommend for naturally looking smooth-straight hair and not poker-straight hair? there are so many confusing techniques out in the market– Extenso, keratin treatment, smoothing, re-bonding, straightening….I feel so lost. and I have consulted many beauty salons but I felt that the suggestions they made me were the ones most profitable to them rather than something that would suit my hair type and needs.

    -Very confused

  39. Hi,
    thanks for ur post n d wonderful information. I have very thin, straight but frizzy hair till waist. I have lots of hairfall. am thinking of straighting my hair, but m scared. I want to know that does straightning leads to hairfall? Bcoz my hair is already thin, n hair fall will make it look more thin. Will it help to reduce hairfall? Should i go for loreal or matrix? Plz suggest.

  40. Hi Neha, I am planning to straighten my hair this weekend, but the only thing thats bothering me is I have grey hair and I am coloring it every 3 weeks. My mom doesnt want me to straighten as she thinks that grey hair may pop more.

    Waiting for your suggestions

  41. i just got smoothening done on my hairs yesterday . yes , it takes a lot time . i had natural 40% straight hairs , n hav hair length upto my lower back or u can say upto sacral bones. i want to know wat i am supposed to use on my hairs to give them moisture as i hav dry hairs . i really love my hairs tried every thing loreal , matrix , kerasatase, schwarzkopf, garnier all stuff one by one to make them better but not satisfied . can u suggest me something..??

  42. I have been straightening my hair since 4 yes with matrix products.. N I have used d same products to straighten 3 of my friends hair with this product… It gives wonderful results.. But takes time… But one days effort will save so much money n will stay for at least a year.. Yes the growing hair comes off curly, which can b given touch ups..

    1. Hi Shirley

      I am thinking to get permanent hair straightening done in 2 weeks time with Matrix.
      And I don’t want pin straight like broom – but want smooth straightened.
      How much that touch up/rebonding cost every year to you?
      If you don’t mind can you share how much it cost ?
      Please advice.


  43. neha i wanted to ask u that is permanent hair straightening damage hairs bcozi read in many blog it damage the scalp and that leads to hair loss and it becomes so sensitive ….i wanted to do my hair permanent straight b ut lots of people sayed me that don’t do it i get little scared about it

  44. Hi neha i wanted to say dat my my hairs are straight from upper half and complete curly from lower half..i dont want to get my hairs sraight like a stick..i want natural straight look..which treatment shud i go for..??

  45. Dear All,
    It is almost more than a Year i had straitened my hair..
    Now I am facing problem of hair fall. I am feeling my hair is getting Dry So i want to ask can i oil My hair to smoother?
    Could Oiling coz my hair become curl again?
    Please anyone answer me////

    1. dont worry..oiling doesnot cause curls…dats why its called PERMANENT straightening. after straightening, the hair becomes a bit serum,oiling and spa are a must if you want beautiful hair…morover i guess u will be having curled hair already as u mentioned u had ur straightening a year back..
      ur hairfall may be because of improper washing or dietary deficiencies….wash ur hair twice or thrice a week along with conditioning and oil ur hair (i use Dove Hair fall rescue) 30 minutes before shampooing…keep yourself hydrated and maintain proper nutrition..
      hope this will help you solve your problem..

  46. I got my hair rebond this year in July. BT I was not satisfy with the result and want to do it again.. can I got permanent straight my hairs again. Something suggests me not to do it again. Bcz of chemicals. So I HV to use the straight iron again and again.. Plz suggest me wht should I do now.

  47. heya!i recently got my hair smoothened.I prefer herbal shampoos a lot so was wondering,can I use amla reetha shikakai homemade shampoo post smoothening for washing my hair?I am dreading the loreal xtenso range,which my stylist told to buy as some of my friends complained it made their hair dry.

  48. Whats the difference between keratin hair treatment and smoothening/straightening? Also, is there any alternate treatment that maintains my hair style(wavy) and improves my hair texture. I go for regular hair spa at lakme(morrocan oil hair spa),but im looking for something which gives me a longer result.

  49. I got cysteine treatment exactly a month 15 days it was easily manageable giving a sleek look that I wanted,but now against their claim of 3 months,all the cysteine effect is lost and i face please friends I am in desperate situation.did anyone face the same thing ,and also what should I do now.please help thanks in advance

  50. Hi,

    I have gone through the hair smoothening process and it is the 3rd day today. I’m not liking my hair. they look greasy and falt. I will be getting married next month and I’m scared if my hair dint look normal. Can you please advise on this?

    Any suggestion would be appreciated.


  51. My close friend has gone through the same hair straightening part, and it was very horrifying to her. The chemical used in the process was very harmful and her scalp was burning and itching. It turned red. She decided to take this in court and seek compensation.

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